5 Ways to search people on Instagram like a Pro

Instagram today has more than 1 billion MAU, which means that the possibilities for Instagram growth by having new contacts, and expanding your audience, client, and affiliate base are endless. In fact, it is one of the best Instagram Growth Hacks. But the question is how to search people on Instagram successfully and come across not just accounts, but ones that will be of interest to you, and they, in turn, will be interested in your profile.

Of course, you can find any users and add them all, but today a significant number of subscribers does not mean success. It’s more important to have an audience targeted and interested in your content, products, services, and so on.  

That’s why I’ve put together this practical and easy-to-use guide on finding like-minded users, influencers, worthy partners, and a targeted audience in short, your search is sure to be successful if you take the right approach. Which approach? Check all methods out below and pick out those you find the best.

5 Ways to search people on Instagram like a Pro

Method 1. IG Search feature:

It is the most traditional search for people in the app itself. It is very convenient because it has its search subsystems: Accounts, Tags, and Places (and Top that will show your recent searches or those you frequently browse but do not follow).

To access an Instagram search feature, go to Insta and pick out a “magnifier” icon on the bottom of the screen, then press “Search line at the top, and you’ll notice “Top, Accounts, Tags and Places” at the screen top.


For example, if you meet a girl or a guy at a party and find out his/her nickname on Insta, finding him/her through the Accounts is the easiest way.


If you know the most corresponding hashtags in your niche and want to find accounts this way, you are on the right track. Your inserted hashtag will show up in search results in accounts that have included that hashtag in their posts, which means you have a great chance of finding profiles with a similar theme and content to yours.


If you incline to search by location, you can find users in your current area (if they have marked the location in the post), which means you can meet up live with the users and take your communication to the next level (if you desire, of course).

Method 2. Suggestions:

This method is based on a particular Instagram search algorithm that finds and offers content and accounts according to your preferences, IG searches, and interests. So if you are always looking for inspiration and are trying to find travel bloggers or any other explorers, these accounts will pop up in the Suggestions.

To access Suggestions, go to your profile pick out the top right “hamburger menu” Discover people All Suggestions.

NB: If you are new to Instagram, offers will not be based on your interests, as you are a new and “unexplored” user. But it’s possible that initial offers from Instagram will include accounts that will catch your interest.

Method 3. Via Facebook and mobile contacts:

If you’ve been on FB for a long time and are about to start your journey on IG, you may expand your audience in a jiffy with friends from FB or your phone book.

How to search people on Instagram this way:

Step 1. Go to your IG profile and choose “Settings”.

Step 2. Scroll down to find and select “Discover people”.

Step 3. On the screen top, press “Connect to Facebook”/”Connect contacts”.

Step 4. Press “Continue” and allow access to FB/contacts.

Step 5. Log in to your FB account and press “Continue” to access your Friends list.

Step 6. Choose friends to add them to the Followers IG list or just “Follow all”.

Method 4. Online Profile searches:

If you want to search without the help of Insta, you can proceed with the use of online tools or, so to say, Instagram profile searchers. They are very easy to use and you don’t need to install them separately. Moreover, they all have roughly the same algorithm: you adjust the filters, keywords, and service that offers you an account according to your request. 

Method 5. Followers:

This search method will be effective if you have a targeted audience. There are Influencers among them whose subscriber base will roughly coincide with yours (I do not mean the same accounts, but users with similar interests). If you have a like-minded person or profile whose content relates to the same area as your profile, it will be very effective to seek out among his/her followers those who would be interested in your account It is possible to increase your audience through existing.

You can use tools like GetInsta and Followers Gallery for getting followers on Instagram quickly. Also, check our Beginners’ guide to increase Instagram Following.

Last Words:

That’s all about how you can search for people on Instagram very easily. I hope you got the overall idea about it. Now you need to explore yourself, and get your hands dirty, and only then you will be able to achieve it. Thank you for reading. If you have further queries, just drop a comment below. I will be happy to help.

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