GUIDE: How to Enable Smart Missed Call Alerts on Airtel?

Airtel has rolled out a new missed call alert feature that allows users to check missed calls when their devices are switched off or in flight mode. Even the smart miss call alert feature is old. Luckily, Airtel understood the importance of the smart missed call alert feature. Thus, you can utilize this feature on your Airtel devices now!

You might have heard about this new Airtel feature from your friends. Maybe you read about it on Google and are looking for a complete solution. Fret not, I am here to tell you about the feature, and you can activate it through a simple process. This article is all you need.

Airtel is simultaneously the second-largest mobile network service provider in India and the world. The telecom company was always on the top from the beginning to now. Right now, Airtel has 355 million customers all over the country. They had brought changes to the company to satisfy customer needs and demands. Following the time and trends, they brought us the smart miss called alert feature, which is extremely necessary now. 

What is a Smart Missed Call Alert Feature?

Smart Miss Call Alert alerts you when you have missed calls, when your phone has been switched off, in flight mode, or when the call could not be received due to network coverage.

It uses a simple concept. Whenever you turn on your phone, you will get an immediate notification from the service provider within a few minutes. 

Jio already had the feature since the day it entered the market. I have both Jio and Airtel, so I have fair experience with them. The Jio SMS miss-called alert works incredible for me. I usually keep my phone on flight mode for a few hours every day, especially at night. When I restart my phone, I get every missed call detail through its SMS miss call alert features.

Airtel is now acquiring the same feature so its users can’t miss any important calls. But the feature will not work the same as the Jio miss call SMS alert. There is a slight difference between these service providers.

In Jio sim, you get a detailed alert SMS when you turn on the phone after the flight mode. 

For Airtel, you must check all missed call lists on its official app called Airtel Thanks. If you are an Airtel user, you might be familiar with the app. Previously the miss call alert service was available for Airtel users as a value-added service. Users have to pay for the service. But now, Airtel brings the feature to its users free of cost. This miss call alert will work on any Airtel active plan.

Don’t worry if you are an Airtel customer or aren’t familiar with this feature. The following steps will help you become familiar with this valuable feature: 

How to Enable Smart Miss Call Alert Features on Airtel?

We already know the usefulness of the features for its users, especially for business people and working professionals. The much-awaited feature is ready for all Airtel prepaid and postpaid users. 

Whether you have an iOS or Android device, it is super simple to activate the Airtel smart miss called alert feature within a few minutes. 

Note: In India, many people are still using keypad phones for some reason. Unfortunately, they won’t get the feature because it will work on the Airtel Thanks application. It would be great if the telecom company has some plans to offer this feature for all phones, whether or not the Airtel Thanks application is installed on them. 

If you have already downloaded the Airtel Thanks App, follow the steps. Otherwise, download the application from the following links:

Download Airtel Thanks For Android

Download Airtel Thanks For iOS

  • First thing first, open the Airtel Thanks app on your mobile. I suggest you update the application to get all its recent features. 
  • Register your Airtel mobile number on the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Sign in to your account. As you sign in, you will see the homepage dashboard of Airtel Thanks.
  • In the middle of the homepage, you will find a missed call alert option. Click on the missed call alert option.
  • You will see all missed calls made while your phone was in flight mode or switched off on the next page.

Airtel Missed Call Alerts FAQ:

1. Is Airtel Smart Miss Called Alert Free to Use?

The Airtel smart miss call alert feature is free for all Airtel users, whether they have prepaid or postpaid plans. A small active plan is enough to get the benefit of the feature.

2. How Can I activate the miss call alert on Airtel?

Download the Airtel Thanks app, and register there. Click on the missed call alert option to get all missed call lists.

Final Words:

Airtel is working hard to provide all the necessary updates to their customers. Airtel Smart missed call alert is one of the much-needed features which you can implement directly through the official app. 

Signing off; I hope you like the information. Share it with your friend who is using Airtel. They might find it even more helpful.

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