Best Ways to Develop and Increase English Vocabulary Skills

Hey all, How are you?

This post is dedicated to some of our Fans who requested me to write a Tutorial on Developing English Vocabulary. And this post is more motivational than informational.

I remember one day I got a Message on Facebook, “Bro, Can you tell me how to speak Good English?“. I replied, “Why what is the trouble?”. He said, “I had English as my Second Language. Here everything is teached (Unfortunately, He did not know the word “Taught”) in Hindi. We don’t use English much. I don’t have good English Skills”.

Another Guy asked me in Hindi, “Can you tell me how can I improve my English language?

Well, I am an active member in many Facebook Groups, and I find in many places, people uses Broken English to communicate in between themselves.

I am not talking about the self-committed spelling mistakes we commonly use like ‘Plz’ for Please, or ‘Welcum’ for Welcome or ‘Gud’ for Good, or ‘Nyt’ for Night, etc. Those words are just common in SMS language, and it moved to social networks gradually.

I am talking about some of the people who make grammatical errors, uses the wrong vocabulary, or just tries to avoid the use of English and prefer Hindi instead. It’s pathetic to find that many of us are the victim of Angrezi-phobia (A term coined by me which means Phobia of English).

Then I discovered that many people do not get a chance to learn English the way a person should learn it during their school life.

Well, perhaps we can lead our life well and good even without learning English, but keeping ourselves updated with the International Language is essential, it will help us to carve out our future.

In fact, learning English is not that hard as you think it to be. It is fun!

So let’s not fear English and take it up as a challenge to conquer it.

Here in this post, I will mention some simple ways to strengthen your English Language skills to a great extent. Some simple tricks which you can find below will help you to grasp more knowledge of the language than what is taught by the so-called Spoken English tutors.

So, shall I begin?

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Rule 1: Watch English Movies or Series with Subtitles On:

Ah! People who don’t have enough strength in English will either want to ignore or say, “I don’t love seeing those English movies”. But in reality, they help a lot in building our English listening skills actively.

When you are listening to the words spoken, for the first few times, you may not sync it up properly with the storyline, hence, use the subtitles and focus on the phrase more and more. Gradually, you will be able to grasp everything that is spoken in English movies.

A better way is to indulge in watching an entire English series, though without a good internet connection (I mean Torrents), getting them will be a headache.

These series due to its continuous storyline helps you to keep you glued to watching that particular show for some weeks, which in turn could be an excellent resource for learning English.

Don’t ask me to suggest movies or tv shows, please. There are so many that I don’t want to start it here. Search it on Google instead.

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Rule 2: Got Good Internet? Exploit the Internet:

If you have a good internet connection, then just dive into googling stuff. The more you read or hear, the more you learn.

Start with listening to speeches from eminent personalities, then move on to cooking recipes (Yes, they help you know the whole bunch of veggies, don’t ignore that!), then maybe shift to movie or gadget reviews, then watch some standup comedians in English, and watch some sports with English commentaries, or just do whatever you love to do with your internet.

Got a new word? Google it, and find the meaning of the word. Try to use the word in your communications 😉

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Rule 3: English Newspapers, Please!

Keep a Newspaper at home? It that in your regional language? Switch to English instead.

The English Daily Newspaper with the best language skills so far is The Statesman. But since that is limited to New Delhi and Kolkata only, you can’t taste it out from other areas.

The next on the list is The Times of India, which is widely available everywhere, try to subscribe to them and read out news from TOI regularly. (TOI Annual Subscription gives around 60% off here in Kolkata, can’t tell about other areas)

Like googling applies to online reading, offline reading requires a lexicon. Have one pocket edition ready for looking out unknown words.

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Rule 4: Practice Speeches in English:

Just go in front of the mirror and deliver a speech in English on whatever topic you want. (Nobody is listening buddy, except you!)

Don’t be shy at this. This step will kill your nervousness over spoken English, especially when you are required to communicate with someone in English, be it answering an anonymous phone call or delivering a real speech.

No ideas are coming for a speech! Cool, think in English. Now whenever some thoughts come to your mind, or you plan something, try thinking in English.

Now, this requires you have good knowledge of the English Grammar, especially the correct usage of Tenses is necessary to speak out the right forms of the language.

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Rule 5: Read English Novels:

The main reason I kept this at Rule 5 and not earlier is that many people just don’t love doing it.

“Reading books? Aww! That’s not of my Interest…”

So, maybe you can start with the other methods and then come to this after you grow some good interest in the language.

Visit a library if possible and pick up some good story books. (Ask the librarian to suggest) Switch to bigger novels and you will find lots of new words there.

E-books can also be read though reading offline is suggested. Still, if you can’t manage that, try getting books on the internet, use ebook reading apps like Moon Reader or Alkido to suit you.

If you find interest in reading English novels for once, you have done more than 70% to improve your English skills.

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Rule 6: [BONUS] Learn Touch Typing:

Well, this rule is not necessary for developing English skills, but consider it as a part of leisure while you are always learning out new stuff!

Do you know what is a Touch Typing? Any Guesses?

Well, in case you don’t, let me make it clear. It is typing without looking at your keyboard.

So, what’s so special about that?
It is an excellent way to type faster than others, as it helps you to cut off the time others are wasting to look at their keyboard while typing and then looking at the monitor.

With touch typing, you can increase your typing speeds tremendously. It also helps you write better as you are jotting down your ideas quickly as soon as it strikes your brain.

And well, you can also fascinate others by not looking at the keyboard anymore.

Overall, it is a professional approach to typing which you might want to learn!

I use Touch Typing to write my blog posts and reduced my writing time by 50%. I used Typing Club to learn Touch Typing.

It has a straightforward and intuitive interface which you will be able to follow up quickly. Try it out. It will be fun along with the continued English Mission. 🙂

Well, Touch Typing is only applicable for users with computers, it is especially for typing on keyboards. For mobile users, it does not apply.

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Rule 7: Read. Write. Speak. Listen. Repeat:

Nobody gets to learn English in just a day. And as you have seen, the methods I discussed were easy enough to follow up. The only thing you need to is to keep trying.

Do not leave out practicing in any case. You may feel quite hard, but continuing it regularly is the key to success.

Try to give at least 20 minutes to an hour daily on working out these steps. Never quit. You will find yourself improving consistently. Just keep on repeating.

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Last Words:

Well, It has been some weeks since my last post on HiTricks about Phoenix OS, a tough competitor for Remix OS, an Android Operating System for Computers, far better than the existing Android emulators like Bluestacks.

So thought of writing a post of entirely different kind. Hope you had found it useful. 🙂

Thanks for reading my post on improving English Vocabulary. Don’t just read it, apply it yourself.

Got any questions? Cool. Write them below in the comments section and let me answer it.

Enjoyed reading the post? Do share it with your friends and help them grow their English Skills!

Keep Visiting HiTricks. Meanwhile, check out my other posts. You may find them interesting.

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