Airtel’s New Prepaid Tariff Plans December 2022

Bharti Airtel, one of the biggest telecom operator companies in India, recently announced that they will increase the prices of its prepaid plans for various plans (like voice plans, unlimited data plans, data add-on plans, etc). Depending on the type of plan, the newly hiked tariff plans for prepaid users could see an increase between 20% and 25%. The new changes in the tariff plans will be applicable from November 26, 2021. By the way, recently VI and Jio also hiked their tariff plans. Check out the VI New Tariff Plans and Jio New Tariff Plans.

The cheapest tariff plan of Airtel, which is priced at Rs.79 presently, is set to be about 25% costlier, and Airtel’s users have to pay Rs.99 for the same plan from 26 November onwards. According to Bharti Airtel, they’ve said that the prepaid tariff plans rates have been increased to provide an appropriate return on their capital.

Revising the tariff rates is the primary step to make sure that the mobile Average Revenue per Unit (ARPU) remains between Rs. 200 to 300 to ensure a financially stable business model. Presently, Airtel has the highest ARPU (Average Revenue per Unit) among all the telecom operators in India. It recorded an ARPU of Rs. 153 in the 2nd quarter of the financial year 2022. While Reliance Jio and Vi (Vodafone-Idea) recorded the ARPUs of Rs. 143.6 and Rs. 109 respectively.

Airtel’s New Prepaid Tariff Plans

In our earlier post, we talked about the latest VI Prepaid Tariff Plans and Jio Prepaid Tariff Plans. In today’s post, we will be looking at the latest Bharati Airtel Prepaid tariff plans, which are going to be effective from 26th November 2021. Here’s an overview:

New Prepaid Voice Plans of Airtel:

Currently, the basic voice prepaid plans of Rs.79 give you a Talktime of Rs. 64 along with 200 MB data with 28 days validity. But, from 26 November onwards, the price of the basic plan will be increased from Rs. 79 to Rs. 99 with the same validity of 28 days. Along with the base plan, Airtel has also increased the additional benefits of the base plan for the users like in the voice plan of Rs.99; you’ll get 50% more Talktime with a voice tariff of 1p/sec and 200 MB additional data.

Unlimited Voice Bundles of Airtel:

1 GB/day plans:

Presently, the Rs.219 plan provides you unlimited calling with 1 GB per day (unlimited data) and 100 SMS per day benefits with a validity of 28 days. But, from 26 November, the price of this unlimited plan will increase from Rs. 219 to Rs. 265 but it will provide the same benefits of the Rs. 219 plan to its users.

1.5 GB/day plans:

Currently, the Rs. 249 plan, Rs.399 plan, and Rs. 598 plan provides you unlimited calling with 1.5 GB per day (unlimited data) and 100 SMS per day benefits with a validity of 28 days (for Rs. 249 plan), 56 days (for Rs. 399 plan), and 84 days (for Rs. 598 plan). Now, with the change in tariff plan from 26 November, the cost of these plans will be Rs. 299 (with 28 days validity), Rs. 479 (with 56 days validity) and Rs. 719 (with 84 days validity).

2 GB/day plans:

Currently, the Rs. 298 plan, Rs. 449 plan, Rs. 698 plan and Rs. 2498 plan provides you unlimited calling with 2 GB per day (unlimited data) and 100 SMS per day benefits with a pack validity of 28 days (for Rs. 298 plan), 56 days (for Rs. 449 plan), 84 days (for Rs. 698 plan) and 365 days (for Rs. 2498 plan). Now, with the change in tariff plan from 26 November, the cost of these unlimited plans will be Rs. 359 (with 28 days validity), Rs. 549 (with 56 days validity), Rs. 839 (with 84 days validity), and Rs. 2999 (with 365 days or 1-year validity).

Airtel New Limited Data Plans:

Currently, the Rs. 149 Plan provides you unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day with 2 GB data (limited data) and the validity of this pack is 28 days. Similarly, other plans like Rs. 379 Plan and Rs. 1498 Plan also provides you unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day with 6 GB and 24 GB data respectively. Now, with the change in tariff plan from 26 November, the cost of these limited data plans will be Rs. 179 for 2 GB data plan (with 28 days validity), Rs. 455 for a 6 GB data plan (with 84 days validity) and Rs. 1799 for a 24 GB data plan (with 365 days or 1-year validity).

Airtel New Data Top-Up Plans:

The price of the Data Top-Up Plans has also been increased with other prepaid plans of Airtel. The existing data top-up plan of Rs.48 is increased to Rs. 58 where the user will get 3 GB of data. Similarly, other data top-up plans like Rs. 98 and Rs. 251 plans are also increased to Rs. 118 and Rs. 301 where the user will get 12 GB and 24 GB data. The validity of this top-up plan will be the same as your exciting pack. (like if you have an Rs.249 plan and you also recharge your account with a data top-up plan, then the validity of your top-up plan will be the same validity as your Rs. 249 plan.


Through this article, we’ve provided you with a brief detail about the new prepaid tariff plans from Airtel which will come into effect from 26th November 2021. Now, Airtel’s users have only four more days where they can recharge their Airtel number with the old tariff plan as the plans will automatically update from midnight of 25th November. Hope so this article helped you a lot and also gives a slight update about the new tariff plans.

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