Tutorial: How to Watch 3d Videos with VLC Media Player?

Have you ever thought that your pc and lappy are even capable of showing you 3d pictures and videos? Even if you wanted to test whether you can watch 3d on any computer or not, you lacked a good 3d media player, which is efficient to play 3d and at the same time free of cost. But what if I tell you that your 3d video player is right there inside your computer beside you waiting for your orders? Don’t get shocked, yes it is true that you can play 3d videos on your computer with the help of VLC Media Player, the most popular Open Source Video Player loved by almost all windows users.

How to Download 3D Movies?

Important Warning: The Torrent links mentioned here is just for illustration, and the steps to download the torrent file, including the utorrent software, are for educational purposes only. We never recommend you to use Torrent for downloading Movies. Piracy is a crime and we don’t encourage it. Instead, purchase movies from online and offline stores. Thanks.

Before going into the tutorial, some of you may ask, from where can I download best 3D Movies? Let’s answer that. You can Buy 3D Movies from Flipkart, Amazon or other shopping websites. Well, if you need it for free that’s still available from torrent sites. I would like to mention about a free torrent site where you can get 3d version of all major English cinemas. It’s none other than Yify Movies. Visit this link to get a list of all available torrent files. Click the small 3d icon against any movie to download the torrent file [ a small file of usually 5-10kb with the file extension .torrent ] directly.

Note: You will need a torrent downloader to download the movies. Download UTorrent: Torrent Downloader from here. After downloading the small torrent file using your browser, open it to load the file on the torrent downloader which will start downloading the movie.

Note: Unlimited Broadband plans are recommended to download movies as it may be up to 2GB of data per movie.

So now you have the movie file with you. Now, let’s proceed to the main tutorial. Hope you all know about VLC Media Player and use it, those who doesn’t, well, you won’t get a better 3d player. Download it from below.

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VLC Media Player:

VLC Media player is created by VideoLAN Organization and is available as an open source software. It is capable of playing all major types of audio and video formats, including 3d, which, often users are not aware of. Another good feature is the player is ad-free and won’t irritate you with advertisements.

Download VLC Media Player: For Windows Users, Click Here to Download VLC Player.

For other users, click here to visit VideoLan Website to Download VLC Player.

Complete Step by Step Tutorial: How to Watch 3D on VLC Media Player?

You can watch 3d Movie using a VLC Media Player in just 3 Steps.

1. Play the 3D Video File Using VLC Media Player. Open the video with VLC like you do normally. You will see the screen divided into 2 parts and showing same video both on the left and the right. This confirms that the video file you downloaded is indeed a 3D Video.

2. Here comes the unknown magic. Press CTRL + E or Click Tools > Effect and Filters. A popup window will load: Adjustments and Effects.

Tutorial: How to Watch 3d Videos with VLC Media Player?


3. Now look at the picture above. Click on Video Effects Tab. Then click on Advanced Tab. Then check mark the box called Anaglyph 3D.

You are done. Now you will see the picture turning into 3D. You can now enjoy watching 3D Movies conveniently from your computer and immerse in the world of amazing effects.

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What Next?

You need a 3D Glass to watch a 3D Picture. 3D Glasses are now easily available within your budget. I purchased 3D Glasses from both Shopclues and Flipkart. Both are around Rs250. Both the glasses were strong enough, with properly attached lenses.

But Shopclues 3D Glasses were NOT FINELY CUT, it hurts the skin badly while putting it on, may also cut the skin if not handled properly. Another disadvantage is the Red Color is too reddish in the Glass, making it very uncomfortable to watch videos on 3D.

Here’s my Shopclues 3D Glass: Geek Plastic 3D Glasses Anaglyph Red- Cyan / Blue:

Check the rough edges, marked by the arrow. Does not look good.

Geek Plastic 3D Glasses Anaglyph Red- Cyan / Blue: Shopclues


The Flipkart one was nicely cut and shaped, and fits perfectly even for those who use specs. It does not hurt skin, and the red colored glass is just perfect. Hence I suggest you to try out the Flipkart 3D Glass which I bought myself.

Here’s my Flipkart 3D Glass: Real 3D NV3DG1 Video Glasses:

Watch the fine edges and the clean and stylish look.

Real 3D NV3DG1 Video Glasses: Flipkart


Buy it from here.

That’s all. Thanks for reading our article on running 3D Videos using VLC Media Player. Hope you have liked it. Let your friends know too, and enjoy movies with your friends together. Click the share buttons below to share this in one click with your Facebook Friends. Thanks in advance for spreading us out. It really helps

I will meet with you later with some other post, meanwhile you can check other related posts from below.

Featured Image Credit: Final Destination 5 3D.

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