How To Use CRED App To Pay Credit Card Bills?

Undoubtedly Cred is one of the best apps to pay credit card bills in India. You can easily pay all your credit card bills in a single app.

Sounds Ordinary?

As there are tons of ways to pay your credit card bills so why one should use Cred instead of other apps?

Well for every bill payment Cred will give you some points and a Sctrach card where you can earn up to 5000 INR. You can later redeem those points for awesome goodies and gift cards. Looks Interesting? In this post, we’re going to cover an in-depth Cred app review. Keep reading.

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Cred App Key Features:

Below are some of the key features that the Cred app offers to its customers:

  • Simple and Easy to Use Interface.
  • Ger Rs 1 Deposit whenever you add a new credit card in the Cred app.
  • You can add multiple Credit card which registered with the same number.
  • Earn Rewards for each bill payment
  • Get Cred Coins and Cred Gems for extra benefits.
  • You can check your Credit Score in the Cred app for free.
  • Cred shows you the pending repayments of your Credit card.
  • 100% Safe and Secured app with encrypted data.
  • No need to enter any confidential information related to your Credit Card.

All About Cred App:

Cred is launched by the founder of the Freecharge app, Kunal Shah. The app user interface is really very different compared to other apps and in my personal opinion, I really like it. All settings and options in the app are pretty much easy to use and you will also feel no issues while using the Cred app. It is a 100% safe and secured app and you can add your credit cards without any worries.

In the present time Cred is only accepting new customers if their credit score is higher than 750. If you have less credit score then you may not be able to join the Cred app for now. Cred added this limitation so that they can offer their customers exclusive rewards and experience from premier brands upon clearing their credit card bills.

Steps To Get Started With The Cred app?

  • First Of All, Download the Cred app. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Now register on the Cred app with the same number which is linked with your Credit card.
  • Enter basic details such as Name, DOB, PAN Card, etc, and click on Apply.
  • After that Cred will check your Credit Score and you will get instant approval if your score is above 750.
  • Now add your Credit Card to the app. For each Credit Card addition, you will get Rs 1 as a reward.
  • That’s it! Now every time you pay your credit card bills on the Cred app, you will receive Cred Coins.
  • You can use these coins to win exclusive rewards on the Cred app.

Note: In case if your application is not approved then you can simply contact the Cred team regarding the process.

Benefits Of Using The Cred App For Bill Payment:

Manage Multiple Cards:

Thanks to the Cred app you can manage multiple credit cards in a single app. However, all your Credit Cards must be registered with the same number which you used in the Cred App. If you registered with another number on Cred and if any of your Credit Card register with another number then you cannot add that Card to your Cred app. On the good side Cred app never ask its users for any confidential information such as CVV and PIN. Cred will not ask for any permission that looks suspicious to the customer. It just asks for Email reading permission so that Cred can notify you about your repayment on time.

Cred Coins:

For each Credit card, bill payment Cred will reward you with some Cred Coins. The coins are almost equivalent to the bill you pay. You can later redeem these coins on various merchants such as lifestyle, Swiggy, Flipkart, BookMyShow, Urban Clap, Nykaa, and many more eCommerce platforms. You can also use your Cred Coins to participate in games and raffles to win the most exclusive rewards and cash.

Cred Gems:

Apart from Cred Coins, there is another rewarding thing which is called Cred Gems. You will get 10 Cred Gems for each successful to refer on the Cred app through your referral link. You can later redeem Cred Gems for Scratch Card, Flipkart Voucher, and Amazon Voucher.

  • 10 Cred Gems = Scratch Card Up To Rs 2,000 Cashback
  • 30 Cred Gems = Scratch Card Up To Rs 10,000 Cashback

Exclusive Offers:

Apart from cashback coins, and Cred Gems it also provides exclusive offers to its customer. These offers are changed from time to time. You can check the working offers by checking on the Cred app from time to time.

Scratch Cards:

Make A Minimum Payment of Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs 20,000, Rs 50,000 to get a scratch card worth upto Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs 10,000, Rs 1 Lakh respectively. The bigger payment you make the bigger cashback you can earn through the Cred app.

Check Free Credit Score:

You can check the free Credit Score while registering on the Cred app. It shows you credit scores from both CRIF & EXPERIAN Credit Bureaus. However, it is not so well updated, and I recommend that you check your credit score using OneScore App.

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Cred Refer and Earn:

Cred comes with a unique referral program where you will get 10 Cred Gems for each successful referral. You can later redeem these Gems for real cash. If you refer 1 friend on Cred then you will get a scratch card worth up to Rs 2000. It means you will get Rs 100 for sure and every 100th member will get Rs 2000. So if you’re lucky then you can earn even Rs 2000 for a single referral.

cred app refer 1 friend

Same if you refer 3 friends on the Cred app then you will get a scratch worth Rs 10,000. It means you will get Rs 500 for sure and every 100th member will get Rs 10,000. So if you’re lucky then you can earn even Rs 10,000 for referring 3 friends on Cred.

cred app refer 3 friends

Looks amazing Na!! There’s something more. Whenever your referred person pays their first credit card bill payment you will get 2% cashback up to Rs 1000 on your friend’s first payment on Cred. So without wasting time just start referring Cred app with all your colleagues, friends, and family member who owns a Credit card. This way you can easily make some quick money using the Cred app.

cred app refer and earn

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Cred App Secured:

Cred App is highly secured the founder of Cred App had prior experience in handling millions of users on Freecharge. The app only allows email access for reading your statements. Your payment details are totally safe within Cred no one has access to read your transactions.

Can I Delete My Cred Account:

Yes, You can delete your Cred account through the support section. However, if you have any open issue or dispute then you can not close your account. The company might hold some data for certain business reasons.

How to Remove a Credit Card:

  1. Open the Cred app and Click Account Option.
  2. After that click on the profile information.
  3. Under PAYMENT INFORMATION, click the desired credit card.

Cred App Unbiased Review

So it was the post about the Cred app. I personally love to use the Cred app for my Credit Card bill payment. Overall it’s an amazing app for earning cashback, exciting offers, rewards, etc for just paying your Credit Card Bill Payments. Also, CRED credits your credit card payments to your card almost instantly (within 1-2 minutes), and it is one of the fastest apps available for the same.

However, upon my research, I found some minor cons too. Sometimes it shows due payments and sends the notification for the same on your smartphone even when you already paid the bill. Some users also commented that when they did a large amount of bill payment then the transaction got failed.

However in this case you will get the money returned to your account but it may take up to 7 days to process the failed transaction. So if you’re in a hurry of paying your credit card bills you can opt-in for instant settlement using Net banking of the bank.

Lastly, Cred Support is very active over email and Twitter. You will get responses within a few minutes if you ever face any issues. This surely keeps the trust in the brand. I am regularly using Cred app since the beginning of 2020 to pay bills for HDFC Bank Credit Cards, ICICI Bank Credit Cards, and Axis Bank Credit Cards and it has been smooth for me every time.

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So these are some of the minor issues I found in the Cred app which will surely get solved in upcoming updates. Apart from this if you have any queries and questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will be here to help you out.

That’s all for now. Signing off today. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting our latest updates. Keep visiting HiTricks.


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