Blogosphere: Boost your Facebook Traffic by 500% for FREE

Ever seen the Facebook Pages having millions of fan base and wondered how would it have been if you got a Page like that to share your blog updates and drive constant traffic every day?

A successful blog needs a steady flow of traffic to maintain its rank and generate income. Hence, boosting blog traffic has always been one of the most important aims for every blogger.

We know that a blogger should always target audience from the Search Engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo, which we call organic traffic. But, apart from that, a blogger should also try to boost their social signals.

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What are the Popular Social Networks to Consider?

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest are extremely helpful to boost Your blog posts at the initial level. Furthermore, networks like Reddit, Tumblr, etc. helps to increase social traffic to a more extent.

Why is Social Traffic Important?

When a new post gets published on a blog, the first thing we always do is to share them on our favourite social networks and fetch the initial traffic.

This step is crucial in determining the exposure of the posts at a later period.

Posts that are not shared properly on social networks, or we can say that posts that lag proper social signals may not get a good exposure, which in turn can reduce its chances of getting ranked.

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Facebook: Your Traffic Magnet

Among all other social networks, Facebook plays a significant role in boosting the social traffic for your blog. There are several reasons for the same:

Firstly, Facebook is the most popular website in the world just after Google. It has got an Alexa rank of 2 which makes it an essential network to rely on. Facebook has billions of users, and you should always expect some extra traffic from Facebook rather than the rest.

Secondly, Facebook is user-friendly and has notable features which make it a special one from the others.

Thirdly, No matter what, you will always have more fan base inside Facebook than you can have on Twitter or Google Plus. So sharing your blog articles on Facebook makes it easier to convert your fan base into loyal visitors to your blog. No other network can provide you the traffic you will get from Facebook.

So, you can easily make out that if you can manipulate the traffic from Facebook in the right way, you can surely drive a lot of social traffic from Facebook into your blog.

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Blogosphere: Boost your Facebook Traffic for FREE

Keeping this aim in our mind, we are introducing Blogosphere, a working network inside Facebook that will increase your Facebook traffic by as much as 500% or more. And it keeps on growing, and there is no looking behind.

So, Let’s Go into the concept in details and find out what’s so special about it and How it works?

But before that, I want to compare this method with what an ordinary blogger does to improve his social signals. This will help you to determine why our Blogosphere network is an extraordinary one.

So, let’s analyze it now.

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What does an Ordinary Blogger do?

In a word, the Routine Job.

Every Blog has their own Facebook Page, which is quite natural. The first thing a blogger does right after publishing his post is to share his post on his Facebook Profile and Page.

If the blog is more popular, then he may have his own Facebook Group where he shares updates too.

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs with hundreds of thousands of Facebook Pages. So the question is, as a person, How many Blogs you follow yourself? And how many Facebook Pages come to naturally in your timeline?

I guess only a few. Maybe the ones which you interact with too much. The rest of the blogs gets ignored by most of the persons.

Well, I don’t mean some Facebook Pages get 100% audience while some only 1%. All I mean is that only about a small percentage of every Facebook Page fans sees the posts that are being published.

And to increase that small percentage of page exposure, you need to increase your fan base proportionately.

Now, growing fan base individually may be hard to accomplish. So, How about making something together so that it helps everyone?

How about creating a platform where we can work together and drive traffic to our sites? This is where Blogosphere evolves.

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Blogosphere: United We Stand

Being a blogger is like pushing yourself up in constant competition. It is like making your blog rank better than the rest. But how about making something where we can mutually help each other in the best possible way we can?

Being a blogger, you must have known other bloggers in your field, or not in your area. How about calling everyone in and doing something together?

Here comes Blogosphere: An Essential Traffic Boosting Platform for Every Blogger. So what is it?

Have a Look at the Promo Video I made on this topic and Published at YouTube.

Enjoyed the Video? Now keep reading.

In a nutshell, Blogosphere is a Facebook Page made by us, and we want bloggers like you to become Editor there and share your blog updates. Visit Blogosphere Facebook Page.

The primary aim of Blogosphere is to unify bloggers from all directions into a familiar place where they can share their blog updates together. (And of course, they have their own respective Facebook Pages, Blogosphere works as an additional one. Even a 1% extra traffic is something extra to consider!)

Now, not all Blogs have the same niche. This is the reason we wisely chose the name: Blogosphere. It is like an Atmosphere of Bloggers.

More or less every blogger can join Blogosphere as Editor and Share their blog updates together inside the page.

If your blog is an evergreen blog, I mean if the posts you publish have values even after years after it’s being published, then you are most welcome to join our network.

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Why is Blogosphere Special?

Well, till now we have shared the concept, but why is that so special? How will it help boost our social signals to a large extent? Why are we so excited to tell about it?

Let’s discuss the main part! The traffic boosting part which you all are waiting to hear.

The only thing we ask you before we make you an Editor at Blogosphere is just to Invite Your Friends to LIKE Blogosphere Facebook Page. And this does the magic.


Suppose each blogger has 500 friends, and he invited them to LIKE the Facebook Page, and out of them, only 250 likes the page. This means, for every blogger joining our network, we will get 250+ Likes.

Now think if 50 Blogger Turns themselves inside our network, we will have 250×50 = 12500 Fans on our page in no time. If 100 Bloggers join inside Blogosphere, we will have 25k+ Fans in no time!

And that’s only the beginning traffic. Day by day, as the page grows, it will start getting more and more likes. An active Facebook page always gets likes.

And a page gaining likes so quickly will become viral and start getting a natural flow of likes. I have a Facebook Page Google Android Experts Club, which now has around 14k Likes (at the time of writing of this post). I never promote it now, and still it gets 250+ Likes Every Week naturally.

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Blogosphere: Boost your Facebook Traffic by 500% for FREE

So, the more the likes, the more exposure the page will get and the more fans it will grab usually.

I started this page 2 years back, and it took me two long years to gain this traffic usually. So what if we work together and fetch fans for one page? It will soon outrank our individual Facebook pages and get more fans!

And as I said earlier too, it keeps on increasing.

Firstly because with an enrollment of every new blogger, we will be reaching out to new people when they invite their friends to Like Blogosphere.

Secondly, because Facebook naturally brings likes, like I get 250+ Likes every week on Google Android Experts Club. So a more active page like Blogosphere will grow more rapidly.

Well, the amount of likes received are just calculations, the actual value may be more or less! But I believe even 1% Traffic increment is an increment.

Just think, if you work alone on your Facebook Page, you are reaching out to the fans of your own Blog only. Instead, if you jointly work and grow a page, you will be reaching out to the fans of your friend’s blogs too, as they had liked the page. And soon it will increase more and more.

And it will never decrease or go downwards. Day by day, more and more people will join Blogosphere, and we will get to showcase our content with more and more people.

Looks Interesting? Then You are Welcome to Join Us!

All Huge Pages you find having Millions of Fan Base, many of them grew fast using this share and develop method only.

It is a working formula. You help your part, others help theirs, and grow together.

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Steps to Join Blogosphere:

The first step requires that you should be an evergreen blogger, and you publish posts having value. If you are one of the ones who blogs passionately, then you deserve to be inside Blogosphere Network.

We have not introduced any Contact Forms or other middlemen in this. Let’s cut it short and talk directly.

All you need to do is to Contact Me on Facebook. Just Visit my Facebook Profile and Send Me a Message that you want to join Blogosphere. Also, inform me your domain name along with your message.

Let’s be honest here. I have a regular schedule, and hence, I don’t check messages all day long. I stay online after 10 pm IST. So, to get the fastest response from me, I would recommend you to contact me after 10 pm only.

I will immediately make you an analyst at Blogosphere if you are suitable to join the network. This is the first step towards becoming a part of the Network.

Next, you need to invite your friends to Like the Facebook Page. Don’t worry. We have a one click solution to it that will help you do this within a minute automatically.

Just install the Chrome Extension called Facebook Invite All with which you can invite up all your friends in just a click. It will auto-invite all your friends one by one in just within a minute.

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So, that will save your time, and after it finishes inviting all friends, it will show a confirmation like this:

Blogosphere: Boost your Facebook Traffic by 500% for FREE

Once it shows this message, take a screenshot of the same and send me that. I will immediately make you an editor at Blogosphere, and you can start driving traffic from your blog posts.

You will also become a part of our Blogosphere community of bloggers, where we discuss important ventures regarding this journey.

So, How was the concept? Don’t you think growing together is the best way to becoming famous?

Then what are you waiting for? Just contact me on Facebook and tell me that you want to join! I will be waiting to hear it from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

So here are some FAQ that may arise on your mind. Do read them before applying.

Which Niche of Blogs can Apply?

We allow all mainstream evergreen long-term blogs to participate in Blogosphere from any niche.

However, We take the quality of our Page Seriously, and we encourage only serious bloggers to publish genuine posts.

To make sure our platform is not spammed or misused, the following niche blogs including but not limited to Deals Blogs, Event Blogs, Affiliate Niche Blogs, Adult Blogs, Referral Links, etc. are not allowed to participate in Blogosphere.

I have a Blog in Spanish. Can I Join?

Unfortunately, No. We allow only blogs in The English Language. No other languages are allowed.

Do you accept Blogspot Blogs?

Unfortunately No, we don’t. You must be running on self-hosted WordPress Platform to join Blogosphere Network.

This is a necessity so that we get only passionate bloggers who wants to grow their blog in a serious way.

Well, Hosting does not cost much. We have already made a detailed post on the Cheapest Web Hosting Providers 2016 where you can compare them and choose the best one for your purpose. Go and check that post out! You can host unlimited sites at incredible discounted rates!

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Last Words:

Well, we have been experimenting with Blogosphere Network for quite a few weeks. I called up some bloggers I know and asked them to join. They happily agreed. Then we started posting there.

The results are quite good. We are getting some extra traffic every day from the page.

Hence, we welcome you to join us. This will help us both to drive more traffic efficiently.

Well, you may think that it will be hard to grow. You may not get the projected results. But then again, Rome was not built in a day. We believe growth takes time.

But just think again someday you will be an editor on a page having 50k+ likes or even 100k+ likes, that would be the time you would be proud! We aim to make that happen.

And for that goal to become successful, all we need is your little co-operation. With our joint venture, we can conquer the world. Think of it again!

Lastly, I want to thank you heartily for taking out time to go through the post. Do share this post with your friends and help them get to know about Blogosphere. Because sharing is caring and our motto is United We Stand.

That’s all. If you have any queries that you want to discuss, do comment below. I would appreciate it and get back to you as soon as possible.

I will be back soon with more amazing posts. Meanwhile, check out my other posts. Bye!

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