Pixel Pass Subscription Plans and Details

Google Pixel is a manufacturing brand of consumer electronic devices developed by Google that either run on the Chrome operating system or Android operating system. Pixel brand was first introduced in February 2013.

Lately, Google developed a new Google Pixel Pass as a subscription bundle that the US customers to buy a Pixel phone and pay by making monthly installments. While having a Google Pixel phone through Pixel Pass bundle US customers will get an advantage of access to Google premium including services like 200GB of Google One cloud storage, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, and Google Play Pass.

The Pixel Pass subscription bundle brings the latest Pixel phone, device protection, and regular device upgrades, whenever the operating system gets updated to another better version you’ll get a notification, and then you can update your mobile phone to every latest update.

If you are curious to know about the Pixel Pass bundle then you’ve visited the perfect place, in, his article, we are going to tell you everything about the Google Pixel Pass Subscription bundle. Shall we?

Pixel Phones:

Pixel is a series of mobile phones that is developed by Google, Pixel phones are also called Google’s “Pure Android” phones. These phones are either operated by Chrome operating system or the Android operating system. Pixel phones are mostly operated by Google operating system so the customer can experience Google applications and features very closely. The latest Pixel phones are Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro for whom Google introduced Pixel Pass subscription plans so the customers can buy a Pixel phone in easy monthly installments.

What is Pixel Pass?

Pixel pass is a subscription plan that is introduced by Google recently for the Pixel phones, for the US customers only so they can buy a Pixel phone on EMI. Alongside the announcement of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro mobile phones Google also introduced us to a new Pixel Pass that allows us to have a new Pixel every two years along with the Google subscriptions plans and a bucket full of amazing features. If you are totally in the market of Pixel phones and lean in the features of Google then, the Pixel Pass is going to be the most compelling option for you because it will let you have a new Pixel every two years along with a subscription and a variety of multiple Google services.

Pixel Plan Subscription Pack Features:

The Pixel Plan is all about the Google subscriptions and the services; if you are lean in the Pixel phones then Pixel Plan is going to be a very lucrative option for you. Pixel Plan brings a bucket full of features and services, now we will tell you some of them.

One Cloud Storage Space:

The Pixel Pass subscription plan brings a lot of amazing Google services; 200GB of one cloud storage is one of them. Usually, Google offers their user a small base amount of 16GB but it may increase on the basis of plans and mobile phones. Here we are talking about Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro mobile phones in which Google offers you 200GB One Cloud storage. In a Pixel Pass Google brings the safest storage option for your high-resolution photos and videos, and there will be a backup option for you also.

YouTube Premium:

The Pixel Pass allows you to have an amazing YouTube experience by having the Pixel Pass. The Pixel Pass brings a handful of marvelous Google services including YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. If you are going to buy Pixel Pass then it will be going to be so lucrative for you because it brings YouTube Premium that will allow you to have an ad-free session and YouTube Music Premium to allow you to have uninterrupted listening. If you have Pixel Pass then YouTube Premium allows you to play videos in the background of any other running app.

Google Play Pass:

The Pixel Pass also offers the Google Play Pass where it will grant you access to a hundred amazing games and apps for free of cost. Google Play Pass is an applications subscription plan by Google for Android services where you can get access to a hundred applications and games ad-free and in-app purchase.

* Pixel Pass starts from $45 per month for the Pixel 6 and $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro. With the Pixel Pass plan, you’ll get access to the most personal and helpful phone Google services, and also it makes your Pixel phone safe and secured.


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