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Hi, Friends How are you all?

We are back again, this time with awesome goodies for you. If you are a blogger, have set up your wordpress but struggling to make proper use of your blog, then this post is a must read for you.

Yeah, you have heard it right.

We have with us the whole collection of WPMUDEV WordPress Premium Plugins and Themes that can completely change every blogger’s life.

WPMUDEV Offers some of the Best Premium Plugins, which will take care of your WordPress Blog efficiently. From publishing posts, managing ads, comments, social marketing, forums, security, site speed, subscription opt-in forms, SEO Plugins, you will get everything you need to become a professional blogger.

You will be able to install all these PREMIUM plugins in your blog. They have plugins of all categories, and that covers almost every purpose of your blog.

Take the premium advantage and boost your blog’s performance today. Download the WPMUDEV Premium plugins now.

And the good news is, WPMUDEV themselves are giving their entire range of Premium Goodies for FREE!

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So What’s Happening Actually? Is it Free?

WPMUDEV introduced a Free 14-Day Trial to test all of their plugins and themes. To grab it, you need to register for WPMUDEV and add your credit or debit card or PayPal account inside.

Also, you need to install their WPMU Dev Dashboard Plugin inside your WordPress blog, and through that plugin, you can directly install every other premium plugin or theme from WPMUDEV to your blog directly.

There is NO DIRECT METHOD just to Download their Premium Plugins.

So, we just made our effort to install the plugins to our blog, then download them from our host.

So, those who don’t have a WPMUDEV Premium Subscription or those who can’t subscribe due to lack of International Credit or Debit card and PayPal account can simply direct-download the plugins from here.

So, let’s begin!

Download WPMUDEV Premium Plugins:

Here is the list of plugins you can download. I made a zip file which you can download all plugins together.

But have a look at the plugins first. You will be glad to know that this collection has some plugins that are available on Codecanyon for a few bucks. You will be getting that for free!

The names are in the Alphabetical Order.

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This plugin is a handy tool to run two themes simultaneously on your site.

Say you have Theme 1 and Theme 2. You can set some pages to load Theme 1 and some others to load Theme 2.

Now you can compare the insights for both the pages via Google Analytics too.


Now splitting your ads revenue is easy. With Ad Sharing Plugin, you can easily break and share revenue with your users of your wordpress blog.

This is useful if you are asking for user contributions for your blog. So, if one user writes up a post for you, and you want to credit him for his post then this is the plugin you need.


Finally, a premium plugin that comes handy to target a particular audience. With this plugin, you can show ads to specific audience you want. You can set it up yourself based on some preset conditions.

For example, you can run special promotions for selective users. There are endless possibilities.


This is a straightforward and stylish plugin for your blog. As you can already guess, this theme ends the limitations of only one theme at a time. It allows your site visitors to choose their theme to view your content.

Isn’t that a great way to keep your blog attractive as well as innovative?


Tired of promoting affiliate offers? Now be smart, set up your affiliate and let your visitors promote it.

If you are a business and need your referral software, then this plugin is for you. Affiliates plugin allows your visitors to become your affiliate, promote actions you set and get paid for that.For example, you can include paid products and ask your affiliates to promote them.

For example, you can include paid products and ask your affiliates to promote them. The more sales they fetch, the more you earn. In turn, they will receive payments you set for them.

The affiliate tracking and the payment system is already integrated within the plugin, so you need not worry about setting it up. No coding required, just install the plugin and track clicks and sales.

This is a must have plugin for everyone.


Run an offline business? Need to set up an online website to book appointments? Don’t worry! Appointments+ will do your job.

It has integrated calendar to help you manage your appointments quickly. Try it out.


This plugin is a beast. You can call it a passive income generator for your blog while you take a break!

It can repost articles from other websites using their feed link. Very useful for related news sites.

You can add unlimited feeds and even optionally redirect visitors to the original blog.


Another smart plugin for your smart website. With this plugin, welcome your members with a pre-designed beautiful welcome message as soon as they sign up for your site.

An effective welcome message can trigger traffic to your website as it builds up the first impressions about your site.


Chat Plugin helps you to host real-time chat rooms on your blog. Anyone visiting your blog may join the chat and post replies.

It plays an important role seo-wise. As your blog gets popular, more and more people will stand by and chat within the chat room, increasing the on-page time of your blog.


Yes, you have guessed it right. This plugin is your one-stop solution for all types of buying and selling product requirements. You will run a fantastic classified website in minutes.

Try it out if you are in need of something similar to this plugin.


As you can already guess by seeing the name of the plugin, this is a helpful plugin for giving a better experience to the users who comments on your blog.

With Comments+ Plugin, your user no longer needs to use emails and type names. They can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even their WordPress account.

It also allows users to share your post to their timeline while they comment.


As you can already guess again, this plugin will create a simple contact form which your users can use to communicate with you.


Know UDEMY? Want to build a course and publish in your blog? Coursepress Pro Plugin is exactly what you need.

It allows you to create beautiful and feature-rich courses. You can share audio, video and also create a quiz.

Your visitors can sign up for a course and buy it. The payment gateways are also integrated inside to help you out. Try the plugin out!


This is another useful plugin that is both seo-wise and for your visitor’s interest, useful. It can replace your WordPress blog’s default search button with a Google Search option.

The searches are done via Google, but results are shown only from your blog pages.


This is a revolutionary ad-serving plugin made to boost monetizations of your blog. It allows you to spread your ads at any location of your blog you want inside your post.

Not only that, but you can also control when to show the ads, whom to show, do A/B Testing, and check how your blogs perform and make the best out of it.


Create visually attractive sidebars for your audiences that will get them click on it. Custom sidebars Pro is a must-have plugin for those wanting to reduce their bounce rates, as it can help you achieve that by its compelling sidebars.

You can drive traffic to other posts, or even set up social widgets.


This plugin is helpful in personalizing your wordpress blog. Using custompress, you can introduce custom post types and taxonomies.

Say, you run a blog on Music niche. You can create custom fields like Album, Artist, Year, etc. And for each new post on your blog, you can choose an appropriate custom field. (Like what you do in categories section)


This is a simple customized plugin, which may be helpful if you are a freelancer and set up wordpress for others.

Using it, you can replace the wordpress news feed that comes on the dashboard with your custom feed. So, you can easily include your blog feed link while setting up your client’s site, to drive traffic to your blog.


This is the ultimate security plugin for your blog. It will scan your blog for any possible vulnerabilities and warn you about the same. It will also identify potential weak points of your blog that hackers may use to attack, and help you fix it quickly.

This is a MUST-HAVE protection plugin for every blogger. Use it today.


Are you new to WordPress Platform? Feel hard to get your hands on around it? Then this plugin will solve your problem.

Easy Blogging was designed keeping in mind of the novice bloggers. It will make your wordpress dashboard (and other areas) simpler to manage. So you can make the best out of it.


This plugin is an all-in-one events manager for your blog. If you have an upcoming event, you can set it up through this plugin, and your visitors can sign up or subscribe for that, buy tickets optionally, etc.

Be it your next webinar or a quiz competition, or just an offline function, you can sell tickets for that, allow your visitors to register and more. Payment gateways are integrated.

Manage your events efficiently with this plugin.


End of paid newsletter services. Now send professional emails to your subscribers for free with this plugin.

What’s special? That this plugin does not need MailChimp or any other services to work. It can operate on it’s own from managing subscribers to sending them beautifully curated emails.

So, what are you waiting for? Change the way you treat your visitors. Try out the e-newsletter plugin.


Forums is a useful plugin for creating a neat and clean forum inside any page of your wordpress blog.

You don’t need those bulky BuddyPress plugins anymore. Using this plugin, you can create visually attractive plugins for your visitors.


In case you need to raise funds for your upcoming projects and you don’t want to afford the paid services for the same, all you need is this Fundraising plugin.

Using this plugin, you can quickly set up fundraising campaigns where users can donate. The payment gateways are integrated inside it to help you out quickly.


This is perhaps the best Premium Google Analytics Tracking Plugin. It brings your Google Analytics data right inside your dashboard. You don’t need to visit Analytics website separately to access the data.

The plugin is rich with many advanced tracking methods, and it also includes graphical data so that you can easily compare it.


Finally, a plugin that you can use to display Google Maps inside your blog.

Suppose you are an offline business, you can easily add a map to help your visitors locate your office.

You can embed, customize and display Google Maps in any way you like. Use custom icons to find the landmarks.


This is the ultimate Google Plus Plugin you will ever need to set up and configure your blog.

It allows you to create an automated feed with your Google Plus Activity. This will help in boosting your blog activity.

It also allows you to share your posts on Google Plus, thus reaching out to more audience. It also gives you a +1 Button which you can place in your blog.


Another simple and useful newsletter plugin. With this plugin, you can create fantastic email templates with which you can add custom headers and footers to your wordpress newsletter.

It is a premium plugin, allowing you to set up and use your own Branding in the email. Get rid of other branded emails, make your own now.


Humming is the ultimate speed booster plugin for your WordPress blog. It will scan for possible ways to improve your site and help you fix those.

You won’t need a second plugin for speeding up WordPress. From minifying, to defer loading of JavaScripts to gzip ninja compression to the cache file, it will handle everything recommended by Google Pagespeed Insights.

Another MUST-HAVE PLUGIN for your blog.

Well, the list of WPMUDEV Plugins is long and DOES NOT END HERE. The post is getting long, so we decided to divide it into 2 Parts.

The first part contains Plugins Letter A-I, the second part include Plugins J-Z and Premium Themes Collection. This marks the end of Part 1. You can Go to Part Two by Clicking Here.

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Download WPMUDEV Premium Plugins Pack:

So finally here’s what you are wanting. I collected all plugins into a single zip file and sharing here.

To Unzip it, you must need the 7zip software. It is free and open-source and can be downloaded from here. Note that without this software you cannot open the zip file.

Downloads Plugins Pack Part One from here. Part 2 can be downloaded from here.

Thanks for reading our post. I am sure you have got some of the jewels used by professional blogs. Just grab them and upgrade your blogging style.

Writing up such a post takes lots of hard work and dedication. So, it would be great if you can share this post on your Facebook or Twitter. Use the share buttons below.

Have any questions? Want to know something? Comment Below. I am listening.

End of this part. Part 2 contains the rest of the Premium Plugins. Visit Part 2 from here. Thanks.

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