Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

Good News! The tech giant Microsoft has launched its writing assistant: The Microsoft Editor, which will help you write better sentences by correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and more. It directly competes with Grammarly and Writer, the free grammar checker.

Microsoft announced their Text Editor on their Microsoft 365 Blog on Monday 30th March 2020 and discussed some of their features. They also released a funny video about it. Check it out below.

Interestingly, this Editor competes directly with Grammarly, which also provides an online Editor, as well as software and keyboard apps, for checking grammatical errors. But how does the new writing assistant from Microsoft fares over the Grammarly Editor?

We will find out soon.

In today’s post, I will be discussing the new Microsoft Text Editor, how to download it, and also show you how to use it. This will be a complete guide about the Microsoft Editor. You can also check out the ways you can take the Microsoft Practice Test.

So, let’s get started!

How to Install Microsoft Editor?

The Microsoft Editor is available on several platforms, including Microsoft’s ones and others.

Install Microsoft Editor Addon on Edge Browser:

If you are using the new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium, you can install the MS Text Editor as an Edge Addon.

Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

  • Open Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • Visit the Microsoft Editor Edge Add-on Page.
  • Click on ‘Get.’
  • You’ll get a prompt that will ask you to confirm whether you want to install the Extension.
  • Click on ‘Add Extension.’
  • The Addon will be installed, and you will be taken to the help page where you can learn more about it.

Install Microsoft Editor Extension on Google Chrome:

If you are using the official Google Chrome browser, then you can install the MS Text Editor as a Chrome Extension.

Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

(This image is for illustration purposes only.)

  • Open Google Chrome Browser.
  • Visit Microsoft Editor Chrome Add-on Page. (Please note that the MS Editor Extension will be launched on or before 21st April 2020. I will update the link as soon as it is available).
  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’
  • The Extension will be installed, and you can start using it.

Install Microsoft Editor Add-In on Office 365 Apps:

If you use Microsoft Word, whether online or via their software, and Microsoft Outlook, then you will be able to install MS Text Editor as an Add-In.

  • Visit the Microsoft Editor Page on Microsoft Appsource. (Please note that this add-in will be launched on or before 21st April 2020. I will update the link as soon as it is available).
  • Click on ‘Get it Now.’
  • The add-in will be downloaded on your device.
  • Check out this article on Howtogeek to know How to Install Add-ins on your Microsoft Office.

How to work with Microsoft Editor?

To use the MS Text Editor, at first, you need to sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

  • Before you sign in, the Extension will be inactive, and the icon will be in black and white color.
  • Click on the Extension, and then click on Sign In. You will be taken to Microsoft Login Page. Use your credentials to sign in.
  • Once you are logged in successfully, the editor extension icon will turn into Blue, signifying it is active and ready to use.
  • Click on the Extension again to access its features.Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative
  • You will find the following options: Spelling, Grammar, and Refinements. They are self-explanatory.
  • Spelling: Check for your Spelling Mistakes.
  • Grammar: Check for Grammatical Errors.
  • Refinements: A lot of additional features, only available to Office 365 subscribers. It includes advanced grammar and style refinements and vocabulary tips.
  • Similarity Checker: It is a refinement feature that checks for similar words and suggests different words without changing the meaning.
  • Rewrite Sentences: This is another refinement feature that frames better sentences for you.
  • Change Language: You can also change your Language for Proof Checking. And this is where the MS Editor takes and edge over Grammarly. It supports all popular languages across the world. India too supports most of the regional languages.
  • Blacklist Websites: You can also exclude particular sites where you don’t want the Editor to work. Just hit the Settings icon, and you will be taken to the settings page where you can add the blacklist.

Test Run Microsoft Editor:

Now its time to test your Microsoft Editor. If you are using Grammarly or Prowritingaid or any such grammar checker plugins, make sure you disable them at first. Else, MS Text Editor won’t work correctly.

Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

Just fire up any text editor, or social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc., and start writing normally. It will underline the mistakes you make and offer you to correct it when you hover your mouse over it.

Download Microsoft Editor: Best Grammarly Alternative

Enjoy writing with peace of mind!

Last Words:

So, which one did you like more: Grammarly or MS Editor?

I am sticking to Grammarly for now, since I have been using it for over four years, and it will take time for me to switch to a new product at once.

However, I know Microsoft puts all its efforts in designing their products. Their SMS Organizer App is a live example of that. They have several other hidden gems that they do not promote much.

So, I will be trying it out for some weeks, for sure.

You let me know whether you liked it or not. Also, let me know if you have further queries in the comments section below. I will be happy to help.

Do share this post with your writer buddies. I will be back with another exciting update. Till then, Stay tuned! Keep reading HiTricks.

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