Here Is Your Beginner’s Guide To Increasing Your Instagram Following

You have created an Instagram account, put up a couple of beautiful pictures, and followed a few people, now what? It’s understandable if your account is not producing enough ripples in the world to make everyone sit up and notice.

First things first, Instagram accounts take off from day one only for celebrities. For everyone else, it takes a lot of time to reach out to the right audience and build some whopping numbers. However, you can Boost your Instagram Profile using GetInsta and Get Free Instagram Likes and Followers using Followers Gallery.

Yes, even posting astounding pictures will not bring you a million followers on day 1. Instagram, or any other social media platform for that matter, works on marketing dynamics. You have to work hard and play smart to impress people. Let’s talk about some tricks that will help you Get followers on Instagram without following. You should also check our other post on the Best Instagram Growth Hacks for getting Followers.

Create a Community:

Your followers are the people who agree with your brand/idea. Think about leveraging their interest in creating a long-term association. Create a virtual environment where everyone can be a part of your business.

You can let people send you pictures and thoughts that you can post from your account. By giving a platform to other people, you stand a chance to gain more followers who belong to your ideology.

There’s one more thing that you can do and that is, you can ask people to tag you whenever they post about you or your brand/idea. This step will create backlinks to your account. Random people who will see the posts where you are tagged, will come back and check your account and will follow if they like what you do.

Tag Other People:

Instagram was created to show off what you have and what you can do. So, while you post photos and videos of what you have been up to, tag photos and brands in your frame. If you attended an event, you should tag the organizers, and the entertainers present there. Doing this will bring several fresh eyes to your account and, in turn, some new followers.

This one trick is kind of tricky to use, though. Tagging other people and brands has to be done sparingly. Not everyone appreciates being tagged and may report you as spam. Tag people only when the image you are posting is relevant to the people/business and avoid tagging the same set of people regularly. Check out our post on How you can Search People on Instagram like a Pro.

Be Real and Interact:

Instagram calls for consistency in posts, but it is not always possible to come up with stunning posts and ideas. Somedays, you will have to make do with what you have. On no motivation days, think about sharing some quick updates. Post a random picture, which does not necessarily go with your theme, and let people know that you are human, and you run out of ideas too.

Use free options like InVideo that have cool features like the Instagram story template app. Club a few past photos and maybe start a poll. Ask your readers to pick a photo from your story and to leave a comment saying why they liked that post the best.

Participate in Takeovers:

An Instagram takeover is an opportunity where you guest post on someone else’s account for a certain amount of time. You can do this with one account or multiple accounts and guest posts to gain exposure. By guest posting on someone else’s account, you showcase yourself and body of work in front of that account’s followers. Everyone who will like you there will automatically come to your account and become your permanent follower.

Here Is Your Beginner's Guide To Increasing Your Instagram Following

You can participate in takeovers by reaching out to the accounts that already offer takeovers. You will have to pitch them as to why you should be given a chance to take over and how the host account will benefit from your posts. When you get a chance, post engaging content so that the followers get intrigued and would want to see you more.

Create Hashtags:

Hashtags are a proven method to gain more Instagram Followers. Create out-of-the-box hashtags to make people notice and follow them to your page. Think of quirky yet straightforward ideas like #whatsinyourpocket and ask people to click the photo of one thing that is in their pocket right now along with this hashtag.

An idea like this will make people happy, and they will participate in your hashtag with a photo. Hashtags like these go viral in minutes, and we all know what happens when something goes viral.

Tell Stories:

Be it on Instagram or Facebook; it has been proven that people love to watch and read raw stories. In this world, where almost everyone and everything can be fake, people get attracted to individuals and businesses who are not afraid to show their real side.

If you want some real followers and that too real quick, create stories using unedited video footage, club unedited photos to create a slideshow with music, or put up pictures of family, friends, or staff (with their approval) to make a point. Here are some tips on How to create the perfect Instagram Post.

People love stories, and people love it when they are presented with real, unpolished content showing flaws and nuances. Try this trick, and you will be surprised how many people will start following you because what you did is different. Here’s how you can Boost your Instagram Engagement with Reels.

Work on your Bio:

This sounds like a basic thing to do, but it is very crucial. Instagram gives you 150 characters to create magic with words. Use this space smartly to capture the attention of people with just a few words. Think about two impactful hashtags that can become your identity and impress people in only a few words.

If you have a website, share its link here. Instagram does not allow clickable links in photo captions, so this is your chance to showcase your website and take people to your abode on the internet.

Use other Platforms:

Playing smart on Instagram is sometimes enough, but you can also think out of the app to bring followers from outside. Post your Instagram link on all your marketing collateral, direct people from Facebook, and tell everyone on a guest post on a blog that you are on Instagram

The point is to let more and more people know that you exist on this platform and let them follow a link to your body of work on Instagram. This method will take time but will bring you real followers who will stay with you for a long time to come.

Try the tricks mentioned above to increase your Instagram following. No matter which idea you pick, dive into it with patience. Yes, some ideas may bring you instant followers, but remember, this is not magic. Social media is all about building your rapport, and it is best done one follower at a time.

Last Words:

So these are some quirky tips and tricks that you can try to increase your Instagram following. Well, no matter what you do, don’t expect overnight popularity. Yes, things do get viral on social networks, but those are one shot in a million. Growing your account needs continuous efforts over some time. Remember, whatever you do, you should aim for the long term.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further queries, do let me know below. I will be happy to help. And do share the post with your friends if this post helps you out. I will be back soon with another exciting update. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates. 🙂


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