We are Hiring Part-Time Content Writers

Write For Us as a Part-Time Content Writer

Do you enjoy reading posts on our blog? Do you feel you can contribute articles of similar nature and help to grow our blog?

Then you have come to the right place. We need like-minded people like you who can become the forerunners of HiTricks.

I, Nirmal Sarkar, founder of HiTricks, welcome you to write articles for this blog as a part-time content writer.

A Little Backstory:

HiTricks was founded on 15th February 2015 and I have been a solo writer at HiTricks for almost 4 years, till 2018.

I used to write articles as well as manage the blog alone, which was fun.

But then I felt that I can’t devote enough time which the blog demanded. It was evident that I needed some other writers alongside me to keep it going.

And late in 2018, I started hiring content writers. Thanks to our booming blogging community, I got quite a few of them.

But that also wasn’t so easy.

I needed long term content writers who can continuously delivery quality content. And although I got some good content writers in the process, the main issue I faced was the lack of consistency, which affected my blogging schedules too.

Well, now I feel its time we get writers from our regular readership. I believe people who love to read our articles are the best ones who can write similar ones.

If you believe you have the potential to work with us, then you are most welcome to join.

Details of your Work:

Well, you don’t need to possess superpowers to join the team. Just some basic principles. These are very basics, but I still write to them because it’s important.

  1. You should have a good knowledge and understanding of the English language. But don’t worry, the articles you will be writing in simple English only so that it helps out everyone.
  2. You must be comfortable writing list posts, guides and tutorials, try out apps and softwares, and other similar articles that are posted in a tech blog.
  3. You will have your author profile at HiTricks, with your bio which you can customize as you like. You can show it off to your other clients.
  4. You will have the freedom to search for posts of your own and write. But you will be also given topics assigned to write.
  5. Consistency is a must. Well, you’ll have the complete freedom of writing according to your own time. But you should adhere to your schedule.
  6. Occasionally you might get some quick content writing works that need to be completed within a few hours.
  7. This is a part-time content writing opportunity only. Even if you can contribute as low as just 1 article per week, it is fine, as long as you stay consistent and deliver quality content.
  8. Regarding SEO and other things, I cannot discuss everything over here. That will be communicated later on.
  9. Last but not least: I am looking for individual independent writers. If you are part of some company that offers content writing services, then I’m very sorry I cannot take you in at this time.

Tip: You might as well have a look into my post on How to improve English Vocabulary, it will help you grow your skills in reading, writing, listening as well as typing skills in English.

Well, that’s all I am looking forward to. Now it is up to you. If you feel you are confident, just shoot me an email and I shall get in touch.

Mail me: nirmal@hitricks.com

Don’t forget to mention the following in your email:

  • Your past content writing experience.
  • If you have written for some blogs earlier, include links to those, else include some content samples as doc file. The former is preferred though.
  • How many contents you can write per week. Be honest here. Don’t exaggerate.
  • Your Facebook ID.

The only thing I will look into is your content and presentation skills.

I hope to see you soon. Let’s rock!