Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India

Credit cards are the best way to pay anywhere as long as you pay the Credit Card bill payments on time. When it comes to Credit card bill payment you can pay the bill by login into your internet banking or mobile banking. However, these methods will not give you any type of cashback.

Some apps allow you to pay your credit card bill and offer you some cash back at the same time. In this post, we’re going to mention the 6 best ways to pay your credit card bills in India which provides you various offers and cashback for paying your Credit Card bill.

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Here’s an overview:

Net Banking of that bank:

This is by far the easiest method to pay your credit card bills. You just need to login to your Net Banking and pay the credit card bill. One of the good things I like about this method is that your Credit Card bill payment will be settled instantly and the money is deducted directly from your bank account. You don’t even need to separately add money in any e-wallet. On the downside, if you pay your CC bills using Net Banking then you will get nothing in terms of rewards or cashback. Here’s how to do that-

1. First of all Login to your Net banking with your credentials.

credit card bill payment

2. Now go to Credit Card Section and select your credit card.

credit card bill payment using netbanking

3. Here you can see details like Current Outstanding, Credit limit, etc. To pay the Credit card bill simply click on the Pay Bill button.

credit card bill payment using net banking

4. After that select the Current Outstanding Amount and Click on the Next button.

5. Now click on the confirm button and your Credit Card bill be paid successfully.

Note: Make sure to have enough balance in your bank account to pay the Credit Card bill.

Cred App:

Have you ever heard about getting rewarded for paying the credit card bills every time? Well, you heard it right! Cred is one of the best ways to pay your credit card bills and for each payment, you get points and rewards. You can add multiple credit cards in one Cred app. However, you need to remember that all your Credit Card must be registered with the same mobile number which you’re using in the Cred app.

Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India

One of the interesting things I like about Cred is that it will notify you about your repayments so that you will forget to pay your credit card bills on time. However sometimes it notifies you for the same even when you pay the Credit card already, but it’s still better than paying a late payment fee. Not only this Cred also has a unique refer and earn program where you will get 10 Cred gems that you can redeem as Flipkart or Amazon gift voucher.

Download Cred App



Mobikwik is another great app for paying Credit Card bills. For each payment, Mobikwik will reward you with Supercash which is almost useless but still better than nothing. Make sure to check offers before paying your Credit card bills. The offers are changed from time to time but currently, it’s offering Flat Rs 100 cashback on the first bill payment ever on Mobikwik. Here’s how to do that-

1. First of all Download the Mobikwik app and login/signup into it.

2. Now on the homepage click on the Credit Card Bill icon as seen in the below screenshot.

credit card payment using Mobikwik

3. After that enter your Credit Card Number and the amount which you want to pay.

mobikwik credit card bill payment

4. You can also click on the Offer section to know the current offers on paying your Credit Card bills.

mobikwik credit card payment offers

5. Finally click on the Pay Bill option and select your payment option.

6. After a successful transaction Mobikwik will take up to 3 working days to settle your Credit Card Payment.

Note: Paying through wallet balance loaded via any payments will attract a convenience charge of 2.95% + GST.


E-commerce giant Amazon is also spreading its legs in the online bill payment industry. Recently Amazon launched a free lifetime free Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card and now it starts allowing its customer to pay their Credit Card bill. If you pay your Credit Card bill of Rs 5000 or more using Amazon Pay UPI then you will get a reward worth Rs 100 on shopping. On the downside, you can not use Amazon Pay balance to pay your Credit card bill.

Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India

Here’s how to do that:

  • First of all open Amazon pay and go to Your Account Section.
  • Now click on Credit Card and enter your Credit Card Number.
  • After that enter the amount which you want to pay and click on proceed.
  • Now select your payment method such as Amazon Pay UPI, Other UPI, Net Banking, etc and click on Place Order and Pay.
  • Finally, complete the transaction and your payment will reflect within 2 working days.

Note: Make sure to check the offer section before paying the Credit card bill payment.


Paytm is a all in one solution to pay almost any type of bills. Due to their amazing cashback offers and ease of use, the majority of people choose Paytm over other payment apps. If you pay your Credit Card bill using paytm then there are very high chances to get some cashback or rewards. You can check the exclusive cashback offers in the Paytm app before paying your Credit Card bill.

Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India

  • First of all, open the Paytm app and go To Credit Card Bill option.
  • Now enter your Credit Card Number and then enter the amount.
  • After that click on the Apply Promo code and see the working offers and select the one which you like the most.
  • Now click on Proceed and pay the bill using a suitable payment method.
  • That’s it! After a successful transaction, your payment will get settled in 3 working days.


PhonePe is India’s favorite app in terms of UPI transfer. Their ease of use and simple user interface attracts the majority of Indians over Google Pay and other UPI apps. PhonePe also allows you to pay your credit card bills using UPI and Debit Card.

Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India

  • Open PhonePe and click on Credit Card Bill.
  • Now select your Credit Card Type and enter the Credit Card Number.
  • Now enter the amount which you want to pay and select your UPI account.
  • Finally, click on Pay bill and your payment will be processed in 72 hours.


So these are some of the Best Ways To Pay Credit Card Bills In India. All the above-mentioned apps are 100% legit and trusted.

In terms of reward points, the Cred app is the best app to pay the Credit card bill but Cred is limited to a few users and you should have a good credit score to register on the Cred app. The Net banking option is the fastest way to settle your credit card bill. You will not get any reward in it but your payment gets settled instantly which comes in handy if your due date is about to end.

There are also many apps left to mention but to make this post small and easy to understand we’ve limited it to only the main 6 popular apps. If you really like the information in this post then feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues who are still struggling to find ways to pay their Credit Card bill payments.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this post then let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you. If you are stuck anywhere, just mention below and I will be happy to help.

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