Have You Considered Shopify For Your Website? Here’s Why You Should

It’s estimated that 40% of the internet’s websites are using the WordPress platform. This is a huge chunk, but there are other platforms that work just as well, and there are some that are even better than WordPress. Shopify is one such platform! If you haven’t considered using Shopify before, there are plenty of reasons why you should, and this guide will take you through them.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a growing eCommerce platform that is used to build fully customizable eCommerce sites. If you’ve ever built your own website or blog, you’re probably familiar with the basic process behind this. There is usually a CMS (content management system) that you manage with an easy-to-use control panel. You get to upload all of your content, including images, music, and video files, and add them to the pages you want them on.

This is similar to WordPress but completely different! Shopify has its own proprietary platform, and even though it incorporates some of the work from WordPress, it’s a whole new system.

There are several ways to create online stores with Shopify. You can start out small with a basic theme that will work for most eCommerce businesses; then, you can build up your store as you see fit.

Apps and Extensions For Shopify:

You’ll notice there are a lot of apps you can add to your store if you want to, and many can extend the functionality of your website. Shopify has made sure that there is a diverse collection of apps available to make it easy for anyone to create an amazing online store.

There are over 4,200 apps available, and you’ll find apps for any use case. They cover all kinds of things from marketing to shipping and fulfillment. You’ll be able to change things like your logo, the theme, colors, payment options, and so much more.

With added apps, your website becomes a strong eCommerce platform that can thrive.

What makes Shopify better than WordPress?

Shopify makes it much easier for people without coding knowledge to create a fully functional eCommerce website with the drag-and-drop Shopify platform.

Amazon, Etsy, and the other big online retailers have taken notice of this and actively added Shopify merchants to their lists of preferred merchants. There are many ways to use the platform.

Shopify makes it much easier to run an eCommerce website than WordPress. With Shopify, you can add products, blog posts, and pages with a click of your mouse. You can also organize your content and set up products using their stage builder tool that is drag and drop based.

Additional features:

Shopify has additional features that WordPress doesn’t have, like:

  • Easy to use site builder
  • Built-in marketing platforms that can drive traffic to your store and rank your website in search results
  • A mobile app that you can download and use on any phone or tablet device. Connect the mobile app to your Shopify store, and you’ll be able to manage inventory from anywhere. Shopify syncs all of the inventory changes in real-time.

There are also other eCommerce platforms out there, such as Big Commerce or WooCommerce, but Shopify is the perfect choice for a simple eCommerce website. There are woocommerce to shopify migration services to help you set up your store very easily. The service they provide is fantastic.

How Easy Is Shopify To Set Up?

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use platform that has all the functionality you need to start your online store, Shopify seems like the perfect choice.

You can easily claim your domain name and set up your installation, so you’ve got everything set up and ready in no time. You can run a fully functional eCommerce business in just minutes. You don’t need to be a coder or a professional web designer!

Building simple eCommerce websites is a great way for new shop owners to get to grips with running a business online!

Security is also an essential part of Shopify setup. Enable SSL certificate on your Shopify store to keep customers’ data secured. You can go with cheap wildcard SSL or any useful SSL type that can provide you strongest encryption with different features. HTTPS or SSL encrypts the data between the server and the browser. It also builds customers’ trust in your store.

How does it work?

Shopify takes care of the hosting, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect (although you should be sure the hosting provided is reputable and able to support your website).

Shopify takes care of all the design, so you don’t need to have any web design skills. They also take care of the payment systems and shipping integration too, so you can start selling right away and build your business.

If you do want to build your site on your own, you can do that. You can also use a template or use an app to change the look of things. Shopify has some fantastic pre-made designs that you can easily customize with your own content.

Who Should Use Shopify?

Anyone who wants to start an eCommerce website with ease will love the concept of building their own store using Shopify. The platform makes it possible for even those with no coding experience to create a fully functioning website.

It can be an exceptional way to get started with eCommerce. You don’t have to be in business for long to appreciate the power of online sales.

If you’re planning to run an eCommerce website, you need a platform that is easy to use and provides everything you need. It’s also important that the platform has the potential to grow with your business as it develops. Shopify offers exactly this combination of functionality and ease, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to set up an online store.

Shopify is also a great choice for brands that already have an existing website. If you’re not sure if you want to go with Shopify or another platform such as Big Commerce or WooCommerce, Shopify gives you the option of migrating your site over to Shopify.

All of your inventory will move smoothly from one site to another. You’ll be able to secure your domain address and start selling online, setting up payments, shipping options, and all the other aspects that come with running an eCommerce store from day one.

Who Should NOT Use Shopify?

It’s a great choice for eCommerce newbies who have the technical and design skills to create a website from scratch., but if you’re not ready to dive into that level of complexity, it may be best to stay away from Shopify.

Online store newbies may find the Shopify platform too complicated and may not be able to manage the site themselves. Beginners may also find it difficult to set up an online store that looks good and sells well.


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