Part 2: 70+ WPMUDEV Premium Plugins FREE Download

So this is our second part of the two-part series post of 70+ WPMUDEV Premium Plugins and Themes which you can download absolutely for free.

I won’t go into more details about it; I would like to pick only up where I left. So, if you are new to this post, I would recommend you to read the Part 1 of this post where I mentioned some great plugins to consider. It has the list from alphabet A-P, here is from Q-Z.

Read the Part 1 of this post from here.

Download WPMUDEV Premium Plugins:

Here are the list of plugins part 2 that you can download. It also has some premium themes at the end. I made a zip file which you can download all plugins and themes together.

But have a look at the plugins first.

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This plugin is an all-in-one jobs managing plugin for your wordpress blog. Using it, you can quickly offer open jobs postings where your visitors can apply.

You can also showcase your skill sets in your author profile using this plugin. This helps if you set up a freelancing site where you want to attract clients for yourself.


This plugin is a widget that will stream contents from your blogs in your sidebar. If you want, you can also stream content from any other blogs.

This is helpful if you have too many blogs and want your visitors to visit one blog to another. You can only place this live stream widget, and it will stream contents from the blog you set.


As the plugin name suggests, with the help of this plugin, you can secure a post, and nobody can edit it. This is useful if your blog has multiple authors, and you want to keep your post untouched.

If you lock a post, even another administrator of your blog cannot open that post.


Login Message Plugin can customize the wordpress login page. Apart from adding your Website logo and custom text, you can also disable password reset for your site. This can protect your site from hackers.

If your blog has multiple authors, then with this plugin, you can welcome other authors in your own style as soon as they log in.


This is a straightforward plugin to redirect you to any url you want right after you log in. If you want to directly enter to New Posts Page after Logging in, then input that url and you are done.

Basically, it cuts off the default Dashboard redirection and replaces it with any location you want.


Similar to the login redirect plugin, this plugin does the job after logging out. You can simply set the url to visit as soon as you log out, and it will take you there, as simple as that.


As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to grow your subscribers list using MailChimp. You can build interactive opt-in forms and send emails to your loyal followers as and when you wish.

Mailchimp is the best free-to-try subscription service that allows you to keep up to 10000 followers for free and pay as you go above 10k followers. So, it is a pretty good option to try out.


Finally, you can create a complete shopping website inside your wordpress. Sell anything from digital goods to physical goods, and manage sales, track shipments, etc.

And this is a premium plugin, has everything integrated from payment gateways to product listing categories. This is a user-friendly option for every online seller.

You also don’t need any other add-ons with it. You may organize special promotions and discounts, create promo codes and do everything an e-commerce website needs.


With Membership 2 Pro Plugin, you can offer paid memberships for your visitors and earn money. This is extremely helpful if you are providing any paid services through your blog and you need memberships.

You can create different kinds of membership categories and customize them according to your will. The payment gateways are integrated within the plugin so that you can enjoy it seamlessly.


This is a useful plugin for a multi-author blog. You can send private messages and emails to other authors with this plugin. They can reply you back too.

You can customize the messages and even bulk message to all the other authors.


This is a highly useful plugin to safeguard some part of your post as per as your need. You can hide just about anything, be it a text or an image or a video or anything.

While visiting the site, your users will need a password to open the hidden content.

This can be helpful for giving access only to some known people or organizing special giveaways etc.


This is useful if you are selling some written material or document on your website. It allows your visitors to pay for viewing the specific post or page. Otherwise, it will stay hidden.

It has payment gateways integrated within, which will charge users if they want to view the content.


This is a social signal booster for every blog. Using this plugin, you can lock down specific contents of your site and ask users to like and share the content on their social networks to get access to the content.

It’s like paying you back with a like. Hence, the names come.


You can easily guess what the plugin does by seeing the name of the plugin. Yes, it shows popups to your visitors and can collect emails for subscibing to your site.

But this is not any other pop-up plugin, this is a premium plugin and allows you to design and customize your popup banner any way you like.


This is a straightforward and useful plugin that allows your visitors to vote your blog posts in one click. This will help your site to become more interactive, as well as engaging.

Get one-click feedback from users, including thumbs ups and downs, rating system, arrows, etc.


Finally, a plugin that will turn your blog into similar to StackOverflow or yahoo answers.

Manage a fully featured question answer community where your users can sign up to post their questions and reply to other questions.

The plugin has some exciting options to make your question answer site interactive.


With this plugin, you can post small statuses on your wordpress timeline just like you post on Facebook.

This is a straightforward and useful plugin for bloggers who want to communicate important news to their visitors.


This plugin is useful to show custom post list in the widget section of your blog. It will show different posts randomly.

You can include up to 20 posts.


This is a small but useful plugin. While logging in to your wordpress blog, this will add an option to remember the user the next time he or she logs back in.


This plugin is helpful in generating reports for your website and show to the audience. You can display reports for post, page and comment activities and more.

Graphical representation is also available.


Using this plugin, you can schedule posts for your blog and manage them from one place. Modify or edit them as per as your need.

Also, you can make some content available only for a limited period.


This is an amazing plugin to trigger attractive subscription forms to your visitors. They come in a way to grab the visitor’s attention and in turn you gain loyal followers.\

Design the subscription forms on your own or use the custom ones, your wish!


Smartcrawl helps the search engine bots to crawl your articles and get them indexed in the respective search engines. Unleash the full power and potential of your posts and drive more organic visitors with Smartcrawl Plugin.

It has an automatic interlinking system to reduce bounce rates, helps you to optimize your title and meta description, and also integrates MOZ to track competition of your site.

This is a MUST-HAVE plugin for every blogger.


This is a Premium WordPress Full Backup Plugin, extremely helpful to back up your entire wordpress data to Dropbox.

It is an automatic backup tool. Once you install it and configure it, it starts doing its job on its own with it’s scheduled backup feature. You need not worry.

In case you are in need of restoring your site, just use this plugin again, and you can restore it back.

Never risk your site getting hacked. Use Snapshot Pro Plugin today.


Social Marketing is a brilliant tool to make your posts go socially viral. It enables you to offer incentives to your visitors for sharing your post in their social network.

You can track your social signals, and this plugin will make sure your posts are getting shared.


This is another email subscription plugin that will help you gain subscribers, but this works on its own. You don’t need to set anything up.

It will take emails of your visitors, confirm them, and automatically send out emails to them as soon as you publish something new to your blog.

You can customize when to send out an email, how many times should you send the email, etc. So, you can be stress-free of managing the list yourself.


This plugin is very helpful for online businesses. It allows the visitors to create support tickets and submit via the blog.

You can then view them and reply to them.

Setting it up and managing support is entirely handled by the plugin alone. You don’t need to tune hard it.


As the name suggests, this plugin has to do with your Branding. Using this plugin, you can set up your brand logo to display on every page of your blog. Looks good!


Ultimate Facebook is truly the all-in-one Facebook Plugin you need to configure your WordPress blog.

It will auto-post to your Facebook page as soon as you publish anything new. Not only that, it will merge Facebook comments with blog comments to that post.

It will also allow users to register to your wordpress site via Facebook. Lastly, you can set up widgets and shortcodes for it.


User Activity plugin collects your blog’s performance and shows in the dashboard. You can track your user activity for the past hour, past day, past week, past month etc.


Like the name suggests, this plugin integrates WHMCS inside your WordPress Blog. This is a highly useful plugin for Web Hosting Resellers.

You can manage a complete web hosting solution from this plugin. Give invoices for every sell you complete. Automate it so that the hosting service gets renewed after a month. It will charge users automatically.

Users can create support tickets, and you can respond to them.


Want to create a free to edit platform like Wikipedia? Then Wiki Pro is the ultimate plugin you should consider. It has all required functions to manage your blog.

Your users can create their account, publish new pages, edit published pages, etc.


This is another MUST-HAVE plugin for your blog. It reduces your page speed by intelligently compressing all the images of your blog. Bring every image under a few kb only.

The compression is lossless. Your picture quality remains more or less similar. Only the picture is made to consume less space, thus, load faster.

It has a bulk smushing option allowing you to compress all previously uploaded images. Your new images will be auto-compressed as soon as you upload them.

NextGEN and WP Retina, 2x both, can be integrated from this plugin.

That marks the end of all the Premium WPMUDEV Plugins. You can download them from below.

Click Here to Download Premium Plugins Pack Part 2.

Part 1 can be downloaded from here.

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Download WPMU Premium Themes:

WPMU does not have a wide collection of Premium Themes. They have made only six starter themes. And all of them are a child theme of a parent theme called Upfront.

The theme names are:

  • Fixer
  • Luke and Sara
  • Panino
  • Parrot
  • Scribe
  • Spirit

I have compiled all the six child themes and the main parent theme together in a zip file which you can download from below.

Download WPMUDEV Premium Themes Pack from Here.

Final Words:

All’s well that ends well. So, finally, all I want is to help you build an excellent blog powered with WPMUDEV so that they can take a good care of your blog while you focus on your content.

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Try to make an interactive blog where your visitors may feel like you are talking with them.

Make proper use of the plugins to make a user-friendly environment for your blog.

That’s all. My Two Part post on the Premium WPMUDEV Plugins ends here. I have put a lot of efforts in bringing up this post. I will be obliged if you consider sharing my post with your friends on social network. Use the social share buttons.

Sharing is caring, and each share counts!

So, over to you now. Tell me which Plugin was the most useful according to you? Tell me if you installed and got good responses from any of those plugins. I am listening.

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