ODownloader: Download Youtube Videos to MP4

Ever came across a video online and loved it so much that you wanted to download it?

The official YouTube app or website does not allow you to download videos offline to your device. But don’t worry. You can easily download and convert youtube to mp4 with ODownloader. You can download an entire YouTube Playlist with it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of countries around the world, and we are forced to stay at home for their safety. In these lockdown days, we are spending our time online more than ever. Be it social networking, or playing games, or reading books, or streaming movies, or watching videos, our online activities have just got a boost.

But that also put massive server stress and network congestion, which led to a drop in internet speeds in densely populated zones. I was looking for the best youtube downloading tools, and I came across ODownloader. Using this YouTube downloader, you can save all your favorite HD videos offline and view them anytime from your device.

In today’s post, we will look at ODownloader, its features, and also guide you on how to download youtube videos to mp4. Well, not only YouTube, this tool will help you to download any online videos from other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Here’s an overview of what we will discuss.

ODownloader Features:

ODownloader lets you download videos from YouTube and major social networking websites. Supported websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, or Soundcloud.

You can download YouTube videos in HD resolution with ease. The tool also provides the ability to trim a YouTube video and download only the selected part. It can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 format for all your music needs.

If you have created a playlist of your favorite music videos or perhaps something else, you can download all videos of that playlist using the “playlist downloader” as well.

Let’s check out how to use the tool.

How to Download YouTube Videos using ODownloader:

To download YouTube videos using ODownloader,  the steps are super simple.

1. Visit ODownloader.com.

2. Now copy your desired video’s URL and paste it in the space as shown as in the screenshot below. Then click on “Download.”

ODownloader - Home Page

3. ODownloader will now generate multiple links based on resolution and other preferences.

ODownloader: Download Youtube Videos to MP4

4. Click on Download Now, and the download will begin.

That’s all. Enjoy watching!

How to trim and download only the selected part of a video/audio?

ODownloader also has a pretty nifty feature, which lets you download only the selected portion of the video you desire. This is helpful, especially when the video length is too long, and you only want a trimmed part of it. To do this, the steps are pretty simple:

1. Go to the URL: https://odownloader.com/yt-videos-cutter-online-free 

2. Now copy your desired video’s URL and paste it in the space as shown as in the screenshot below, then click on “cut.”

3. You will see two red bars at the start and end of the video. Drag those bars to trim the video accordingly.

ODownloader - Trim Video

4. As you can see, you have two further options. You can extract just the audio part of the video or the trimmed video itself.

5. Proceed with your desired option and then select the resolution just like before. Click on download, and your download will begin.

How to download an entire YouTube playlist in one go?

This is also handy in case you want to download an entire YouTube Playlist: Maybe all episodes of a series, or all songs of a particular album. ODownloader comes handy for downloading youtube playlists too.

1. Go to the URL: https://odownloader.com/youtube-playlist-downloader-online-1080p-videos

2. Now copy your desired video’s URL and paste it in the space as shown as in the screenshot below. Click on Download.

ODownloader Download Full Playlist

3. All the videos in the playlist will be shown. You can download selected videos from that playlist or full playlist. Then select the resolution you want and click on download to start the downloading process.

It might take some time to download a playlist if there are a lot of videos.

ODownloader Review:

8 Total Score
Feature Rich Video Downloader

ODownloader is an online video downloader, that supports a lot of social networks. You can download a full youtube playlist with it too. They also have a chrome extension, however, it didn't function properly during my test. I recommend the online downloader only.

  • Supported sites include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Full YouTube Playlist Download Supported.
  • Supports Downloading Private YouTube Videos.
  • Crop and Trim Videos Online before Downloading.
  • Their chrome extension is buggy. It didn't function properly during our test. It kept loading indefinitely.

Last Words:

That’s all about ODownloader YouTube to Mp3 converter. I loved the Youtube playlist downloading support. You can list the videos you like together in a playlist and download them at one go.

I hope this detailed guide will help you to download your favorite online videos. If you have any further queries, do let me know in the comments section below. I will be happy to help. Also, let me know if it worked for you.

Thank You for reading. If this post helped you, do share the word with your friends. Use the social share buttons below.

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