SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger

Have you ever wondered if you can do much more than just message inside the Facebook Messenger app?

You can obviously Play Chess inside Facebook Messenger App. However, we are again back with a fantastic method to Play Basketball inside Facebook Messenger App.

Day by day, Facebook is introducing new approaches to make their Facebook messenger more interactive and lively. They added beautiful stickers, provided amazing apps made for Messenger, and even made an entirely new user interface recently.

Earlier, we had seen that Facebook introduced a trick to play chess inside their Facebook Messenger, which we discussed a few weeks ago. If they add card games like Solitaire or Spades, it would be awesome.

Features of the Basketball Game:

Now with the new update, you can play Basketball on Facebook Messenger with your friends. Yeah, you hear it right! You can indeed play Basketball inside Messenger App.

Isn’t that awesome?

What’s amazing is that not only you can play one-on-one with your friends, but you can also play inside a group chat with all of your buddies.

Another useful feature is that you can set a high score and let others beat your high score.

Note that this feature is only limited to the Facebook Messenger app and is not available in the web version of Facebook. So to play the game, you just need to install the Facebook Messenger App. You can download the Facebook Messenger App from here.

So let’s discuss how to start playing basketball inside Messenger App.

How to Start the Basketball Game on Messenger?

Here are the simple steps to start playing basketball with your friends on Facebook Messenger.

First, open up a chat with your friend inside the Messenger App.

Next, Click on the emoji icon.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger
Browse to the third emoji tab marked by an Alarm Symbol. Find and click on the basketball emoji.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook MessengerNow, Send that basketball emoji to your friend.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook MessengerAfter the message gets sent, Click on the Basketball.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook MessengerBingo! You have successfully started the basketball game. You should see a new screen with the basketball game.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger

On that page, You can see the basket at the top of the page and a ball at the bottom of the page.

How to play Basketball inside Facebook Messenger?

So here are the simple steps to begin playing the game. Start playing by touching the ball with a finger and swiping it toward the basket.

For every successful shot inside the basket, you get one point.

After you successfully throw a basket each time, some nice emojis will come out of the basket. 🙂

After 10 Points, the basket starts moving left and right, and you need to aim faster.

After every 10 Points, the speed of the basket increases gradually.

Your game is over once you miss the basket.

Once you end the game, your friend will know how much you scored. It will be displayed inside the messenger.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook MessengerThe high score will be saved for the future in the top right corner of the game screen. If you beat it, the score will be replaced with yours.

SECRET Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger

So have fun playing the basketball game inside Facebook Messenger.

Below is a sample video where you can see the basketball game being played. I scored 12 points back to back while I was taking the video.

Last Words:

Thank you for reading our post on how to play basketball inside Facebook Messenger with this secret trick.

If you ask me to give an overall review of the game, I will tell you it is quite a bit of a time killer, especially if you play the game with your friends together inside a group chat.

Well, as we have already seen that the game can only be played inside the Messenger app; you will surely miss it in the web version. But you can undoubtedly play chess with your friend inside Facebook web version. Try that out.

Enjoyed the post? Then do share it with your friends on Facebook and let them try out this fantastic game inside Messenger. They will love it.

Do comment below on how much you scored. Waiting to see that!

That’s all for today. We will be back soon with more amazing posts. Meanwhile, you can check out our other amazing posts. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel to get the latest tech updates.

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