Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Want to download Stock Video Footages for your Projects for Free? Then you are in the right place. In today’s post, we will look at the best sites from where you can download royalty-free Stock Videos without burning a hole in your pocket.

The craze for Stock Videos is increasing ever since the video streaming platforms started getting popularity. More and more content creators started to join in with creative topics. As of now, there are a lot of professional stock footages that you can use for your personal as well as professional needs for free.

Well, just in case you are looking for Free Stock Images, then you should check out our earlier post, where we covered the Best Shutterstock Alternatives to Download Stock Photos for Free.

Today we will look into stock videos. I did thorough internet research to list out the best ones for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Here’s an overview.

Freepik Stock Videos:

Freepik is one of the best places to download stock images, vectors, fonts, and other design assets, and it now offers thousands of high-quality free stock videos.

Impressive collection:

No matter what you are looking for, Freepik has it all. Freepik comprises over 462k videos (+ 24k free videos) plus a large collection of premium assets.


There are four different categories and many subcategories that cover many topics: nature, people and emotions, business, background videos…

Incredible filter options:

You can filter by category, license (free and premium), resolution (720p, 1080p, 4k), video type (footage, motion graphics), and duration.

Great interface:

The UI of Freepik is modern, well-organized, and very attractive. It is fairly easy to use. Moreover, you can hover to preview the videos before downloading them.

Two types of licenses:

On Freepik, there are two different types of licenses:

  • Free: although you can use the videos for personal and commercial use, it requires attribution.
  • Premium: apart from having access to premium content, attribution is not required.

Multiple download qualities:

One of the most interesting features is that you can download a preview with a lower quality to test the videos in your projects first. In addition, you will find 4K, HD, and other download qualities.

Pexels Stock Videos:

Pexels: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

If you are searching for stock videos, then where’s better to start looking for, than Pexels itself? Pexels is a giant collector of royalty-free stock images and videos. I am using them for over three years to fetch stock images for our blog banners and social media posters. Their collection is vast and pretty solid, spread over a lot of categories. All videos listed here can be downloaded for free and used in your projects as you like it. While it is not mandatory to give attributions, it is appreciated by the creators. Check them out.

Pexels Stock Videos

Pixabay Stock Videos:

Pixabay: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Pixabay is a strong contender to Pexels and collects a lot of HD and 4K Stock Footage Clips on their website. All videos listed here are original, added by their team of contributors. So, you should hit a search for getting some more options to use in your videos. As with Pexels, all videos from Pixabay can be used for free in both personal and professional project works. But you cannot sell the original video as it is without modifying it into something unique. Giving attributions is optional and up to you. Check it out.

Pixabay Stock Videos

Coverr Stock Videos:


Coverr: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Someone asked why Coverr .com and not Cover .com. They replied because the Cover .com domain was already taken! So, Coverr it is. Coverr is more into providing stock HD & 4K video footage of landscape, cities, nature, and more outdoor video categories. They have the latest ‘Zoom Virtual Backgrounds‘ type, for masking your messed up room and use stock video footage while video conferencing with Zoom Software. Regarding licensing, its similar to Pexels and Pixabay. You don’t need to give credits, and you can use it in your commercial and non-commercial projects. Check it out.

Coverr Stock Videos

MixKit Stock Videos:

MixKit: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

You’d be surprised to know that MixKit is made by the Envato team, the giant platform that sells themes, templates, royalty-free photos, videos, music, and other digital assets. Even I was surprised to see a free stock-video platform from the video-selling giant itself. Well, they also provide Royalty-free Audio-Clips and Adobe Premiere Pro Templates for Free on MixKit. Their collection is growing day by day, and you should consider checking it out. Licensing is similar to the other ones listed above. You can freely use it for your personal as well as commercial videos.

MixKit Stock Videos

Mazwai Stock Videos:

Mazwai: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Mazwai collects professional stock footage similar to Coverr. As they say, the videos are handpicked by a group of dedicated curators. You’ll feel lucky if you look for nature-related videos here. One thing I should mention here, a lot of videos has got captions in it. Well, sometimes it helps, but sometimes it just defeats the purpose of being a stock video. Your actual video might not refer to the one mentioned in the stock footage. So, you have to be careful. However, you can always trim the video portions. Regarding licensing, there are two types of licenses. The videos that are licensed by Mazwai doesn’t need attributions. However, those having Creative Commons 3.0 License, require you to credit the original authors. Check them out.

Mazwai Stock Videos

Vidsplay Stock Videos:

Vidsplay: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Vidsplay is another original stock video platform that adds new videos every week. They have some high-quality stock footages, especially macro videos of leaves rolling, or water flowing, or wood-burning, etc. You can download the videos for free and use it for both personal as well as commercial purposes. However, you strictly need to credit the original owners and link to Vidsplay wherever you publish it. So, the licensing differs a bit, and attributions are mandatory here. Check them out.

Vidsplay Stock Videos

Dareful Stock Videos:

Dareful: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Dareful is similar to Coverr and Mazwai. They mostly focus on nature and landscapes, and all the videos are in 4K. If you are a content creator that deals with nature and wildlife, cities, and views, you should look forward to this. They come with Creative Commons 4.0 Licensing, so you need to credit the original owner no matter how you use it, similar to Vidsplay. Check them out.

Dareful Stock Videos


LifeofVids: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Ever see a website that grabs your attention right from the moment you visit? LifeofVids is one such free stock video website, and you can tell from the UI itself that they are of high quality. They are contributed by a group of professionals (who also owns the stock images website LifeofPix) and regularly updated with new stock footages. They are also quite okay with licensing without attributions, even for commercial projects. Check them out.



Mitch Martinez: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

Mitch Martinez is a Director of Photography, and some of his works got featured in films like La La Land, The Last Witch Hunter, Sin City, and more. His website contains his short movies and some stock videos, which he has made free to download and use. But make sure you fill-up the Stock Footage License Request Form against each video that you use on some public projects. You don’t need to pay money, but each video needs to have a written agreement signed by Mitch Martinez. So, you need to request it. It is an easy process and given on the website. He also owns a Youtube Channel under his name, which portrays some of his works.



BottledVideo: Top 10 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Videos

I’m sorry for keeping this in the end. I just wanted to end the post with a blast; else, this site deserves to be on the top. This site is the ‘grandchild’ of Wrightwood .com, which was founded back in 1995, that provided original, high-quality stock footages for free. Their stock footages can be found in popular movies that even won Oscar or Grammy. Their collection is super-huge, and they have a lot of categories to look forward to. You need to register an account with manual verification before you can download the videos. Check it out before we wrap up this post.


Last Words:

That’s all about Free Stock Video Sites. The ones I listed above are the best, I can assure you. I have personally curated them for you. Let me know if you have any other suggestions in mind; I will add them up.

If you have further queries, do let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help. And do share this post with your friends to help us grow. We purely rely on organic growth from people like you. Use the social share buttons below.

Thank you for staying with me till the end. We are not done yet! I will soon be writing a post on Royalty-Free Stock Music Downloads. It will be out very soon. Keep visiting HiTricks.


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