How to get followers on Instagram without following?

Instagram is one place where you can market your products, services, or content. However, if you are a blogger, marketer, or anyone at all who wants a popular account, losing followers on Instagram can pose a problem. 

Hence, these growth tactics will help you gain more followers on Instagram without following!

Before we get into the details, here’s an overview:

Post Consistently:

Instagram is essentially a platform for photo and video sharing. Thus, posting regularly is your best bet in finding new and active followers without actually following them. We have emphasized it in our Beginner’s guide to increasing Instagram Following post too. A busy profile is what will make it hustle. It is ideal to post thrice a day on Instagram. The posts also need to be scheduled at the right time. While talking about Instagram, Tuesday and Thursday evenings seem like the optimal time to post your content. 

However, posting your content morning and late in the evening every day, which is essentially after-work hours, gives the best result. Tools like Buffer Publish and Hootsuite are free apps that help you in scheduling your post. Check out our guide on How to Create the Perfect Instagram Post to learn more.

Find relevant and popular hashtags for your niche. Engage with the posts under the particular hashtags by leaving likes and valuable comments. This also helps you to search for people on Instagram like a Pro.

In this way, you are indirectly encouraging those account holders to look at your account. Thus, when you both belong to the same niche, the chances of getting a follow based on your engagement are high. You can also Boost your Instagram Profile with GetInsta.

Utilize Instagram Stories:

Instagram’s story feature works wonders in bringing in new followers to your account. As this is an interactive feature where you can put up Question-Answer tags, host polls, drop suggestions, it makes your account expand to a wider range of people. 

However, this process only works in favor of new people discovering your account if you use hashtags! Instagram allows you to use 10 hashtags on your story. 

It is beneficial if you use the maximum amount relevant to your stories. The stories with hashtags in them are featured under the particular hashtag’s page as a story too. Using countdown stickers on stories is another way to excite your followers. As these stickers are shareable, your profile reaches newer people when your base audience shares it on their stories. 

Boost Your Instagram Engagement with Reels:

Reels are one of the best ways to get famous on Instagram. You can easily Boost your Instagram Engagements with Reels. Check out the link to know more.

The Feedback/Conversation Loop:

It requires a little time but it is surely the most effective way to gain Instagram followers– the feedback loop. This includes attentively replying to the comments and questions asked under a post or through stories. 

If you keep comments unattended on your posts, it creates a negative impression on your potential followers and you are more at the risk of losing them than gaining. Apart from that as Instagram is a community it is important to take feedback from your audience in curating tailor-made content that will be more share-worthy and in turn, give you new followers. 

It is also advisable to interact with other content creators or businesses on Instagram and support them to gather their support in return. You can grow alone on Instagram; it is a platform that lets you fly on each other’s wings. Also, check out the Best Instagram Growth Hacks for Getting Followers.

Hosting a Contest/Giveaway:

Virality comes with these two methods in the back. Running an Instagram contest or hosting a giveaway has always shown favorable results. You can run a contest for a new product launch or host a giveaway for celebrating anniversaries relevant to your account and its content. Either way, it is going to give you admirable results without fail. 

The most common way to do it is by putting up rules like “share the post to enter the contest” or “like/save the post to increase your probability of winning the giveaway”. 

These methods work in favor of the Instagram algorithm and make your account more discoverable. You can also ask the participants to tag their friends and encourage them to participate. If you run a giveaway or contest three to four times a year, it will give your following list a significant boost. 

You can also get Free Likes and Followers on Instagram using Followers Gallery.

Track Your Insights:

Instagram provides you with the insights feature because of a reason. It is to help you understand if all your strategies are working and give you the results, you want. It will help you understand how new people are getting directed to your post based on the impressions. It can be through hashtags or the home page. After you replicate what is working, you can start shifting your focus to that area to boost your Instagram Account.

Last Words:

These are the general guidelines that every Instagram user must know to stand out from the crowd. Mix and match them from time to time and it is plausible that you find your followers blooming sooner than you expected.

That’s all for now. If you have further queries, let me know in the comments below, I will be happy to help. Do share this post with your marketer friends. This should be a valuable piece for them.

I will be back soon with another interesting topic very soon. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest updates.


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