9 ways to Boost your Instagram Engagement with Reels

Instagram has been an amazing platform for several artists as they have been able to show their talent to a huge community of people and get followers on Instagram without following. Ever since the popularity of this platform rose, new features were introduced to keep people hooked on this. In case you want more Instagram Tricks, Igtools is a must-have for you.

Not only artists, but it has also been a great place for small businesses that just started and only have an online store currently. In the recent past, reels were introduced. This feature allows users to post a 15-sec video. Ever since its introduction, people have gone quite gaga and several trends and challenges have emerged since.

While buying Instagram followers is still quite the trend to increase engagement, reels have taken over to be one of the best ways to boost engagement on Instagram organically. Another useful platform to boost your Instagram Profile is GetInsta. You can also Get Free Instagram Likes and Followers using Followers Gallery.

Instagram users often choose different growth services to achieve rapid growth, but it’s very important to select the appropriate service for your account. It is always recommended to read the details and review any service before choosing it. For example, if you are considering AppSally for your Instagram profile then reading the reviews about AppSally will give much understanding about their service. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use reels to your benefit and grow on Instagram.

Quality content should be your priority:

Since reels only last 15 secs, you should focus on making those 15 secs watch-worthy. While it has been noticed that people like watching short video content more than reading things that would take the exact time, the video has to be likable enough to make an impact on the viewer’s mind. We have emphasized this in detail in our Beginner’s Guide To Increasing Your Instagram Following post.

Create an engaging reel that will speak volumes in the short time provided to you. It has been observed that good reels immediately boost Instagram engagement, with the profile even gaining real instagram views. Check out our guide on How to create the perfect Instagram Post.

It should be aesthetic:

What visuals don’t seem to leave your mind? The ones that were beautifully created or had elements in them that made them too amazing to forget. The same goes for creating reel videos too. 

You might wonder what all you can do in those 15 secs, right? Well, that’s the challenge. You need to maintain the aesthetic value of the video so that people automatically share it. You can try transitions and various other editing tools available for reels to improve the visual experience of the user.

Use reels as a means of interacting with your audience:

If you are a regular Instagram user, you must have seen people with several queries on their favorite business pages. Most of these queries are similar and it is difficult to individually answer each one. However, businesses can’t afford to lose customers because of that, can they?

While Instagram live is one of the most commonly used features to address queries, reels can be used for the same. They are short and more likely to be watched again by the users than Instagram live. 

Make reels on community suggestions:

Your audience decides how well you are doing on Instagram. so, it is important to take their opinion regarding content creation into account. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t showcase your creativity. But doing something solely for the sake of your community can be beneficial for the long-term growth prospects on Instagram.

Taking suggestions from the community won’t only help in boosting your engagement but also give you ideas for new content. No matter how creative or innovative you are, we all have our blank days. But we can’t stop business because we are out of ideas, right? Including your audience will lead to better retention and help you create good content too. Btw, you can use these tricks to search people on Instagram like a pro.

Choose thumbnail wisely:

The first thing that pulls a person to a video is the thumbnail image that appears on it before it is played. Hence, your thumbnail becomes one of the biggest growth hacks for getting followers on Instagram. It is not different with reels. You get the option to either select a still from the video or upload a custom one.

We suggest you select a custom image. This selected image should tell people in short about the content that you make. It helps in generating engagement as people won’t have to scroll through your feed and also your videos will be instantly recognizable. Add a suitable title to the image to grab the attention of the audience.

Participate in challenges/trends:

Reels are considered the new version of TikTok in most places. So naturally, people host and participate in several trends and challenges to keep things interesting on this platform. To boost engagement on your profile, you should also participate in the trends that are from your niche.

How will it help? You will be recognized as the ones who start these challenges tend to share the best reels on their profile. This will bring more people to your profile and ultimately help in your growth.

Collaborate with people:

As a newcomer, it can be difficult to get the hang of things on Instagram. Since many talented people already exist on the platform, getting the limelight isn’t easy. That’s why you should always collaborate with the people who have already established themselves.

They can create short video gigs for your business in a fun way that will help in boosting your growth on Instagram. Reels have better reach and people enjoy them if they are informative.

Add extra information in the description:

Since reels are short video gigs, it’s difficult to add extra information to them. But they indeed are one of the best ways to educate people about things shortly and simply. While you are discussing a particular topic or creating content on something, interested people would always want to know more.

You should take advantage of that and add the information in your description. The more valuable your content will be, the better engagement it will create on your profile.

Maintain authenticity:

Remaining authentic on a platform where everyone is trying to copy each other is difficult. However, it is important too. When you create authentic content, something which wasn’t thought of before, it has better chances of being followed across the platform. 

Also, try to make reels directly using Instagram instead of uploading the ones you have made via other apps or for other channels. Instagram promotes authentic and native content more than it does for others.


Reels have changed the face of Instagram. Some people call it the newer version of TikTok. However, we can’t deny they are addictive and extremely fun to watch. So, follow the tips given above and create the most engaging reels for your feed to boost your Instagram.


Nirmal Sarkar
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