How is Is it Good for Bloggers? is a popular AI-driven paraphrasing tool that you can find on the Internet nowadays. Like all the other paraphrasing tools, it works to rephrase the provided content and improve its flow and clarity.

In this review, we will look at the performance and features this tool offers. Let’s start with the AI-based working of this tool and why it stands out in the first place.

The AI-Based Working of

You can find two main types of paraphrasing tools on the Internet nowadays. One is AI-based, and the others are simple non-AI ones.

The main problem with the simple, non-AI tools is that they don’t consider the original text’s context. When they start making the changes, they use just random synonyms to replace the actual words, which disturbs the meaning of the content itself.

On the other hand, when tools utilize AI, they can understand the content and comprehend the meaning. Thanks to this, the changes they make align with the original meaning, and there is a much lesser (if any) need for post-process editing. is in the latter category. It utilizes various AI models and technologies that allow it to analyze the given text and then rephrase it. Among the different models that this tool uses, these are some of the commonly known ones:

  • NLP
  • GPT
  • Machine learning

The Performance Quality of

Words are one thing. We’ve described the working of the tool above, but that does not really give an idea of how well it works. Let’s take a look at the performance of this tool in action:

How is Is it Good for Bloggers?

This is a small piece of sample text, and we have used the “Creative” mode in particular here. (We will talk about the modes in detail later on.)

In the output, you can see that there are many changes to begin with. And along with being multifarious, they are accurate and on-point. The changes are not problematic and don’t require changing or editing.

In many places, the changes made are improving the overall text. For example, the passage above starts with “the greatest strategy,” which sounds wordy and exaggerated. But when the tool paraphrased that exact phrase, it used the words “one smart approach.” This selection of words is more balanced and natural.

What are Some of the Good Features of

We are done with the introduction and the performance testing. Let’s look at some of the good features this tool provides – making it a good choice for bloggers.

Sleek and user-friendly interface:

The importance of having a good interface must be addressed in online tools. If the interface of a tool is user-friendly and aesthetic, it can get way more traffic and exposure than another tool with a better working but clunky appearance.

With regards to this, Paraphrase-Online is an exceptional tool. The interface is neat and sleek. All the options and features you need to access are presented simply around the tool.

This can be appreciated more when compared to other online platforms where the input fields are barely visible under the barrage of ads. The menus are hard to find and even harder to navigate.

You won’t have to worry about these tools when you are using Paraphrase-Online. Even though you have to deal with ads if you are not a premium user, they are not overly obstructive.

Outstanding AI-assisted performance:

This is a reiteration of what we’ve mentioned above as well. But that doesn’t make anything less impressive. has an AI-assisted working mechanism. As explained above, including AI in the tool’s work means its results are innovative and intelligently crafted. There are no significant issues that you have to worry about resolving – as is evident from the demonstrations that we gave above.

Multiple modes to pick from:

Although providing multiple modes and paraphrasing styles is something that many tools are doing nowadays, it is still a good feature that deserves a mention.

When it comes to, there are a total of five different modes that you can pick from. As a free user, you can only access the basic two, whereas the other three advanced ones are unlocked upon a planned purchase.

Here is what the modes look like in the tool’s interface:

How is Is it Good for Bloggers?

Since we want to give an honest opinion about this tool, it’s worth mentioning that the basic modes are not that impressive or mind-blowing in their paraphrasing ability. The “Word Changer,” in particular, can be a bit unreliable. It can replace some of the original words with nonsensical synonyms and spoil the meaning of the entire text.

But, speaking about the modes as a whole, the availability of this much choice is impressive since it lets you be more selective about how you want the paraphrased text to come out.

Useful miscellaneous features:

Other than the main stuff, i.e., the modes and performance, another thing that makes an excellent tool is its variety of miscellaneous features.

For example,

  • You can toggle between light and dark modes to suit your user preference. You can use the dark mode if you are working in a not-so-bright setting so your eyes don’t get bothered.
  • When you enter the text, a helpful word count indicator gives you the exact number of words you’ve put in. This can be helpful when you want to ensure you’ve fetched the correct file and input the right text.

Features like this make the overall user experience smooth and convenient.

Pricing details for

Using is not that fun if you don’t buy one of the paid plans and become a premium member. The plans themselves are affordable and reasonably priced. Here is how the details are provided on the pricing page:

How is Is it Good for Bloggers?


Final Thoughts: Is a Good Tool for Bloggers?

Yes, is a good tool for bloggers. Thanks to its smart AI algorithms, it can help them with their paraphrasing needs.

However, if you are a blogger and want to use this tool effectively, we strongly recommend using the paid version. The modes in the paid version are far better than those available for free.

Besides that, the tool is also great to use, thanks to its many other additional features.

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