GUIDE: How to Apply for Uni 1/3 Credit Card?

Want to apply for the UNI 1/3 Credit Card? You are at the right place. In today’s post, we will look at the UNI 1/3 Credit Card features and how you can apply for the same.

The Indian credit card industry seems to be stuck. Reports unfold that the Indian credit card industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 25% in 2020-2025 due to an increase in the popularity of credit cards for purchasing all kinds of products. This trend of buy now pay later has touched heights.

Currently, in the Indian market, there are between 30-55 million people that have at least one credit card, with a total circulation being 58 million. Now, if we compare this to 1 billion debit cards in circulation, it’s understandable that many sections of society are not issued credit cards.

uni card

One major reason why a majority of the population is ruled out from the credit card facility is that they don’t have a credit score. Not as many people have a credit score and, those who have a less credit score, it’s probably because Indian banks still rely on traditional methodologies to define someone’s creditworthiness. For instance, many banks issue credit cards only to those people who are engaged in full-time employment with a list of reputed companies that have a place in the spreadsheets banks have to maintain.

Are you also one of those people who can’t avail of the credit facility provided by banks? If yes, then take no stress because of a revolutionary change brought in by Nitin Gupta in the Indian credit card system with the UNI Cards.

In today’s post, we will look at the Uni 1/3 Credit card and its features, eligibility criteria, and how you can apply for this card. Here’s an overview:

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Why Uni 1/3 Credit Card Is Good For You?

uni card

Nitin Gupta, with the help of his new start-up Uni is all set to address issues in the current Indian credit system. Also, he is the sole person positioned to do so with his start-up Uni. He acknowledged that digital payments are grown exponentially in recent years, but on the other hand, the credit card business is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of a diverse set of population. In response to the same, he sees that this is an opportunity to expand the market with new initiatives in the coming 5 years.

Let’s have a look at how the founder of the Uni aims to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian credit system.

Uni has introduced India’s first Pay 1/3rd Card, powered by a VISA Platinum payment processor. It is especially helpful for those individuals who face the problems of on-time/full payment. The 1/3 Uni credit card lets you pay the amount in three installments with no extra added cost. Not only this, the newly introduced 1/3 Uni credit card is acceptable almost 99% across the country. This feature makes it all the more interesting. Yes, you heard it right, now you can spend anywhere, anytime, and in three installments with just the swipe of your Uni card.

Benefits Of The Newly Launched Uni 1/3 Credit Card:

There are a plethora of benefits that magnets people all across the nation to this card. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Pay only 1/3rd at a time: The Uni card divides your total pay into three parts with no extra added costs. For example, a total of 15,000 INR is sectioned into 3 payments of 5000 INR for the next three months.
  2. 1% reward on one-time/full payment: If you feel like paying the whole amount all at once post 30 days free credit, the Uni card gives you the chance of enjoying 1% rewards.
  3. Easy conversion of EMI plans: If 3 months isn’t sufficient for your pocket to shell out. Then you select longer EMI plans (6,9,12,18 months) to make the full payments. This helps you take all the needs you need without any financial burdens.
  4. Transparency: Nothing is hidden from the customers. You can now get 100% of your money back in case a charge is applied without your knowledge.
  5. Easy controls: The card controls are a cinch to manage. You can easily check all your transactions and set limits accordingly.
  6. Bill reminders: You get multiple reminders before all your installments.
  7. One-click card lock: In situations of emergency lock your card instantly via the Uni app. This can help you avoid fraudulent activities.
  8. All-time customer support: Uni Cards provide 24×7 round-the-clock support. You can reach the expert team via WhatsApp, e-mail, and phone calls.

Eligibility Criteria For Uni 1/3 Card:

Want to get access to your 1/3 Uni card? Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • You must be an Indian resident.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

That’s all. If you fulfill these above two criteria you can easily apply for your UNI Cards.

With that being said, if you already have a credit card and a good credit score, you can get a better credit limit for UNI 1/3 Card. UNI card will do a soft inquiry on your credit profile to determine eligibility, and it won’t impact your credit score.

How To Apply For Uni 1/3 Credit Card:

1. First of all Download The Uni 1/3 Card app or visit the website.

2. Now click on Get Started button and enter the required details.


Uni card get started3. Now Enter your mobile number which is already linked to your Aadhar number.

GUIDE: How to Apply for Uni 1/3 Card?


4. After successful mobile verification you will see a screen like below. Now click on the check eligibility button to proceed.

uni card check eligibility5. Now enter PAN card details such as PAN number, Full Name, DOB, and click on the Arrow button.

uni card verify pan card6. On the next screen select your Gender and click on the continue button.

uni card select gender7. Now select your employment type and click on the Check Eligibility Now button.

uni card select employment type

8. Here you will see your credit score along with your credit limit.

uni card cibil score9. Now complete your KYC by clicking the Start KYC Button. Your KYC will be completed in the 3 steps.

10. Before completing your KYC make sure to take out your aadhar card and the mobile number registered with your aadhar card.

uni card verify aadhar number

11. Now set up a 4 digit pin to secure your Aadhaar data. Click on the arrow button after creating 4 digit password.

setup aadhar secure pin12. Now completing your KYC by clicking a selfie.

uni card complete KYC13. In the Last step enter the address where you want to receive your card. (Make sure to enter metro cities addresses because they are not accepting applications for smaller cities).

uni card enter address14. Now fill in your card delivery address and click on the submit KYC button.

uni card submit KYC

15. Hurrah! You have successfully completed your KYC on Uni 1/3 Card.

16. After submitting your KYC details it will show your eligibility and card limit.

Note: In my case, I haven’t received an email from Uni for beta signup. I will update this post with the full procedure once I receive any update from Uni cards.

Frequently Asked Question:

How many days it’ll take to receive the physical card?

In my case, I received my card 3 days after getting approval.

Can we use Uni 1/3 Credit Card to add money on digital wallets such as Paytm Wallet, Amazon Pay, etc?

No, you can’t. Currently, the Uni card doesn’t allow you to add money to Paytm wallet or amazon pay wallet. I talked with the Uni customer care for the same and they said that this facility may get enabled in the future but right now you can’t.

Where can we use the Uni 1/3 Credit Card?

You can use the Uni card anywhere you want that supports payment through a Credit card. However, you cannot add money to any digital wallet. I tried my card on Zomato, Swiggy, Recharge via amazon using Uni Card, Swipe on Petrol pump and it worked flawlessly for me.

Is there any charges on paying 1/3 amount every month?

No there are no charges on paying 1/3 amount every month. Whatever you spend in a month will get split into 3 pieces and you just need to pay the 1/3 amount of your bill of that month for the next 3 months. Good thing is that if you pay the full amount in one shot then you’ll get 1% cashback.

Can I Use Uni 1/3 Credit Card on Cred App?

I tried adding the Uni card on the Cred app and it got added successfully. I also paid Rs 100 via the Cred app to claim cashback of the first transaction and received ₹500 (refer cashback) + ₹45 (first payment cashback) in the cred app which supposed to be used to pay the Uni Card bill. All the amount (₹100 + ₹500 + ₹45) got processed from the Cred app but the Uni card billed amount doesn’t get paid. I talked with Uni customer care for the same and they said Uni doesn’t have the facility to receive payment from any third-party app and currently you can pay the amount only through the Uni app.

I’m still finding where all that money goes then :/

What do You get In the Uni 1/3 Credit Card Parcel?

In the parcel, I received some goodies along with the Uni Card. The unboxing was so satisfying.


Things I got in the package:

  • A Mask
  • One Chocolate
  • Bag Tag
  • The Card itself

The Bottom Line:

All in all, these were the few steps to apply for the 1/3 Uni credit card. We’re sure you’d be eager to get your first Uni card because of the wondrous benefits it offers. We wrote a step-by-step guide to how to apply for Uni 1/3 credit card. Still, if you face any problems or you have any questions please ask in the comment section we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading. You can join our FinTalks Facebook Group to stay updated on financial discussions. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates.

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  1. Hi, On my device, the app is showing that the min age criteria is 23 years, how were u able to get yours at 21? I am also 21 but it’s not letting me do the same coz of the age criteria

  2. After submitting your KYC details, how much time did it take for your KYC to get verified?

  3. I applied for uni 1/3 card and after filling the complete details its still showing as ur KYC verification is pending for which i have mailed to mr. Sidharth gupta but still i havent got any reply for the complaint

  4. Reply Avatar of Lakshmi Panchumarthi
    Lakshmi Panchumarthi August 31, 2021 at 5:49 pm

    If not for digital wallet loading, can we use this card for rent pay using payTM like wallets?

    • Few days ago It works on Paytm Rent Pay but Now Paytm is not accepting Prepaid cards. However good thing is that you can use Mobikwik Rent Pay as it is accepting the card currently. Add Rs 5000 Through Mobikwik Rent pay and you will get charged around Rs 88 extra…

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