MobiKin Assistant for Android Full Review 2020

In this digital era, we are surrounded by multimedia. We keep uploading, downloading, and sharing photos, videos, audios, files over the internet. Over time, it creates a mess and it becomes challenging to manage our data. We also tend to forget keeping backups of our precious data, thus, putting it at risk of loss.

That’s where precisely a solution like MobiKin Assistant for Android jumps in. It is a data management software and helps us to synchronize data between smartphones and computers. We can organize, manage, and do more with our smartphone data right from a computer using this tool.

In today’s post, we will be sharing our review of MobiKin Assistant for Android. We’ve thoroughly tested it with all it’s features and will be sharing our honest insights and experiences of it with you. We hope this review will help you to make an informed decision.

MobiKin Assistant for Android Features

  • One-click Backup & Restore Android data.
  • Manage Contacts and Messages
  • Organize and Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Connect & Manage phone through WiFi
  • Organize and Manage all other types(Audio, Video, pdf) of data

Before we begin our review, you should know that this review of MobiKin(v3.9.14) had been carried out on Windows 10 computers. Apart from that, OnePlus 5 (A5000) with Oxygen OS 10 (Android 10) had been used as a Phone to test it out.

Platform Compatibility & Installation:

MobiKin is compatible with all the variants of Windows, even down to the oldest XP! It can run with bare minimum lowest level system requirements.

mobikin system requirements

They also have a macOS version of this tool.

Coming to the Installation and Setup process, the windows installation package is around 17MB and, after installing, consumes approx. 30MB only on the disk. So, things are pretty lightweight here.

mbikin installation

The installation process is similar to other tools and can be done within few minutes. The tool does not force us to install any other bloatware, which is very good to see.

Once you’re done with the installation launch, it and the tool will show you How to get started tutorial, and the tool itself will guide you in each step.

Coming to Android, it works with almost all Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 2.1 and above. We don’t find any level of compatibility concerns here.


As our main aim is to manage a phone from the tool by connecting it, so it’s one of the important aspects for us.

MobiKin can manage your data by making a data bridge between computers and phones. For this purpose, we’re required to have installed it’s companion Android app on the phone.

mobikin android app  mobikin android app 1  mobikin android app permissions

The tool can be connected to a phone in two ways. You can either connect using data cable or WiFi (Yes, you read it right, WiFi!!).

mobikin connect through cable

When you want to connect using a cable, launch the tool on a computer first then connect it using data cable. On the first attempt tool, itself will install the companion app on the phone first then establish a data transfer connection. Once the initial setup is done, it’s a relatively straightforward process. It takes only a few seconds to connect using cable whenever you want.

You can connect the tool and phone using WiFi. You need to make sure the tool and phone are connected to the same network. Open the tool and just hit the Connect via the WiFi button.

mobikin wifi connectivity

Here the first time, we need to download a companion app from a link in the tool and install it. Sadly, the MobiKin companion app is not available on the Play Store. Next, open the app on a smartphone and scan the QR code on a tool to connect, and you’re good to go. This method is straightforward, fast, and no worry about cables.

MobiKin can be connected to more than one phone/tablet, and it handles it like a pro.

Tip: I’ve attached my computer using my phone’s hotspot and used Connect via WiFi option on the tool, and it worked like a charm.

User Interface & Ease of use:

mobikin app dashboard

Upon opening the tool first time, you will be greeted with a flat and minimal user interface.

The user interface on the MobiKin is divided into two sections MyDevice and Super Toolkit.

mobikin app dashboard1

MyDevice section is default dashboard where all the details and options related to connected phone appears and Super toolkit has options to backup and restore and link to other tools of MobiKin.

Mobikin dashboard

When you connect the phone, MyDevice section dashboard interface shows all the device details like name, model number, storage, etc. in the center of UI. On the left column, we get other data options like Apps, Contacts, Messages, Music, Photos, etc.

mobikin music section One notable feature here is a device is connected. It shows a live screen of a phone at the center of UI. You can capture a screenshot of the same, though, over the WiFi connection, it won’t work.

It’s also good to note that the interface is Ad-free even on a trial version.

The user interface of the tool is clean, easy to navigate, and any novice can understand it. But we feel it’s a little bit outdated, and many UI elements can be polished further to improve user experience.

We’re impressed that interface is simple & relatively easy to use even for someone like beginners. User experience is also suitable as a tool to provide all clear instructions whenever required. So learning this app is an easy one time task.


MobiKin works fast and flawlessly without any hiccups. It was able to take a backup of 4GB+ data within 3-4 minutes, which is impressive. Data transfer speed also depends on your phone’s specifications.

Overall, all the features of the tool work consistently and flawlessly.

Though, we had faced one glitch, which shows room for improvement. Like we’ve tried to send SMS from tool, which failed multiple times.

mobikin sms send failed

We’ve also noticed that only a few pdf files from a phone appear under the Books section, other pdf files are left out weirdly. Document file categorization under the books section can be improved. As there is no separate file explorer in tool to access, phone data, it’s difficult if we want to manage those/other files.

Apart from that MobiKin companion app is not refined with the latest standards and may not works entirely yet with Android 10, but I believe the developer will fix it soon.

mobikin android app 2

One more thing to keep in mind that if there is any new data/content on the phone like a message, photos, or anything else, you need to keep refreshing periodically in the tool’s respective data section to keep the content updated. Otherwise, data won’t appear in the MobiKin list.


MobiKin does have a dedicated customer page that offers different FAQs and Guides.

Mobikin support page

MobiKin only has dedicated support Email, no live chat support.

mobikin email support

To test Email support, we’ve dropped a few questions over there, and we got a prompt response within 3 hours so you can rely on Email support.


We’re glad to see that MobiKin has set the same pricing for Windows and macOS version of the tool. mobikin pricing

MobiKin comes with two pricing models. You can buy 1 PC 1 Year full license version at $29.95, which we think little bit pricy. If you are in the mood of buying, we suggest you go for a lifetime license. Which cost you only $10 bucks extra and comes at $39.95. If you’re someone who required substantial, multi-device data management, this is a very decent deal.

MobiKin accepts all primary payment methods across the globe, and it comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee that brings you peace of mind.

You can download tool for free trial or purchase from here: Windows version | macOS version

Our Verdict:

8.3 Total Score
Does its job neatly

MobiKin Assitant for Android is very good at what it does. It does all critical tasks like backing and restoring up data, managing other data consistently without any errors. Device connectivity is also seamless and fast. Yeah, though, we think it's 1-PC license is a bit costly, but in return, you get a reliable tool. Overall, we're happy and impressed with all the core functionalities. As they deliver satisfying experience and bring actual usable features that help you manage phone data.

Platform Compatibility & Installation
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Smooth backups and restoration of all data
  • Easy to connect and faster Performance
  • It is Ad-free
  • Supports all types of file formats
  • Little bit unpolished and outdated user interface
  • There is room for more features like Phone Data file explorer, auto-refresh for updated content, Live Chat Support
  • It's a bit pricy, 1-PC 1 year license could be cheaper.

Last Words:

That’s all about our informative review on MobiKin Assistant for Android; we hope that it clears all your doubts and help you make a decision.

If you’ve any further queries drop them below in the comments section, we will be happy to answer them. If you find an error in the information above, do let us know that also.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. I will be back soon with another exciting update. Keep reading HiTricks.


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