Best Expense Manager Apps for Android

Expense Manager is a tool app/software that keeps track of your daily, monthly, or even yearly expenses such as bills, utilities, rent, travel, and other such things. It will help you to save money and let you know which things cost you the most in a certain time. Mostly Expense managers are used by shop owners, businessmen, or travel bloggers to track their monthly expenses. As a blogger, I think everyone needs to keep track of their expenses even if you’re not doing any business at all. It will not only help you to track your monthly spending but also encourage you to save money.

In the present time, the market is flooded with a lot of expense managers apps in the google play store but only a few of them are good enough to use. In this post, I’m going to suggest to you some of the best online expense manager apps for android that will help you with financial management in a better way on the cloud. So, even if you changed your mobile or even cleared the data of your phone then your expense manager data will be still safe.

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walnut expense manager appWalnut is one of the most secured daily expense tracker & money manager app that automatically track your monthly spending. It helps you keeps your expenses within budget, pay bills on time and save more money every month. You can also Find out how much you spend on food, shopping, groceries, etc.

Walnut also provides instant personal loans for eligible users that you can use for your shopping, travel, emergencies, bills, or any other purpose. You can also track your train, cab, movie, event bookings, and more add notes, tags, and bill/receipt to transactions.

Walnut also has some extra features such as Split expenses with friends, find ATMs near you, Bank Account, Credit Cards, Digital Wallets, Sodexo, etc. You can export all of your data in PDF & CSV format.

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andromoney expense manager app

AndroMoney is one of the best expense manager app for android mobiles and supports cross-platforms including web and iOS. AndroMoney helps you to generate daily accounting, managing categories, drawing detailed reports, and custom budget excels sheet reports. It also supports multiple account balances & account transfers. If you are a business owner then AndroMoney could help you to manage your business expense easily.

You can download the app for free which contains ads but you can remove them by paying Rs. 340 on the play store. They also provide password protection for different accounts that make the app more secure and no other person able to access your data.

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Financial Calculators:

financial calculator expense manager app

Financial Calculators is another great app that helps you manage your monthly expenses. Actually, the app is essentially a collection of calculators for various things such as Finance and Investment Calculators, Loan/Mortgage Calculators, Retirement Calculators, Stock Calculators, Credit Card Calculators, Auto Loan, and Lease Calculators, Miscellaneous Calculators, and more.

It also provides an email service to send the calculation results to other emails. This feature is mostly used by professionals to send the details to their clients. The app provides full calculator customization which means you can rearrange the calculator according to your requirements. The financial Calculators app is totally free to use and does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.

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mint expense manager app

Mint is the free money manager and the financial tracker app. It is actually a replacement for an older app called Mint Bills. Other than basic budgeting features, Mint also provides bill payment reminders, customized alerts when you’re over budget, and credit monitoring services.

In mint you don’t have to put everything manually it automatically syncs to your bank account, credit card, and retirement accounts and tracks your income, purchases, and savings. it also has a daily budget planner, which generates budget goals based on your spending. You can also adjust your custom goals. As for security mint uses multi-factor authentication to keep your account safe.

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wallet expense manager app

The wallet is another Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker app for android mobiles. It helps to bring your financial situation under control by providing the best solution by professionals. Like other apps, the wallet syncs your transactions with the bank to track your spending, bills, and much more. The main features of this include multiple currencies, cloud syncing, warranty tracking, shopping list, and much more. It also has account-sharing and data export options that provide the freedom to share or export data with others. Wallet app is free to download but it Offers in-app purchases and required a yearly subscription to access certain features.

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Money Manager:

Money Manager expense manager app

Money Manager is a freemium budget and expensive manager app that help you record your personal and business transactions, generate spends reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Money Manager provides a more visual experience rather than a cluttering app with unnecessary details. It tells you where is your money is going instead of just reading transaction details.

Money Manager also has some extra features like passcode lock, asset management, instant stats. and more. It also has the backup and restores feature to migrate your data to another device. You can also download the data to an Excel spreadsheet if you need it. The app is free to download from the google play store.

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Monefy expense manager app

Monefy is the simplest budget manager app available on the play store. it does not have fancy automatic features like other apps. The UI is super clean and easy to use they divided the expenses into multiple categories and you can add your expenses by clicking on the related category plus you can set or reset your monthly budget by clicking on the bottom buttons.

The shown data can be filter into days, weeks, months, years, and all times. You can also choose a custom date for filtering the data. It also has a multiple account feature for personal, card, or business accounts. Monefy is totally free to download however they also have the Monefy Pro version which costs Rs. 149 and has other advanced features like data Synchronization, multi-currency, passcode protection, extended widget, and dark theme.

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INDMoney expense manager appINDmoney automatically brings you entire financial life across investments, loans, credit cards, expenses, and taxes in one place. It also enables you to track your expenses, investments, save and grow your net worth automatically.

They automatically import your funds and investments in a single click across brokers like Groww, Zerodha Coin, EtMoney, Paytm Money, CAMS, Karvy, etc, and auto-generate a combined account statement for mutual funds, shares & stock.

It also helps you by managing your daily, monthly expenses, bank account, credit cards, etc. INDmoney provides analytics, bills alerts, and automatically categorizes your spending. The app is totally free to use and it did not charge any fee. However, they also provide prime services where you will get a dedicated finance manager for your account who helps you to manage your accounts.

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A multi-currency dashboard, automated bill pay, employee expense claims, and free payroll disbursements are all features of the all-in-one software called Spenmo, which combines corporate cards.

Additionally, it provides payment platforms that let SME’s and startups manage their business payments automatically. Through an integrated view, it enables teams to handle internal spend management, electronic bill payments, approval workflows, and financial reconciliation.

Utilizing Spenmo has various advantages, such as immediate approval for limitless physical and virtual cards, real-time notifications, visibility of business spending, and tracking of those spendings, as well as no monthly fees, hidden costs, sign-up fees, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the Money Manager App is safe?

Yes, Money manager apps are safe they store your data on their servers which are monitored from time to time, and some of the money managers store data offline on your mobile.

2. Is the Money manager required Bank Account Access?

Usually, the money manager app does not require any bank account access however they required message access to read messages. but some advance app does require bank access to track your transactions.

Last Words:

This is the post about the best expense manager apps for android. We mentioned some of the best expense manager apps. If you find this post useful then please share it with your friends. For any suggestions or Queries contact us in the comment section we will happy to help you.

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