Best Alternatives to Magisk: How to root Android in 1-Click?

Are you bored with Magisk Rooting Tool? Want to find out the best alternatives to Magisk for 1-click Android Rooting? Read along to find out.

Rooting Android is probably the first step for every android enthusiast who wants to explore the hidden android tricks and take the full advantage of their android device unlocking.

Now, a lot of people are confused at first on where to begin, and also have questions regarding whether rooting is safe or not. I always recommend you to check our other post where we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of rooting android. I also covered some benefits of rooting android over there. It is going to clear a lot of critical doubts, as well as beginner myths, for example, Whether Rooting voids Warranty?

I assume you have done your homework right and are ready to embrace the new chapter of your android life with a rooted android device. You will probably hear about Magisk from news articles, forums, android rooting groups, etc because it is a viral tool to root your android device.

But Magisk is not alone in the game. There are many other alternative android rooting tools to Magisk that also help in rooting your android device. They are less used, but that does not mean they are not accessible.

Today, we are going to take a look at the best 1-click rooting tools other than Magisk that you can use. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.


What is Magisk?

Magisk is a popular tool to root your Android device. XDA developer topjohnwu has developed it in the year 2016. Well, probably the best thing about Magisk is, it does much more than just rooting. It also acts as a rooting manager for your device that you can use to grant or revoke root access, installs new magisk mods to tweak your device, and much more.

Magisk uses a systemless root method, meaning, it does not modify the files in your /system partition, which the traditional su daemon had to deal with.

Magisk rooting app

Magisk tool not only roots your device, but it can also manage the rooting of Android devices like Superuser access, boot scripts, SELinux patches, and much more.

Most of the people prefer to use Magisk due to this reason. It acts on its own over and above your system settings. It does not go deep into your system files. Hence, it is much easier to unroot your device, in case you need to. All it takes is just a factory reset to remove your Magisk root status.

Magisk has its repository containing different mods and tweaks for your android device. You can easily find a lot of popular mods around, right from changing themes or getting an always-on display, to the more complicated stuff like playing YouTube on the background.

One of the most useful features of Magisk is, it can offer you to mask or hide the root status for specific apps. Many banking apps and other security apps are designed not to run on a rooted device, as it poses a threat to security. Magisk includes a feature called ‘Magisk Hide, ‘ which enables you to mask the root status for specific apps. You can use almost all apps like Netflix, Google Play, and much more without any issue.

Although Magisk has so many benefits, many do not prefer the systemless rooting method, as it is a kind of temporary root for that instance of the ROM only. If you decide to factory reset or install a software update, you will lose your root status. For this reason, several alternatives to Magisk are still prevalent in the community.

Let’s take a look at them.

Alternatives to Magisk: Best 1-Click Root Apps:

Not interested in Magisk?

No problem. Here are alternative rooting apps for android.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the prerequisites. Make sure you have the following:

  • Your Android Device: It should be at least 80% charged.
  • Turn on the ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources’ settings: You will find it in Security settings. All root apps apk needs to be sideloaded, so this step is necessary.
  • A Computer: Well, 1-click root tools are necessarily android tools and do not need computer access, but I still recommend keeping a laptop or a desktop around, because it helps a lot. If you need to google stuff during the rooting process, or you screw up in the middle, then a desktop is convenient to restore your device to normal. Some rooting tools also offer a windows version that needs a PC.
  • Make sure you have turned on USB Debugging. Again, this isn’t required directly but often comes to rescue if you screw up. It is also needed for PC rooting apps.
  • Keep your USB Cable around (which you might need in case you need to connect your android device with your PC).

One more thing, here’s a disclaimer that you should not miss!

Disclaimer: Okay, Stop right there. You should understand what you are going to do is for advanced Android users, and is entirely unnecessary for regular users. It is extremely risky, and, if not done correctly, may get your device soft-bricked, hard-bricked, cause bootloops, or not boot up at all. We try our best to guide you with all the relevant information on our blog, but we cannot control how you perform it. While we can help you solve them by directing you to appropriate places, it is entirely upon you to try and fix that. So, proceed with your responsibility, and with a clear understanding of precisely what you are aiming to do with each step. We are not responsible for the adverse outcomes, and you need to deal with it yourself.


Kingo Root

Kingo Root is one of the most used one-click rooting tools for any Android smartphone. You can use the KingoRoot tool to root almost any Android device. There is a KingoRoot app is available for both Windows and Android. You can use any version. Using the PC version will require you to connect your android device with the PC. The KingRoot app has a high success rate, so it has more chances to root your smartphone or tablet easily.


KingRoot tool

Well, don’t get confused by the similar names. KingRoot and Kingo Root, both the tools, are separate. Similar to Kingo, the KingRoot is quite efficient at rooting your device as well, and it has both PC as well as APK version. It comes with a Purify tool, which offers the power-saving feature. With KingRoot, you can also unroot the device easily. One of the negative points of this tool is advertisements on the lock screen, which can be removed with their paid version of the app.


SRSRoot tool

SRSRoot is yet another popular one-click root tool that you can use to root your tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with Android v3.0 onwards and comes with some inbuilt mobile unlocking tools like reset gesture lock, bypass factory reset protection (FRP), Tmobile Simlock, Remove Sprint, and more.

One-Click Root:

OneClick Root

One-click root tool is a free and easy to use tool that you. It also comes with live chat support, which is handy in case you get stuck with their app. It has both a free app as well as a paid support option. You can go the paid way and let their experts root your phone remotely, just in case.


iRoot tool

iRoot is another popular android rooting tool that is preferred by many users. At the time of writing this post, the tool was downloaded for more than 387Million times. It is available for both Windows and Android. They have useful resources and How-to guides to help you use the tool properly.

Root Master:

RootMaster tool for rooting Android device

If you are a newbie, then the Root Master tool is meant for you. It is designed mainly for beginners who have less experience in rooting android. Root Master has a tool that will detect your device and tell you whether Root Master will be able to root your device or not successfully. If it is possible to root, then you just click on the button and start rooting. But well, due to the same reasons, this tool might not work on all the devices.

Root Genius:

Root genius

Root Genius supports rooting any Android device which runs on Android v2.3 or above. They are developed by the Chinese Android Dev team Shuame. It is available for both Windows and Android.  The installation process is similar to the other apps, and you just need to install and follow the instructions.

CF Auto Root:

CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root is a rooting tool developed by Chainfire, who also owns the popular rooting management app SuperSU. If you happen to own a Samsung device, then CF Auto Root is recommended for you. It is aimed to keep your device as close to stock as possible. This tool does not rely on custom recoveries, and you can keep using your stock recovery mode.


Framaroot tool

Framaroot was a viral tool in the earlier days of android when many of the currently popular rooting tools didn’t even exist. If you use an old android device that runs on Android 2.x to Android 4.x OS., you can use Framaroot to root your device. Else, you may skip this one and try other options listed above.



Towelroot is another best Android rooting app that is supported by many devices. It is created by XDA developer geohot. It is an old tool that isn’t used much after 2016. It also does not get much support and development in 2020. So, I recommend you to try the other apps first before this one.

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Last Words:

So, that covered our extensive list of Android Rooting Tools. All these tools are trusted by millions of rooted android users all over the world. Try them out and let me know which one worked best for you, and which one did not.

Remember, Rooting Android is just the first step towards your new journey with customizing android. There are tons of exciting stuff to explore. You can be the boss of your android device after rooting. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give these magisk alternative android rooting tools a try!

If you have any further queries, just drop a comment below. I will be happy to help. Do share this post with your friends if you were successful in rooting your android device. Thank you for reading. Keep visiting HiTricks for more android tricks and tutorials.

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