How to get OneCard Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card?

UPDATE 2022: This post was written in 2020 when OneCard Metal Credit Card was in the pre-launch stage. Now you can easily apply for OneCard from this link. Check my updated post to know OneCard’s features and benefits.

Interested to try OneCard Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card? You are at the right place. In today’s post, we will discuss the step-by-step guide to get OneCard, the International VISA Signature Credit Card offered by FPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with IDFC FIRST Bank Ltd, Federal Bank, SBM Bank, South Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda.

Good News! IDFC FIRST Bank has now launched its own credit cards apart from the OneCard: The IDFC Millennia Credit Card, IDFC Classic Credit Card, IDFC Select Credit Card, & IDFC Wealth Credit Card. All 4 cards are Lifetime Free Cards and are given on a pre-approved basis without any documentation. Click on the respective links to find out more details about each card and how to apply. In case you get confused, here’s a Side-By-Side-Comparison to help you out.

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UPDATE 2022: Again saying, this is an old post. You DO NOT need to follow the steps below to get your OneCard Metal Credit Card. You can easily get it from this link. Thank You.

OneScore is a credit information app that provides a detailed analysis of your credit score, credit history, your loans and EMI-s, and your overall profile. They have partnered with both CIBIL and Experian for getting your necessary details. It lays them out to you in a noob-friendly way so that you can view all your credit-related listings in one place. Read more about how you can check your credit score using OneScore App.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Recently, OneScore launched OneCard Rewards in India. It is a 100% full metal VISA Signature credit card. That means it won’t bend or break so easily. And the good news is, it is providing the OneCard free of cost with no joining fees or annual fees. It is a lifetime free credit card.

Check out the 30-second promo video about OneCard.

The OneCard is a VISA Rewards credit card that will give you Reward Points against your shopping or other transactions. This will compete directly with Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, as well as PayTM First Citibank Credit Card.

The Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is also a lifetime free credit card. It offers 5x rewards points only against Amazon India shopping, and only 1% for transactions outside Amazon and its merchants. The Flipkart Axis Bank and PayTM First Citibank Credit Cards also offer similar benefits against their respective e-com platforms, but they are annually charged at Rs500.

OneScore, on the other hand, is offering their lifetime free OneCard credit card with 5x Rewards Points. I have written a separate post on the Features and Benefits of OneCard Metal Credit Card and discussed their reward points, how to earn and how to redeem it. You should definitely check it out to know more about the credit card itself and the benefits associated with it.

In today’s post, I will directly jump into the steps to obtain your OneCard Metal Credit Card. So, let’s get started!

How to get OneCard?

First things first, it is available at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Chennai, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Surat, as of now. It will soon be available to other cities.

Get OneCard Metal Credit Card

You will come across this page from where you can choose to download the app from Google Play or App Store. Click on ‘Join Waitlist’. You will be redirected to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the OneScore App.

How to get OneCard Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card?


Download and install the app.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Open the app; it will ask your name, email, and phone number for registration. Register there and verify your mobile number.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Then you can find your credit score over there. It is a score calculated based on a pre-defined set of algorithms, that determines your credit repayment history, number, and type of credit accounts, to give you a score out of 900.

In the app dashboard, you will find all the details about your credit profile. It will show the following:

  • Payment History of your Credit Card Bills.
  • Available Credit Limit.
  • The number of Credit Accounts.
  • Credit Profile.
  • Age of your Credit Accounts.

You can click on each of them to view further details.

Anyways coming to OneCard, you will find the OneCard banner somewhere on the OneScore Dashboard.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Click Join #TeamMetal.

Another page will load with the details of OneCard. So far, we have only known about OneCard from this. It is a lifetime free metal card that will provide up to 5x rewards points. Click on Join Waitlist Now.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

You will be assigned a waitlist number. The first 10000 people on the waitlist will automatically receive the OneCard, provided they qualify for credit card approval.

Since you missed the first waitlist, you need to wait a bit to get your hands onto the OneCard Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card. Once you get approval, you will get an email from the OneScore Team. But there’s another way to manually check whether you are eligible for the OneCard.

Some OneCard users confirmed that they were able to get access to OneCard soon after registering to OneScore App. All you need to do is Download the OneCard App and use your same OneScore registration details (Mobile Number, Email) to login into the OneCard App. It will let you know whether you are eligible for the OneCard.

Make sure you use the same OneScore account details to log into the application. After your initial verification using OTP, you will get to know the status of your OneCard Application.

This is the standard screen you will come across once you get approval. I got 1.25L initial Credit Limit. That’s great considering the fact that this was possible only due to a Good Credit History.

How to get OneCard Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card?


Get OneCard Metal Credit Card

Those who worry about Credit Card hidden transactions and charges, OneCard is to the rescue. You can check all your purchases and pay the bills from the OneScore App itself. You will get a complete idea once the card launches publicly. It’s worth the wait.

Last Words:

That’s all about OneScore and OneCard. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

If you have any further queries, please comment below. I will be happy to help. If you love reading our content, spread the word, please. It will help us grow a lot.

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    • Hello Jyoti. It will be detected in the metal detector bro. You just need to show it before the security personnel.

      • I am Malaysian Citízenship.
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        I try to submitt my application by using OneScore or One Card App,but my phone no.cant verify..
        MY PHONE NO : +60 1121685957
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        Pls help .

        • Hello Zulkifli,

          Thanks for commenting. No, OneCard is currently available only for Indian residents. However, I would surely pass this to OneCard team so that they may think of expanding to your country too. Cheers. 🙂

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