Top 9 Apps That You Must Have on Your Phone in 2024

One of the biggest misconceptions about modern smartphones is that they continue the early 2000s mobile phones. No, they’re not! They are pocket PCs with a few phone-like features, like data internet (first introduced via these phones), SMS, calls, etc.

What makes modern smartphones what they are is that they’re an app platform. The apps that you use determine the usefulness of your phone, as well as how you’re actively using it.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top nine apps (app types) you must have on your phone in 2023.

Top Apps That You Must Have on Your Phone

Messaging App:

Messaging apps enhance the core function of your phone – communication. In fact, more people stay in touch via these messaging apps than phone calls or SMS. In other words, you need these apps to use your phone like… well, a phone.

Even all the messaging apps are not the same. Different people prefer different messaging apps, and there’s even a meme online about how you can simultaneously have two completely different conversations with the same person in two different messaging apps. The people’s preferences and even how they use these apps can vary drastically.

Also, keep in mind that messaging apps vary by region. Messenger and WhatsApp are kings in some areas, but other regions may favor Viber and Telegram.

Social Media App:

Social media apps are incredible to have on your phone. If you’ve recently tried using social media on your browser, you’ll see a notable difference. In 2023, social media apps are a preferred way to browse social media.

Now, some people accuse social media apps of making people anti-social. This is only true if you don’t use them right. Remember when Facebook first came out (if you’re that generation)? People use it to see where the parties are so they can attend. Nothing is preventing you from using it this way.

By default, people are using social media apps to stay in touch with people without actively communicating with them. You should never underestimate the importance of social media for your social life.

Weather App (widget):

Most people have a weather app and a weather widget on their screen by default. However, this is more important than you think. First, younger generations seldom have a habit of watching the weather forecast or actively looking them up online. With a weather app, you just can’t escape this relevant information.

Now, in the era where sun rays are more intensive and dangerous than ever, rain contains hazardous materials, and even air is not safe to breathe, a good weather app may also warn you about that.

Sure, in extreme weather conditions, you may be notified by a government agency, but this greatly depends on where you live. With a weather app, this won’t be the case. This way, you’ll be notified when it’s time to get out of the way.


One of the misconceptions that will cost you dearly (unless you drop it as soon as possible) is the idea that antivirus software is just for computers. Nothing can be further from the truth. First, you’re more online via your phone than your computer, so how would this make any sense?

Your phone is just as susceptible to malware and ransomware (if not more so). Just think about the trouble you would find yourself in if you got locked out of your phone or if (even worse) it got digitally hijacked.

Even if none of these came to pass, the fact that your phone would be slower can be seen as a major hindrance.

You can avoid all of this by installing an antivirus on your device.


A VPN adds an extra layer of encryption and protection for your devices online. While most people keep one on their computer, it might also be a good idea to use it on your phone.

You should also use a VPN whenever you’re using public Wi-Fi.

  • So, how often will you do this on your desktop computer setup? Never!
  • How often are you going to do this with your laptop? From time to time.
  • How often will you do this via your phone? Daily!

To find the best one that suits you, read some of the top VPN app reviews. After all, you cannot know if a platform is good or bad without having a reference point.

Health and Fitness:

Having a good health and fitness app can completely change your life. Many people who work out make the mistake of believing they’ll just memorize their previous training. This never works out and will slow your progress more severely than you think.

Then, fitness apps are more than just workout regimens. Even a calorie counter is a fitness app, and important at that. Remember that to transcend to the next level of your fitness, you need to change your entire lifestyle; a fitness app will help make this easier.

Ultimately, so many people use wearables (like smartwatches, etc.) that you’ll have access to more data and data in real-time to work with. This further increases the accuracy of the entire system.

Music streaming:

While YouTube is great as a platform for playing music, what happens when you have to lock it? Moreover, when you rely on data internet, you’ll see exactly how data-hungry it gets. Therefore, finding the right music streaming app you can use instead might be smarter.

Offline listening alone is great for evening strolls, gym experiences, and overall chilling in your home.

You can make your playlist or use it to discover young aspiring artists. Overall, it’s a positive thing that you shouldn’t ignore for too long.

Food delivery:

A food delivery app can give you a massive quality of life boost. While most people see only the negative sides of this trend (higher reliance on eating out and on fast food), the truth is as far from this as it gets.

In reality, food delivery services have the potential to become the best thing ever for your health and fitness, in general. Just think about it: With food delivery, you suddenly can access healthier options. It’s also much easier to eat diverse. There are a lot of catering companies out there that focus on fitness and deliver food based on your training regimen.

Sure, most people will not use the apps this way, but there’s still an option.

Banking and Finance:

M-banking and finance apps are just incredible. First, paying bills this way is more straightforward, cheaper, and safer. Not to mention that you don’t have to wait in line at the bank. Regardless if you’re just a private citizen or someone running a business, the ability to make a transfer in seconds is a huge thing.

Then, there are so many great financial apps, like a budgeting app, which can give you a far higher insight into how you’re spending money and help improve your financial life.

Then, there are catalog apps that help you find all the sales and couponing apps that help you save money on purchases directly. This can make a difference even if you are not an extreme couponer.

The use of apps can help you unlock the full potential of your mobile device.

Your smartphone is just a pocket computer, a platform for all the incredible apps you can download. In other words, the capabilities of your phone are only limited by your willingness to go above and beyond in search of new possibilities.

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