How to Order Alcoholic Drinks Online using Hipbar App?

Its 2020, and we are Superpower already!

Well, I’m not kidding! I finally have something that will surely give you some superpowers.

If you buy Liquor from FL Shops in India regularly, you should know that they only accept payments via Cash.

While it is the usual mode of paying offline, many of you inevitably miss the convenience of online payment methods, using Credit Cards / Debit Cards or UPI.

Well, not anymore. Now finally, you can buy Liquor and pay online for the same.

Not only that, your entire shopping process will be online. You can view the whole catalog of alcoholic beverages available in your nearby FL shop and choose your desired one.

And when you are done choosing, you can check out online in a hassle-free way.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Let’s check it out.

Well, teetotallers out there, you can happily skip this post. This is not for you unless you want to suggest your alcoholic friends some jugaad. ????????????

The HipBar App:

See those huge queues in front of FL shops during festive seasons?

How easy would it have been if you can visit the shop and take your stock and walk away?

With this idea in mind, the HipBar app was founded.

HipBar was partnered with FL shops in many cities in India.

How does the app work?

With the app, you can browse the entire catalogue of alcoholic beverages available at each shop and choose the ones you would like to pick up.

Then you can initiate payment. You can pay using any online methods, includng credit and debit cards.

After payment, you can just walk into the FL shop at your own convenience and pick up your order from the shop without needing any cash payments.

Advantages of using Hipbar:

This mainly helps if you are short in cash, and still need to purchase some bottles of alcohol.

The next advantage is that you can use some quick promo codes to available some discounts in your payment. Often you will come across coupon codes against the app that you can use while payment. So, you can save some bucks while boozing up.

And finally, you can skip the queue, and reserve your liquor. Your bottle will be kept aside, and you can get it even when it has gone out of stock for others.

Download and Install HipBar App APK:

HipBar App is available for both Android and iOS. Just download from the links given.

Install and Open the App. You will find these screens. Just swipe left to continue. Finally, you will be asked to select your location.

How to Order Alcoholic Drinks Online using Hipbar App?

Choose your location and register inside the app.

How to Order Alcoholic Drinks Online using Hipbar App?

That’s all. You have registered successfully.

Remember you need to verify your email before you can place any order. So check for any verification emails on your inbox.

Now, you can search area wise and select your desired FL shop on the map and then proceed to buy. Wine or Beer, Whiskey or Rum, you choose it.

Last Words:

All I want to say is Drink responsibly. You are solely responsible for your health.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any other doubts, don’t forget to comment below. I will be happy to help. And also, let me know how this turned out for you. Were you able to buy drinks smoothly or faced any other issues? Share your experience.

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