Rank Higher and Sell More: Best Shopify SEO Tips for 2024

More traffic and more sales, without the additional overheads, is the name of the game. Making money, or more importantly, cutting expenses, is a great way to keep your books in the black and away from wasted expenditure. And a good Shopify SEO strategy is going to do just that, not to mention sell more products for you.

By making use of a proper SEO strategy you are going to be able to tap into the already existing organic traffic that is out there, as well as reducing your advertising expenses. Again, this is coupled with your increased ability to sell more and more products and services to your new potential client base. 

There is no need to pay a high-priced agency to get this job done. All you need to get started is to follow these top Shopify SEO tips for 2024 to generate more traffic to your site by ranking higher in search engines. So, get ready to improve your SEO on your ecommerce site and start making even more money.

What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO, or Shopify keyword optimization, can be a bit challenging to understand at a glance, but here it is nonetheless. In short, your content is optimized with the right keywords so that search engines can easily and quickly recognize your content as relevant to what is being searched for by a user of said search engine. 

These optimization keywords are related to the products or services that you offer and can be long-form or short-form keywords. 

The second component of Shopify SEO is that it has to do with people. All this optimization that is being spoken of is for 1) the search engines, and 2) the people that are using these services. For example, people tend to navigate away from a site that is slow or has technical issues or difficulties. 

Google places great value on the user-friendliness and efficiency of a website, including things like bounce rates, time spent on a site, and loading speeds.  Let’s now take some time to learn some of the ways you can improve your Shopify SEO game, and start selling more in the upcoming year ahead. 

Improve Your SEO and Start Selling More:

As you can see, SEO is more than just adding the right keywords to your content. It is also about the right positioning of these keywords, the type of content that you are producing, and more. Here are 5 tried and tested strategies that are sure to help improve your SEO, your rankings, and your bottom line.

Keywords in Your Title Tags and Opening Sentence:

Gone are the days of stuffing content with keywords; the algorithms have become more advanced than that. Because your content is being judged on relevancy, adding keywords to the title and the first sentence is going to help search engines locate your content quicker. 

Ensure that your <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, and <p> tags are proper and correct. You can then add your focus keywords to the headline and first paragraph. This is best if it is done (and feels) organically. Remember, attracting customers is the name of the game.

A Shopify SEO Shop is 3 Clicks Deep:

Customer optimization should be the goal of any online store. That being said, the customer experience is an integral part of making a success online. The most popular online stores boast features like high-quality product pages, quick load times, and a generally smooth user experience. 

The more complicated and long-winded the shopping process is, the more likely your store is to lose that customer forever.  At a maximum, your shop’s click path should be no more than 3 clicks. Everything over and above 3 clicks is unnecessary and will most likely impact your Shopify reviews and customer experience negatively.

Keywords in Your Tags:

ALL videos, images, and additional media files need to be properly tagged with the appropriate metadata. This includes captions and alternate text descriptions as well. Things like Alt text and captions help to create more avenues for your content.

This will allow more traffic to be directed to your site, giving the right customers what they need when they need it. This strategy is all about creating a larger reach for your content, allowing potential customers to find you easier and faster.

Update, Renew, and Reuse Old Content in a Timely Manner:

Perhaps it is time to go through some of that old content of yours? This time, updating this with more relevant content. Something that is more in line with the times and more relevant to today’s ever-changing market and potential customers. Old content can come with a flurry of benefits, as rehashing older ideas usually does.

Adding more and more relevant backlinks to these articles and blog posts is going to make your content more relevant and add more value than it had previously.  

Make Use of Free Blogging Services:

Free blogging platforms and services come with an already built-in audience. These types of hyper-content platforms, such as Medium, are a great way to get your message out there and reach a large and varied audience. Leveraging the use of these kinds of platforms is essential to boosting your potential viewers and generating larger numbers of traffic to your site.

Furthermore, with these platforms, you are able to build thousands of quality backlinks, further boosting your business and its search engine rankings. More traffic and more authority are additional benefits that using these platforms brings to your business. 

Currently, Google crawls everything, and that means leaving no proverbial stone unturned. It knows whether you have no-follow links or not, as well as how many times your shop has been mentioned on social media. Google sees everything, so make sure that your end of the deal is secure and up to the implied code.

Making use of a solid Shopify SEO strategy is going to help you generate the leads and customers you need to keep your business alive and thriving. That is why it is important to take advice and tweak it to your business’s personalized needs and goals. 


Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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