How to check your Credit Score using OneScore App?

If you are searching how to check credit score using the OneScore app, your search will end here. There are various mobile applications and websites where you can check out your Free Credit Score like Paytm App,, OneScore App, etc. Today, we were going to discuss how to check Credit Score through OneScore App.

Credit Score is a special type 3-digit number that signifies your lending capacity or, simply, creditworthiness. This score ranges from 300 to 900 and is computed or calculated based on your former debts and credit card history. This score is issued by the Credit Bureaus of India, which comprises CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited), India’s oldest Credit Information Company (CIC). There are other credit bureaus like Experian, Highmark, and Equifax to calculate your Credit Score.

One of the easiest methods to check your CIBIL score for FREE is using the OneScore App. In today’s post, we shall discuss how you can use the OneScore App you can check your credit scores from CIBIL and Experian for FREE. OneScore can also show you all types of credit inquiries and present a deep analysis of all your loans and credit card history.

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Features of OneScore App:

How to check your Credit Score using OneScore App?

OneScore App is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the app from Google Play as well as the App Store. Here are the features of the OneScore App:

Free Credit Score from CIBIL & Experian:

This app fetches your credit report from CIBIL & Experian, examines it thoroughly, and gives you knowledge and information on those aspects. It gives you a breakdown of your report where you can find all your credit lines, number of timely payments, your addresses, as well as the credit limit. You will get monthly alerts on your credit report update. It will also give you suggestions on how you can improve your credit score over time.

Complete Payment History:

You can easily scrutinize your overall debts from your loans and credit card payment history with the OneScore App. The timely payments will show up as green. If you made late payments, it would show as amber, and if you failed to pay, it would show up as red. Over time, you can see a comprehensive monthly calendar for the same.

Finance Quizzes:

Occasionally, OneScore conducts small quizzes where they test your financial knowledge. It is a great way to improve our GK regarding financial matters such as loans and credit cards.

OneCard Metal Credit Card:

OneScore App also provides you with their own credit card, in partnership with IDFC Bank on VISA Signature Network. The OneCard Metal Card is a Lifetime Free Credit Card that you can use with swag. It is in the BETA stages, and you can sign up for the card from inside OneScore App.

No Ads, No Spam:

The best part of the OneScore app is that it is completely free and doesn’t show any advertisement, and doesn’t spam messages through your registered e-mail and mobile number. You can use OneScore without the fear of getting spam calls! It also doesn’t take unnecessary permissions from you.

How to Check Free Credit Score via OneScore App?

How to check your Credit Score using OneScore App?

You can easily check the credit score by downloading the OneScore app on your Smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS. OneScore provides you with both CIBIL and Experian credit scores.

  1. When you open the app after its installation procedure, there will be an option named Check My Score. Click on that option.
  2. Now, enter your Mobile Number, which is linked to your bank account, and accept all the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the square check box.
  3. After verifying your mobile number, you’ll be redirected to the next screen where you’ve to enter your e-mail address and your complete name.
  4. After submitting these details, they will again ask the user for additional details like PAN Card Number, Address, Pincode, etc.
  5. Click on the Done button, and after verifying all these details, you’ll be provided with the Credit Score along with the Credit Report from Experian and CIBIL.
  6. Click on the Next button, and you can easily observe the status of your Payment History, Available Credit, Age of Accounts, Account Mix, and Credit Enquiries.
  7. Again click on the Next button, and you can see all these reports in a detailed manner.

You can analyze all your Credit Score History and observe your credit card payments’ summary report with a ranking to show your credit payments status. You can also watch your Credit Card limit and many other features like Age of Accounts, Credit Enquiries, etc.

Last Words:

That’s all about how you can check your credit score via OneScore App. In my opinion, you should try this app once if you want to analyze all your credit and loan details in a single, user-friendly app. Feel free to explore your credit report in detail.

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