How to Download iOS 16 Wallpapers for FREE?

It’s that time of year again when we all get stirred up about the new features in Apple’s iOS software. As per Apple’s confirmation, the public beta version of iOS 16 was launched in July 2022. Apple users are anxiously waiting to upgrade their iPhone from the old iOS version to the latest iOS 16 version. This year, iOS 16 offers new customization options for the lock screen, as well as other significant improvements.

Apple has introduced a new outlook with the iOS 16 update. So, people are excited about iOS 16 and also want to experience the new look by setting iOS 16 wallpapers on their iPhones. The latest version of iOS – iOS 16 also features new stock wallpapers which are available to us with better resolution and high picture quality.

The iOS 16 default wallpapers come as a single version, so there is no distinctive image for the Light and Dark modes. You can easily download iOS 16 Wallpapers for your device in high-quality resolution. Therefore, in this article, we’ve provided some new iOS 16 wallpapers for you to download for any of the existing devices, be it an Android Smartphone or a PC System with Windows OS. But before downloading the wallpapers, let’s get a brief overview of iOS 16.


Brief Overview of iOS 16 Update:

Apple WWDC 2022 event was held online on June 6th, 2022 where Apple announced the launch of iOS 16 along with the previews of iPad OS16 and Mac OS Ventura. iOS 16 comes with a remarkable upgrade over iOS 15. The main and highly anticipated feature in iOS 16 is the lock screen customization feature. The lock screen has now support for third-party widgets and the notification cards are placed at the bottom side and will appear in newly customized animations.

Furthermore, users can also customize the lock screen easily where they can change the text font, focus mode, lock screen wallpaper, and much more. Other important features of iOS 16 include edit/undo messages, live text modification, Apple Pay Later feature, emoji dictation, etc.  Anyone with a developer account can now install the beta version of iOS 16.  The public beta version of iOS 16 is expected to release in July. And speaking of its public release on the iPhone models, it will be available to iPhone users this fall (mainly September-October). Now, let’s check out the wallpapers that come with iOS 16.

About iOS 16 Wallpapers:

With each iOS release, Apple adds some fresh and amazing wallpaper to the iPhone and the recently announced iOS 16 is almost identical to its previous iOS versions but still, it is quite different in terms of its features. The complete access to the fully-featured iOS 16 will be available to the public in September or October, although, you can feel the essence of the upcoming iOS 16 by applying its wallpapers on your Smartphone.

Apple bundles its latest iPhone OS (Operating System) with two new wallpapers which are available in two options – Dark and Light options. The new wallpapers are now available to the users in 1560 X 3376 and 3208 X 3208 pixels resolution, so you don’t have to bother about the image quality of the wallpapers. iOS 16 wallpapers look amazing if you’re looking for a new background wallpaper for your iPhone.

How to download the iOS 16 Wallpapers? 

To download the iOS 16 Wallpapers, we’ve shared a link to an amazing website known as where you can download the high-quality iOS wallpapers from their Google Drive folders. Their collection of iOS wallpapers contains the original Stock wallpapers of iOS 16, Astronomy Wallpapers, Stripe Wallpapers, Pride Wallpapers, Bokeh Wallpapers, Unity Wallpapers, and Weather Wallpapers along with some promotional wallpapers from the WWDC Event 2022.

You can also download the wallpapers through their official Telegram Channel (YTECHB) where you can get all the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Wallpapers.

Once the wallpapers are downloaded on your device, open your File Manager app and head over to the Downloads folder, and pick your favorite wallpaper which you want to set on Smartphone’s lock screen or home screen, or even both. That’s it, through these simple steps, you can easily download and apply the iOS 16 Wallpapers instantly on your Smartphone.

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