The Money in Words: Practical Tips on How to Become a Good Content Writer

Writing does not guarantee good content, and having a good idea translated into writing does not make you a good content writer. Like in any other job, in blogging, you must do good to deliver a good outcome. But above all, you need to have the edge over everyone if you want to excel in the industry. Here are some tips to become a good and reliable content writer.

You must pay attention to every aspect that will make you produce good content. The first key is striving to become a good content writer by educating yourself with the right tools. Here are some practical tips to become a good content writer. They are simple and easy to learn. Here’s an overview:

Preparing Your Tools

Every profession needs a set of tools to do their job properly. Although some tasks can be done without using such utilities, using tools like character count, can lead to a faster and more efficient production of high-quality products. With that said, being a content writer means that you have to produce content. 

With any business, it’s the products and services that make money. Without it, a business can’t survive. So what are the tools a content writer should have? Before delving into such tools, a content writer should have basic SEO knowledge. SEO or search engine optimization is a process that allows websites to rank higher on the search results page legitimately.

SEO has several guidelines that a content writer must follow to get an article or content published online. Following these guidelines are where tools come in handy. For example, in SEO, there’s a limit to how many characters a title should have. For that purpose, a content writer can use a tool that monitors character count. 

Aside from that, articles that are fit for publishing should also be plagiarism-free and 100% original. For that, a writer should have plagiarism checking tools such as Copyscape. Besides being authentic, articles should also have near-perfect grammar, requiring the writer to use a grammar checker such as Grammarly to edit a raw article.

Making It a Profession

Believe it or not, one of the best professions out there is a content writer. Even before the pandemic, most content writers average $50 or more per 1000+ word articles. As you can see, content writing can be a lucrative job. With the pandemic on a full scale, content writing is becoming more noticed as it employs those staying at home. 

If you want to be a good content writer, making it your profession allows you to hone your skills even better. Of course, no one would ever pay $50 for a poorly written article. Having something to look forward to enables development and the necessary improvement you need to produce high-quality articles.

Having Basic SEO Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, the world of online content writing adheres to a specific set of guidelines within SEO’s scope. Websites often pay for SEO services for better visibility. Of course, one of the most visible things you can see on a website is the content. Content produced by skilled content writers should not only enable a website to rank high in searches, but also fulfill the basic need to answer or inform a query from a reader. 

Standard guidelines in SEO involve articles following a set format, 100% originality, and good grammar. Formats are there to make readers stay and read content more. It won’t matter if the content is interesting but hard to read. It’s the task of the writer to follow those formats and make readers stay.

Originality and grammar are also crucial requirements that writers should strictly follow. Failure to do so will result in significant setbacks that are hard to come back from. For example, Google penalizes websites that use plagiarized work by ranking them significantly lower. For bigger penalties, Google can outright ban that website from even appearing on the search results page.

Acquire the Skill

Your skill will define your content. A skill is a mastery of complexity, and it will enable you to use your knowledge effectively. Like in any other job, your skill is always at the forefront to deliver an effective output. These are some of the basic skills that you need: 

  1. Adaptability – It is your ability to adjust. Be ready to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of your craft. Gain that proactive attitude to always embrace new things and learning. Do not be comfortable with what has become easy to do because complacency is not a good thing in writing.
  2. Communication – Provide useful, relevant, yet engaging content to your audience. Your message or information should be transferred to your readers. It would help if you talked to them, not to yourself.
  3. Writing – Learn the basics of writing and refresh your knowledge from school. It’s a good foundation that you can start with. And bring that passion for and get relevant writing skills.

Learn From the Experts

Everything is not taught in formal schooling. Read books and do some research. Get to know and follow the experts in the field by learning their styles and attitudes in writing. You can also connect to your friends who are into content writing. Be creative enough to expand your knowledge and gain learning. 

Although following experts are fine, I would advise you not to join any paid blogging or content writing courses. The internet has enough to offer, and only those who seek can find the gold. No matter how much you pay, nobody is going to spoonfeed you any overnight success mantra.

Practice Makes Perfect

Apply what you have learned. It is very important to translate your learning into output. Use the ideas or the principles you learned by incorporating them into your writing. Just start with small steps and do it regularly to develop efficiency.

Also, regular practice will keep you away from writer’s block, something many content writers suffer from occasionally. Just remember to write something every day, maybe just 300-400 words if not more. But keep practicing.

Gain Confidence

Trust yourself and your abilities. Try to make ways to gain an advantage and develop your confidence. Be certain about your craft and impress your readers with your abilities.  Once you get your confidence, it will give you a morale boost in crafting the perfect piece of content that you have always wanted.

As soon as you finish your work, pat yourself for your creation. It may seem very less, but over time your writings are going to pile up and build your portfolio. You would have earned it for your hard work.

Last Words:

Now that the pandemic is in full swing, a lot of people are left jobless. Thankfully, the internet has tons of jobs available, all ready for eager applicants. One of these available jobs is being a content writer. A content writer is tasked to produce original and high-quality content for a website to drive in more sales and possibly open up to newer markets.

Although being a content writer is difficult, it certainly isn’t impossible to become one. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you in becoming an earning and reliable content writer.

Thank you for reading until the end. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will be happy to help. If you are a tech freak, don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for the latest tech updates. I will be back soon with another interesting content. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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