PDF WIZ Review 2020: Consistent PDF Manager

If you are ever on the Internet or Smartphone or Computer for any work related to Document then you must have heard about PDF – Portable Document Format. PDF files are different then other documents like Text or Word files, normally they are uneditable, they require specific PDF document software to manage them. This property of a PDF file is one of the most important reasons, it’s the most used document format for sharing purposes. PDF files offer powerful protection to documents and nowadays they’re easily accessible also.

So if your work involves lots of documents, then you must come across situations where you were required to convert the other file format documents into PDF files or vice-versa. For the same in this article, we bring an interesting product review of the PDF WIZ toolkit. Let’s dive in!!!

What is PDF WIZ?

PDF WIZ is an offline Desktop application for all things to PDF. It is more like a PDF file converter but can do more than that.

It can convert documents to PDF and from PDF to all most used document formats. All of this is done by PDF WIZ on your computer without any need for the Internet. That’s very crucial as you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your data, as it’s not required to upload your important documents online for managing it.

Not only that, but PDF WIZ can also handle other PDF file management operations swiftly and definitely can save your time. Let’s see all the Interesting features of PDF WIZ.


PDF WIZ offers many PDF file management features. One of the main functionality of PDF WIZ is PDF file conversion. PDF File Conversion process is fairly easy, you have to choose the conversion method, select files, or drag & drop them simply and hit convert and PDF WIZ will get it done for you.


1. Convert from PDF

When you receive some documents in PDF format and you want to do some updates within, as it’s PDF you can’t normally edit it. Here converting a PDF file to its suitable file format comes to your rescue. 

PDF WIZ supports converting PDF to multiple document formats, here’s a full list:

  • PDF to Word ( .doc & .docx)
  • PDF to PowerPoint ( .ppt & .pptx)
  • PDF to Excel ( .xls & .xlsx)
  • PDF to Text ( .txt)
  • PDF to Images ( .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif)
  • PDF to Web page (.html)
  • PDF to EPUB (.epub)
  • PDF to XPS

PDF WIZ Convert from PDFPDF WIZ Convert from PDF window

As you can see the interface is pretty simple, clean, and easy to use. You get to choose the desired file type and can also set the destination directory. One good feature that we noticed here is we get customizable operation mode like Format First/Editability First for Word, Save in one worksheet for Excel, so file conversion will happen accordingly.

2. Convert to PDF

Whenever you want to send some reports in word files and you want to send them as well-formatted documents securely which are uneditable, you need to convert them to PDF. PDF WIZ can let you do that also, here’s a full list of operations:

  • Word to PDF
  • Image to PDF
  • Epub to PDF
  • Xps to PDF

Convert to PDFPDF WIZ Convert to PDF window

Creating a PDF file from all these 4 other files can be done here easily without losing any format and data. Also as per application developer, they are adding support for few other file formats which can be converted to PDF. 

3. PDF Management

PDF WIZ can do more than a file conversion. With PDF WIZ you can perform some very important handy PDF file management operations. If you work frequently with PDF files then this feature gonna save you lots of time. PDF WIZ can do the following operations also:

  • Split PDF: You can divide your PDF files into two or more documents
  • Merge PDF: If you have a few separate PDF files you can combine them here.
  • Compress PDF: You want to share a few big PDF reports, you can compress it and send the smaller file.
  • Add/Delete Password: You want to add or delete a password with your PDF file you can easily do it here.
  • Extract Page/Image: If you need separate pages or images from a single PDF file, you can extract them too, this is very useful.

One thing here to which we want to draw your attention, PDF WIZ is not a PDF Viewer and PDF Editor which allows you to directly edit the PDF files and save them as we do with text files. PDF WIZ can do everything else apart from directly editing content/data. If that is your priority you may take a look at other full-fledged PDF management tools like Adobe AcrobatNitro Pro, etc. 

Interface and Performance

PDF WIZ comes with a clean grid layout in white background with Blue color accents and icons, which does not come with any other alternate color theme options, which is fine.

PDF WIZ Home Screen


The interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. All the features and menu are easily reachable and can get your things done with 2-4 clicks. The file operations screen interface is almost similar to any file manager, so anyone can get used to it in one usage.

Coming to Performance we had extensively tested all the features and operations of PDF WIZ. It shines at all the basic functionalities and gets it done for you in a jiffy. All the conversion operations are getting executed completely without any single failure or erroneous data results. 

Moreover, PDF WIZ successfully retains the layout and format of your document even after conversion.


Sample PDF file


Converted to PowerPoint file by PDF WIZ

As you can see above we have converted one PDF file to PowerPoint presentation, all the content, table, font style, the layout is retained as it is and it’s editable also.

Apart from that if you want to convert files in bulk like 10 to 20 files in one go, then also PDF WIZ gets it done in Jiffy. As it works offline on your computer, it’s fast and there is no hassle of Internet connection and uploading it online.

All the data is getting processed offline on your computer itself, so you do not need to worry about the security of data.

PDF WIZ does not require any high computer configurations, it even works swiftly on one of our test machines which are 10 years old and running on Intel i3 1st gen CPU.

Scope of Improvement

We did not notice a single problem with any specific PDF operations, all functions work as normal. 


Though there is a scope of improvement with the user interface. It can be polished further like the fonts that are used to look small and cramped, which sometimes leads to difficulty in reading text and creates a disturbance in nice clean UI.

PDF WIZ desktop application comes with a fixed user interface, it’s not flexible or we can’t use it in full screen or any other window size we want.


Apart from that, texts in an application at some places are not translated properly nor there are any other language options available for us.

The drawbacks should be taken as feedback to make the software better. We are positive that the developers will be adding these features and fine-tune it further.

Compatibility and Price

PDF WIZ works as a desktop software application, as of now, it’s available for only Windows operating systems. As per the developer, the Mac OS version is under development and will be out very soon.

With whatever the features PDF WIZ is offering it available at very reasonable prices.


A lifetime plan for 2 PCs costs you $29.99, which is very reasonable compared to other software available in the market. If you get the lifetime plan you will also be getting Lifetime free updates of the PDF WIZ toolkit, which we think is very important. As we believe developers of PDF WIZ are going to introduce more interesting & useful features from time to time. 

You can download the tool for free trial or purchase from here: Windows version

Our Verdict:

PDF WIZ is the most affordable all-in-one offline PDF solution. PDF WIZ is fast in performance and offers all the most required features. It can do all types of PDF conversion operations consistently without any errors in the output. All the output files maintain the quality and keep all the data inside. It’s more than a PDF converter and all other PDF management tools help you be more productive.

8.2 Total Score
Consistent PDF Manager

PDF WIZ is the most affordable all-in-one offline PDF solution. PDF WIZ is fast in performance and offers all the most required features. It can do all types of PDF conversion operations consistently without any errors in the output. All the output files maintain the quality and keep all the data inside. It's more than a PDF converter and all other PDF management tools help you be more productive.

Platform Compatibility & Installation
User Interface
Features & Functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Retain the data and its format style
  • Perfect for a normal user
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Little non-refined interface
  • No other language and theme options
  • Could have support for other file formats

Abhijit Parmar
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