Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals August 2020

Buying a domain name is the first step towards starting a blog or a website. And for those who are beginning their first site, this becomes their first investment towards the brand, even before it is created.

I get a lot of queries regarding where to buy domain names, which is the best registrar, which registrar provides the best features and security etc. While interacting with people, I get surprised that people buy domain names paying 3-4 bucks more than the usual rates.

Also, many don’t keep track of it. Hence I decided to create a page where I can add up the best deals on domain names.

First things first, if you google about domain discounts, you will find a lot of leads. How is this page different?

Well, I won’t be listing all deals. You will only get curated cheapest deals.

This post is updated with the latest deals on new domain name registrations, domain renewals, and domain transfer deals. I will periodically update this page as soon as I find new deals. You can bookmark this page so that you can visit them later on.

Here’s an overview of the deals listed here.

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Yahoo Offer: 1 Year .com Domain Registration & Website for FREE

Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals

Unbelievable Deal: Get 1-Year .com Domain for Free.

If you are looking for registering a domain name right now in August 2020, this is the best deal to grab. You will get a FREE .com Domain, with 5 Free Work Emails, and a Website (basic website) for Free. Yes, you heard that right. You won’t be charged at all!

Don’t believe me? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, Yahoo Small Business is offering this huge deal where you can sign up to get a free domain name, free website, and up to 5 work email addresses. You can enjoy your benefits up to 1 year for free before you will be charged.

Just visit the link given below, and sign up! You will be asked your business name and category. Choose any category that closely matches your brand.

Remember, you still need a credit card or a PayPal account with a linked credit card to check out. Although you won’t be charged now, don’t forget to transfer your domain away to some other registrar before the renewal date to avoid renewal charges, and you are good to go!

Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals

I personally like this offer because after the domain registration is successful you can choose to use your domain with other hosting providers by changing your nameservers! So, you don’t need to use their website offer if you are not interested!

Check out Yahoo offer below!

Yahoo Free .com Domain

Note: I recommend Cloudflare Domain Transfer, as it is the cheapest. Scroll below to know more about the Cloudflare Domain Transfer offer.

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Dynadot: .co Registrations at 1.85$:


Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals

Dynadot runs monthly promotions (that changes month to month), which will allow you to grab a domain name real cheap. Earlier it provided .com domain registrations at 5.99$. But that offer is expired now. For August 2020, it is providing .co domains at dirt cheap rates.

At the time of updating this post (August 2020), Dynadot is offering new .co Domain Registrations at 1.85$. There is no coupon required at all for the Domain Registration. Just follow the link below and proceed normally.

With your domain name, you will get a free 1-Page Website Builder, which is useful for landing pages. Free Whois Privacy for your domain is also included with it. Check it out below.


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Godaddy Offer: .com Domain Registrations at 0.9$

UPDATE August 2020: The validity of this offer isn’t verified as of August 2020. If you try this method and it does not work, do let us know in the comments below, so that we will update. 🙂

This method is for new registrations on Godaddy only. You will get a new domain name at just 22 CZK (which is equivalent to 0.9$ or Rs70). CZK stands for Czech Koruna, which is the official currency of the Czech Republic.

Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals

As you have probably guessed, this offer is only applicable to transactions made using the Czech currency. But don’t worry, if you have an international card that you use to purchase using USD or INR, you will be able to use that card here too. Here’s the step by step guide to grab it.

  1. Visit By default, this link resolves to the localized country page on Godaddy. If you are located in a country other than the Czech Republic, just go to the bottom of the page, You can choose your country and currency from a dropdown there. Choose the country as USA and currency as CZK and refresh the page.
  2. Search for your desired dot com domain name, and add to cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout. Remove all add-ons added by Godaddy by default, such as Domain Privacy or Emails.
  4. In the cart, make sure your domain is selected for the 1-year duration only. If not, change it to 1 year.
  5. Now, apply the promo code coupon: ESDOMEUR1. This will reduce your total price to Kč31.37 (Kč22 domain cost and Kč9.37 taxes and fees).

Create your Godaddy account and complete your purchase.

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NameSilo: .com Domain Registrations at 7.99$

Cheapest Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Deals

Namesilo is one of the cheapest and secure domain registrars around, especially if you need to register a new domain. They offer complete domain privacy with whois protection, and also supports custom whois records, for free of cost.

Other free features include email forwarding, complete DNS Management, and a domain defender protection, which adds a second layer over your domains. It prevents others from gaining access to your domains by blocking outward domain transfers.

Last but not least, it supports two-step verification via Authenticator apps. Your account will be fully secured.

Our Offer: Get an additional 1$ off using our exclusive discount coupon: hitricks.

Using this coupon, get the following rates at top TLDs:

  • .com at 7.99$ (renewals at 8.99$)
  • .net at 10.79$ (renewals at 11.79$)
  • .org at 7.88$ (renewals at 8.88$)
  • .info at 2.99$ (renewals at 13.99$)

There are more TLDs, and you can check it out below. Also, you can save more by buying domains in bulk. Check it out below.


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Cloudflare: .com Domain Transfer and Renewals at 8.03$

Cheapest Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Deals

Cloudflare is a relatively newer entrant into Domains. We all know Cloudflare for their great free CDN service. I have always recommended them for improving your webpage speed and loading your website under 3 seconds. Now, with the Cloudflare Registrar, you can manage your domain from their dashboard itself.

Please note that as of now, Cloudflare offers only Domain Transfers. That means, you need to have an active domain registered with a 3rd party registrar, that you can transfer to Cloudflare at the cheapest rates in the industry.

Cloudflare charges you 0$ for managing the domains, and offers you the wholesale domain rates. So, you won’t get cheaper deals anywhere else. Below are the rates for the popular TLDs:

  • .com at 8.03$ (renewals at the same rate)
  • .net at 9.95$ (renewals at the same rate)
  • .info at 11.02$ (renewals at the same rate)
  • .org at 10.11$ (renewals at the same rate)

As of now, you cannot directly register a new domain from Cloudflare. So, if you are planning to get a new domain, you can check out NameSilo. Once you have registered there for the first year, you may switch to Cloudflare from the second year onwards and renew your domains.

Similar to Namesilo, you will get complete domain privacy with Whois protection and manage DNS. Additionally, Cloudflare will help you with free SSLs. Check it out below.


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Porkbun: .com Registrations at 4.15$


Cheapest Domain Registration & Transfer Deals

Porkbun offers .com offers domain registrations at just 4.15$, making it the cheapest one in the bunch. And you don’t need to register for additional years to get this discount. You can avail it even if you register for just one year.

So, go ahead and grab the Porkbun deal while it lasts.

Remember, it will renew at 8.56$, so don’t forget to transfer your domain to Cloudflare after a few months to enjoy deep discounts.

Here are Porkbun Rates for the top TLDs:

  • .com at 4.15$ (renewals at 8.56$)
  • .net at 3.9$ (renewals at 10.54$)
  • .org at 7.62$ (renewals at 10.7$)

Whois Privacy and SSL Certificate are included with every domain purchase. You will also get a free web hosting trial account. You may choose not to take the trial if you don’t need it.

Check it out below.


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Dreamhost: .com Registration at 7.99$

Cheapest Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Deals

This is going to be my final suggestion for now. I added this only because Dreamhost is in business for almost 25 years now, and millions of businesses trust their popular WordPress Hosting known as DreamPress. And they have one of the leading customer support systems. So, you may want to grab a domain name along with their web hosting.

Currently, Dreamhost is offering new .com registrations at 7.99$ for the first year. It also includes free domain privacy.

The rates of popular TLDs are:

  • .com at 7.99$ (renewals at 15.99$)
  • .net at 10.99$ (renewals at 14.95$)
  • .org at 13.95$ (renewals at 15.99$)
  • .info at 13.95$ (renewals at 14.95$)

Check them out below.


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Last Words:

Well, these are the hottest deals on domain name registrations, domain transfers, and domain renewals. I hope you found this post useful, and I am confident that this has helped you save some bucks.

HiTricks is currently registered on Cloudflare. It was initially on Namesilo, but I switched to Cloudflare once they launched their registry. I would recommend you to Namesilo if you want to buy a new domain and don’t want the hassle of switching registrars. Their renewals are at the same rates, so you don’t need to worry.

If you know any other offers on domains, let me know in the comments section below. I will add it quickly. It will help the entire community. Also, if you have any further queries, don’t forget to write down.

If you like reading our posts at HiTricks, please spread the word by sharing this post with your friends. Use the social share buttons below. Influencers like you help to grow this site.

Thank You for reading until the end. I will be back again with another exciting update. Till then, stay tuned!


Nirmal Sarkar is an M.Tech Engineering Student from the city of Joy, Kolkata. He is the founder of this blog and covers a wide range of topics from Gadgets to Software to Latest Offers. He is also active on the Blogosphere community on Facebook. You can get in touch with him via

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