8 Best Upcoming Phones To Consider For The Year 2020

With the speed of rapidly emerging technical developments, smartphones have also evolved rapidly. In reality, there will always be something waiting for the pipeline when there’s a newly released phone in a particular year. As soon as you’ve waited for the newest smartphone, a new device is already in position, awaiting the next major appearance to the market.

The technology sector and the mobile industry, the last five years from 2015 to 2020, have been fantastic. And in the years to come, it also seems to reach new heights. We’ve seen many smartphone innovations so far, notch-less screens, improved cameras, massive storage, and fingerprint scanners on display. There are several rumors and reports about forthcoming smartphones, showing many smartphones in the pipeline.

Here’s an overview:

iPhone SE 2 Plus

This mobile device has an estimated starting price of five hundred sixty dollars. Touch ID has always been installed in the Home Button of an iPhone since it was first implemented. But that might change next year, according to one expert. This upcoming phones is one of the best that is recommended.

Rumors started talking about a larger model as early as the iPhone SE 2020 became known to the nation, there is a discussion about whether a new model would be launched to fit into the iPhone 8 + space.  While several individuals have said that it is unlikely that this iOS device will be made, there is an expectation that it will be launched earlier than 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S30 or S21

Samsung has a style of keeping a powerful role globally in gadgets with amazing and head-exploding innovations. The latest data has reported that Samsung plans to introduce its Galaxy Note 21 or Samsung Galaxy S30 with, presumably, fantastic features to surprise every single consumer.

Certification for Samsung’s upcoming S21 has been identified by some online outlets, suggesting that it’s likely to carry a whopping 4000mAh power. Although its name was not specially listed by such certification, it is possible to deduce that it is Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 phone with its product code.

In the same period, we have learned that it will use a stunning enough monitor with its excellent refresh rate of 120Hz if it turns out to be real. With a small battery, it deserves to be punished a lot from its base version.

One Plus 8T

Unaccompanied by a shred of doubt, with massive storage and a range of back cameras, the Chinese smartphone titan OnePlus still promises the best new phones globally. This fast pace business is set to introduce another OnePlus 8 T phone.

It is said that this device is a sequel to the OnePlus eight series; it was released a few months ago, with fascinating sports specs and an incredible price. Owing to its innovative features and entirely baked onboard parts, the OnePlus 8 T leaves a dent in your pocket, however.

Xiaomi Mi10

Xiaomi had intentions to introduce a new 2020 smartphone in which a Xiaomi Mi 10 was supposed to be available. Publications have now verified, however, that we will see this device in the year 2021. Based on what we have seen, a Super AMOLED 6.5 “waterfall monitor at a 90Hz refresh rate will proudly display the Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphones.”

Optically, This phone is equipped on its back with a colossal 108MP trio cam setup, greater than Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and a pop-up camera to support you with portraits. If many reports are believed, the upcoming mobile device will be five G assisted and expect it to carry the largest non-removable 5000mAh power.

Nokia 9.3 PureView

The speculation about Nokia is that it upgrades Nokia 9, but it is further holding it until late this year to align with Snapdragon 865. It is expected that it will be released in either September or October. This is because there’s a lot of work needed to allow the phone camera to perform on the new hardware.

The mobile device has an estimated starting price of seven hundred ninety-nine dollars on the market. They could be absent from the scenes if you’re wondering where the Nokia 9.1 model is, it is because the rumored version of Snapdragon 855 never appeared.

Asus ROG phone 3

In the context of the ROG Phone 3, Asus has yet another update to its list of incoming devices in the pipeline. Integration with the Snapdragon 865 has been verified, and people are expecting the rear part of the mobile to have a triple imaging system. “A 6.59” monitor on the front portion of the system will be another speculation. One of the best gaming phones there is.

Huawei P40 Pro

The Huawei P series is all about reinventing the limits of portrait mode, and it is anticipated that the P40 Pro will do just that. Two years ago, with both the P20 Pro and its Night Mode, Huawei shocked everybody, which was a wake-up call for other phone manufacturers who have only embraced it now. 

Last year, with a lens that could catch light in environments where the human eye would see pitch dark, the P30 Pro set the bar high again, and which had a 5X periscope camera zoom camera that provided a transparent and long-range on the phone for the very first time

Moto Razr

The latest Motorola Razr is possibly the best foldable phone in a glorious victory of shape over functionality, forward-thinking creativity, and, most notably, nostalgic. No, it doesn’t have high-end specifications, and it’s far from “inexpensive,” but it’s evidence of the right definition.

Not only is it an impressive homage to the company’s early days more than ten years ago, but it also sets the tone for a remarkably major presence in the developing niche of foldable phones. Therefore the Motorola Razr is now the best foldable phone.

Last Words:

Many smartphones are chosen this year, but some mobile devices can be delayed further with the pandemic, resulting in a delayed-release. Depending on your personal preference, many choices from this list satisfy your needs and make you excited about their releases.

Thank you for going through this exhaustive list of upcoming interesting smartphones. If you don’t want to wait, however, there are a lot of amazing smartphones available on Amazon that you can buy during this period as well. Let me know in the comments which one did you like the most.

That’s all for now. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for the latest tech updates. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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