10 Ways to Boost your Blog Content Writing with Grammarly

Hope you all are doing fine. This post serves our last post on HiTricks for the year 2015 and we feel proud about it. This post has something very important to deliver.

You must be a passionate blogger and produce innovative contents for your visitors.

Well, are you 100% confident about your writing style?
What if I tell you, you are leaving out more than twenty mistakes per article you write?
Want to know where you are doing the mistakes?
Want to improve your writing style and appear professional in front of your audience?
Want to impress the world with your blog?

How about a FREE TOOL to watch all your texts as you type them and suggest suitable edits as and when needed?

Grammarly is one of the greatest productivity tools aimed at making your writing free from all sorts of grammatical errors!

Grammarly - world's best grammar checker

Here are the ways Grammarly will help you to improve your Content Writing Style:

Grammarly Live Protection as you Type:

Be it your Blogging Dashboard or your Facebook Status Box, Grammarly works everywhere.

Now type without any fears. As soon as you type anything wrong, it will highlight it there itself.

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Learn Your Mistakes in details:

Grammarly not only detects and autocorrects your mistakes but also will make you understand the root of the error.

It will show you relevant examples with the associated keyword so that you can know where you are lagging behind.

Treat Grammarly as your personal English Tutor and it will never fail you.

No More Spelling Mistakes Again:

Typos! We all do it time and again.

Well, it may seem a small thing, but in reality, it is very alarming.

Your blog’s SEO depends on the on page factors like spelling mistakes and if you keep on repeating that, you may lose your blog trust flow.

Grammarly is a smart tool to detect the correct word in case you make any mistakes. In the case of multiple probable correct options, it shows all of them.



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Click to Correct Feature to save your valuable time:

Grammarly is made in such a way so that you don’t need to devote extra time over it.

It has a click to correct feature that will automatically correct your mistakes in just one click.

You don’t need to manually correct the mistake. That’s smart, isn’t it?

Get Synonyms for any text you write:

This is an amazing feature of Grammarly that is indeed helpful as well as essential.

If you double click on any word you just typed, Grammarly will show the available synonyms for the word.

This often helps in getting relevant keywords for the topic to write.

Check for Plagiarism with the inbuilt Plagiarism Checker:

Are you fearing if your content language is already available on the internet?

With Grammarly Premium, you can scan your content for any Plagiarism.

Grammarly compares your writing with the already published contents and helps you develop a 100% unique content for your audience.


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Modify your Vocabulary and Create Uniqueness:

Grammarly Premium also gives you the opportunity to modify your writing style.

It shows you suggestions to improve your vocabulary.

Make your contents creative and interesting with this feature.

Create Your Personal Dictionary with your own words:

Now say you typed your blog name in your text, it will show error every time because this is your brand name and does not appear in English Dictionary.

Like this, there are a lot of more words which you don’t wanna correct, and use it as it is. Grammarly has the ability to save those words in your own personal dictionary.

Note that the words that get added to your personal dictionary are treated as grammatically correct words and they will not show any error.

Detects Smallest Errors even Pros Miss!

That’s right! Even Pros make grammatical mistakes unknowingly.

Grammarly will act like a shield and protect them all.

Do you think you never make mistakes?

Take the challenge. Sign up on Grammarly and see yourself.

You are bound to find at least a few areas which you did not pay any heed to.

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Make Yourself Professional to your Audience:

When you are blogging, let’s be practical. You are exhibiting your pen with thousands of other bloggers who are writing on the same category as you.

So, making yourself professional plays a major role in highlighting the differences between yours and others’ writings.

Grammarly will make sure your blog looks professional.

Not only human beings, search engine bots also gives more preference to high-quality blogs.

Finally, you can rest assured that you are under the cover. Grammarly is protecting your and your blog’s image in front of the world.

We recommend you to signup for Grammarly and use their free service at first.

You can thank us later! 🙂


That’s all. Thank you for reading our post about Grammarly Review.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Now it’s time to let your friends know about Grammarly and sign up to improve their writing style.

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