Amazing and Reliable SharePoint Backup Methods You Should Know

Backup strategies protect data when there is a scenario that causes data mistakes, breaches, and loss caused by many factors in a business or organization. Due to the importance of data in the modern digital environment, it is crucial to protect its loss by all means.

If your business or organization uses solutions such as SharePoint to collect, manage, and store data, it is prudent to know how well you can protect this data. SharePoint is a Microsoft 365 cloud-based SaaS that helps any business manage content, such as documents and related content, in a collaborative way. As such, you need the appropriate SharePoint backup methods to safeguard your data well.

Why Do You Need SharePoint Backup?

According to the Tessian website, over 80% of data breaches result from human error, which means that even if your company has put security measures to keep hackers away, you still need SharePoint backup methods on a daily basis.

The main goal of backing up SharePoint data is to avail the latest right version of documents and content whenever there is a breach from inside or outside your business. With this, you need the right backup solution either from Microsoft or a third-party service provider.

SharePoint Backup Methods:

You are right; every business that uses Microsoft software is in safe hands because this global business solution provider values data backup. But apart from this, there are other SharePoint backup methods you can deploy for your data to be completely safe. Here is what you need to know:

Microsoft Office 365 native backup – By default, all users of SharePoint are given a backup solution on the platform. Once the configurations have been set appropriately, the backup will be done automatically on your allocated default space, making this option very reliable even if you don’t have to use other SharePoint backup methods. You can always recover your data through the set procedures according to the Microsoft website.

SharePoint online recycle bin – Do you know that SharePoint has an online recycle bin? Well, they do. This is a feature that you need to set, just like the overall Microsoft recovery options. The recycle bin retains deleted items for a specific period, for example, 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the settings. It is an important feature that you should take advantage of to ensure that your text documents and other files have one more storage area that you can access if there is a need.

This is temporary storage, and your data will overwrite after the specified period, unlike Microsoft backup, which stores your files until the allocated space is full. It is easy to recover your files from the recycle bin using the specified procedures.

Third-party backup providers – Digital innovations have enabled many data management companies to provide reliable and affordable cloud-based backup solutions. If you need an additional layer of data backup for your SharePoint platform, consider a trusted third-party backup provider, and you will not regret it. Many businesses seeking accessible SharePoint backup methods use reliable third-party companies with great success.

On-premises Backup solutions – Do you have excellent servers that can be used to store information? Large companies and organizations may have their own remotely located servers where they keep backups of their platforms, including the SharePoint platform. Among all other methods, this is less secure but works faster than the others, especially if your business has invested in the latest technology.

Data Restoration:

Regardless of the SharePoint backup method you choose, it is good to understand how restoration works. After all, what is a SharePoint data backup without proper restoration procedures? Each of the options has clear procedures on how to automatically or manually do a backup and how to restore at any time. The most important thing is data access, no matter where people try to access it from.

Some complicated data recovery services can only be done by a professional, and this is where you need to seek the services of an expert. Most third-party data backup experts also provide recovery services in some scenarios. So, talk to them if you have the need, and they will help you, especially in case of total system failure, hacking, or any other major damage.

Final Words:

These insights are invaluable for any data-oriented person who is looking for the best SharePoint backup methods. As mentioned, it is easy to access all of your documents and content managed on SharePoint, and anyone with the right authorization can do this with simple steps. With this, you can rectify all mistakes made by employees on time or still access your data if the system is breached in any other way.

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