JioPhone Next Features & Full Specifications

India is a country of tech-enthusiastic people, and value for money products always attract Indian customers. Keeping this in mind, Reliance company Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of the ‘JioPhone Next’ smartphone. Jio and Google worked together to develop this ultra-affordable mobile. Mukesh Ambani planned to launch the JioPhone Next on 10 September 2021, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

The JioPhone Next smartphone is loaded up with all the basic features of a smartphone. Google and Jio joined hands to co-develop the operating system and apps to make it capable enough to do daily tasks at an affordable price. In this post, we will have a look at the key features and specifications of the JioPhone Next smartphone.

Here’s an overview:

 JioPhone Next Features & Specifications

JioPhone Next Operating System:

JioPhone Next Smartphone runs on Android OS. The OS and system apps are developed and optimized by Jio and Google. With Android OS, users can sideload various android applications. In other words, it provides an unrestricted environment to the users and unlocks the area of customization.

JioPhone Next Connectivity:

After COVID19, we all got shifted to internet services for various daily jobs like shopping, education, office work, and many more. The Jio Phone NexT comes with 4G/LTE Band 40 that will ensure fast internet connectivity, The phone has Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and Bluetooth support, and it also has the dual-SIM feature. In addition, a 3.5mm jack and micro USB port is also present. 

JioPhone Next Voice Assitant:

Artificial Intelligence is emerging in the digital world. All technology-based companies are working on in-device intelligence to ease daily tasks and making devices more user-friendly. Jio also highlighted the Voice Assistant feature of JioPhone Next during the launch announcement. Jio is providing such modern features with their affordable mobile phone, now users from the rural area will also get opportunities to explore new technologies.

 JioPhone Next Features & Specifications

Read-aloud of screen text and Language Translation:

Read-aloud of screen text features will read out the selected text from the screen. This feature will be helpful to partially educated users. The JioPhone Next also offers Language Translation which will allow users to translate text like news, messages, doc files from one language to another. Using this feature, users can translate the whole web page with a single tap of a button.

JioPhone Next Smart Camera:

We all like clicking shots while traveling, eating, enjoying parties, and many other things. The JioPhone Next has a Smart Camera with AR filters. Using AR filters, users can enhance the colors of images. Jio and Google partnered with Snapchat to integrate these Indian-specific AR lenses right into the Camera app.

The Camera app also contains Night Mode and HDR options that enable wider color and dynamic range for clicking good photos. The company said that they had optimized the camera to perform well in low lighting conditions. 

JioPhone Next Specially optimized apps:

Jio Phone offers apps developed by Jio and many Google Go apps. The Google Go apps are basically optimized and small-sized android applications. Go apps are specially designed and developed for android devices with low specifications and performance. These apps make sure that even a low-budget device can handles various tasks easily without any lag or hang. The apps consume very little RAM, and because of this, the user experience gets smoother and lag-free.

For security and privacy, the JioPhone Next comes with built-in Google Play Protect, which provides Google’s world-class security and malware protection. 

JioPhone Next Design:

The JioPhone Next comes with a glossy black front design and has big bezels around the screen. The phone has a fully plastic body with a Jio logo at back. The rear camera is placed at the top middle part of the phone followed by a flashlight below. The front top has a big earpiece, front camera, and proximity sensor. Although the design looks a bit odd, we can’t complain much seeing the low pricing of the phone.

Final Verdict:

After keypad phones, Jio introduced the most affordable android smartphone for Indian users. The phone comes with all the necessary features at great pricing. Google CEO Sundar Pichai also said that the applications and operating system were optimized specially for Indian users who are going to have their first android smartphone. The phone’s interface is simple and user-friendly, so that rural people can also connect to new technologies and their features. The phone is great for students who are in search of affordable smart mobile phones for their online classes and e-books. 

We hope the above-mentioned features helped users to know about the key features of JioPhone Next. Feel free to ask your queries related to the mobile phone and keep following us for more such posts on new tech releases and updates.

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