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Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of Airtel Black, a new service plan for Airtel consumers who want to combine the services like Postpaid, DTH (Direct-to-home) service, and Fibre connections into a single service with the help of a single plan rate. To be a part of the Airtel Black Service, a customer requires bundling of two or more Airtel services together. It has already publicized an exclusive Airtel Black microsite, which displays four Airtel Black plans ranging from Rs.998 and going up to Rs. 2,099. It coincides with Airtel One’s service which also provides some sort of the same service to the users.

The telecom operator has also designed a microsite for the Airtel Black service, and it provides customers various other features like an exclusive Customer Care number for your queries and issues, free service visits, zero switching and installation costs, and much more. The Airtel Black plan will permit its customers a simplified bill for several services provided by Airtel, which comprises Airtel Xstream Fiber (or Broadband) service, Airtel DTH service, and the Airtel Mobile services.

Features of Airtel Black Plan:

airtel black plan


  • With Airtel Black plan, the telecom company intends to grow its consumer base and provide an exclusive user experience to its consumers willing to pay extra for the additional convenience in the telecom services.
  • The telecom company plans to provide features such as a centralized help center for multiple Airtel services, an exclusive Relationship Managers team, quick solutions to various queries and issues, and free service visits.
  • It also intends to assimilate or absorb all the charges for users who intend to interchange from a different telecom service provider to Airtel and won’t charge any type of service charges or installation charges.
  • Along with it, consumers will obtain an Airtel Xstream Box free of cost, with a refundable security charge of Rs. 1500.
  • Within 60 seconds of dialing, the Airtel user can talk to the Customer Care Agent and can resolve their queries in an instant.
  • All the service visits through the Airtel Black plan will be done on a first-come, first-served basis and will be completely free of charge.
  • Airtel Black provides a simple facility where the consumers have full choice to select their suitable plans for each service. The user can wrap or bundle all these services together for easy billing.

Airtel Black Plans for the users:

Airtel’s consumers either can select from the given plans or can also even customize their plan as per their preference which will cost accordingly. At present, there are generally four basic plans under the new Airtel Black service which are ranged from Rs. 998 per month to Rs. 2,099 per month. Let’s discuss all these plans one by one –

₹998 plan of Airtel Black:

The Rs. 998 plan of the Airtel Black service is the cheapest and most basic plan for Airtel’s consumers. The plan permits consumers to merge the postpaid and the DTH Services in a single connection. Airtel’s users can merge two postpaid connections and one DTH connection with this basic plan.

₹1349 plan of Airtel Black:

The next plan in the Airtel Black service is the Rs. 1,349 plan which is quite similar to the Rs. 998 plan. However, in this plan, Airtel’s users can add up to three mobile postpaid connections along with a single DTH connection with this basic plan.

₹1598 plan of Airtel Black:

The third plan is somewhat different from than other two plans. The third plan of the Airtel Black is a Fiber + Mobile package. In this plan, Airtel’s users can combine two Airtel postpaid connections and one Airtel Xstream Fiber (or Broadband) connection in a single connection in just Rs. 1,598.

₹2099 plan of Airtel Black (All-in-one plan):

The Rs. 2,099 plan of Airtel Black is the all-in-one plan as this plan provides all the Airtel services in a single plan. Yet, it’s a little bit expensive but still, it provides all the telecom services in a single package therefore, it’s an effective plan in the Airtel Black service. In this plan, Airtel’s users can combine three postpaid connections, one Airtel Xstream Fiber (or Broadband) connection, and one Airtel Digital TV (DTH) Connection. As this plan comprises all the services in one single pack, therefore it is also called an All-in-One plan.

How to Apply for Airtel Black Service

  • To get Airtel Black services, download the Airtel Thanks app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading the app, get an Airtel Black plan or make your own Airtel Black plan by combining your existing services like postpaid connections, broadband connection, and DTH connection.
  • Give a missed call on 8826655555 and an Airtel Executive Agent will contact you back to upgrade your number to Airtel Black. 
  • You can also upgrade your number to Airtel Black by visiting your nearest Airtel Store. They’ll process your request and after few days, your number will be upgraded to Airtel Black.
  • You can also apply for Airtel Black from Airtel Black Website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this plan work for Airtel’s prepaid users? 

This plan is suitable only for Postpaid Connections. But, you can upgrade your Airtel’s prepaid number to a postpaid number easily with the help of the Airtel Thanks application and when your Airtel number is upgraded to a postpaid connection, and then you’re eligible for this plan.

Q: Can I add non-Airtel numbers (prepaid and postpaid) under the Airtel Black plan? 

This facility is only available to Airtel Postpaid connections only. To avail of the exclusive features and benefits of the Airtel Black plan, upgrade your non-Airtel mobile connection to Airtel Postpaid Connection.

Q: How can I sign up for Airtel Black Plan? 

The Airtel Black Plan is easily available for signup on multiple digital platforms of Airtel like the Airtel Thanks app and the Airtel WebsiteYou can also visit your nearest Airtel Store in your city to upgrade your Airtel number with this plan.


So, through these steps, you can also apply your number to Airtel Black service. This service can be beneficial to those users who don’t want to pay the bill for each telecom service like DTH Connection, Broadband Connection, and Mobile Connection. You don’t have to bother about paying bills for each service. It also provides various benefits like dedicated customer support, free service visits, zero switching & installation charges, etc.

That’s all about Airtel Black plan. Thank you for reading. Let us know in the comments below in case you have further doubts. I will be happy to help.

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