The Latest Laptop Theft Prevention Tips You Should Start Using Today

Laptop thefts are a growing problem.

The statistics are alarming. According to the FBI, 11 million people in America were victims of identity theft last year, and most of these crimes involved stolen laptops or computers.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Keep reading to learn how you can protect your laptop from theft. We’ve researched all the best ways to prevent this crime so that you don’t have to worry about it happening again!

Use a tracking program:

Laptop theft is on the rise. In fact, over 380,000 types of laptops were stolen from US homes in 2009! If this happens to you, there’s a chance that your device can be recovered.

To increase your chances of getting it back after it has been stolen, install a tracking program made especially for laptops. This way when it gets stolen and whoever finds or steals it connects to the internet with the device it will then send out its location.

Use a webcam cover:

Covering your laptop’s camera can help reduce the risk of someone spying on you or taking pictures of you when you’re not aware. The idea is that it will prevent them from hacking into your personal files and seeing what you’re doing when you think no one’s looking.

Plus, if they try to take a picture with it, they won’t be able to see anything except for a black screen which gives you more time to notify the authorities about the theft. Take a page from our book; Please be wary of this.

Be mindful of where you put your laptop:

When going out, don’t just stick around someplace(s) without thinking twice since those are the first places thieves would look for. Instead, make sure that you put your laptop in a secure area or perhaps even an extra-secure area.

If you absolutely have to leave it somewhere, make sure there are plenty of people around so that no one will be able to simply walk off with it unnoticed.

Keep Your Device Updated:

I’d say this is important for everything electronic but I especially highly recommend updating your operating system and all of the software whenever they update their versions. This way if someone tries to hack into your laptop’s OS, you can at least minimize the amount of damage they would do by getting them on an old version that has already been fixed.

Plus, keeping your device updated allows for more new features as well as security updates which might help prevent any future theft or unauthorized access to your laptop.

Use a Locking Cable:

Sometimes you may not feel you need to lock it with a cable but if you’re the type that just prefers to, then by all means go ahead and do so. They aren’t expensive and can be found at places like Best Buy or even Wal-Mart which makes them easily accessible for most people who want one.

It’s also very easy to use, simply attach one end of the locking cable around your bag handle/tablet case and the other end around your laptop in such a way that there is little chance someone will be able to simply take it away without breaking/cutting through the cable first (or perhaps they’ll risk-taking it knowing they’ll get caught on the spot).

Go Out with a Friend:

A lot of people think that this is obvious but it’s not just about keeping your device/laptop safe, it’s also about keeping yourself safe as well. Stealing laptops may be on the rise but so are robberies.

And if you’re out alone at night, you never know what might happen to you before someone goes after your laptop instead. So make sure to always go out with one or more friends especially if you’ll be staying outside past sunset.

Keep Your Laptop Charged:

A charged laptop can easily raise suspicion because thieves would realize how powerful/valuable it is once they connect to the internet and check it out which is why leaving it plugged in for days on end isn’t recommended. Instead, keep the battery charged as much as possible and if you must go out, make sure to bring a laptop power adapter or charger with you and/or at least turn off your device (better yet, put it onto standby).

Install A Laptop Theft Protection Program:

This goes hand-in-hand with updating your device because some programs like LoJack can help track down the thief no matter where they try to take it. Most of them also include an emergency response team that will be able to retrieve it back from whoever has stolen it within just 24 hours after it’s been reported missing.

If installing one doesn’t seem enough to deter would-be thieves, then by all means do both.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings:

It’s normal to get lost in thought when you’re alone most of the time which can end up leading to some accidents if you’re not careful enough with your surroundings. So be mindful and try to stay alert as much as possible whenever you’re outside, especially if it’s during nighttime and/or if you’re alone.

This way, should a thief come along, you’ll know about it before they even take off with your device/laptop.

For Laptops With Webcams: Use Tape Protection:

The worst thing that could happen is someone capturing an embarrassing video or photo of you without your knowledge so make sure your webcam is covered up at all times with a piece of tape or anything else that will make it impossible to take a shot unless they want to be seen as well. In fact, most cameras nowadays have an option to disable the webcam which you should always enable if your laptop camera isn’t something you need/use often enough since it minimizes the risk of being spied on.

Put Your Laptop Away When You’re Not Using it:

If you don’t put your laptop away and leave it sitting there by itself for days or weeks on end, then chances are someone’s going to think it looks awfully inviting and maybe even easy enough to take. So always put your laptops back into your bag whenever you’re not using them (or better yet, store them at a safe distance from the door as well as windows).

Keep It Locked And/Or Put On A Password Protection:

This goes without saying but always keep it locked and password protected every time you’re not around so nobody can access it. The more you keep your laptop secure, the less likely someone will come along looking to take it.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Laptop Bag:

One of the main reasons why a thief would go after a laptop in the first place is because they have easy access to it. So why make it easier for them by putting your bag on a table where everyone else can see what’s inside? Try keeping your bag close or better yet, when going out with friends, never bring one with you at all just in case.

Use A Locked Laptop Security Stand:

This is a good investment to make if you’re always on the go and it’s especially useful if your laptop isn’t something that could be slipped into a bag or briefcase easily. It should preferably be anchored to the ground just in case someone tries to take off with your device but even if they don’t, it can still leave them disoriented long enough for you to notice and step in before anything goes wrong.

Secure Your Laptop With A Cable Lock:

A laptop cable lock will help secure your device to a table or another object using a strong plastic braided wire that will deter anyone from lifting it. Plus, even if they do manage to take it off, all you have to do is tug the wire and it’ll break away before they can go very far.

This is perfect for when you’re at the library or somewhere else where laptops are open to anyone who wants to use them.

Be Mindful Of Which Laptop Security Tips You Ignore:

Even if you follow every single one of these laptop use theft prevention tips, there are still some you might be ignored because it doesn’t apply to your situation. But just remember, not all thieves are stupid and you never know what they’re capable of so always play it safe and do your best to keep your laptop secure by taking these simple precautions whenever possible.

Want More Help Avoiding Laptop Theft?

The last thing you want to do is lose your laptop. Luckily, there are some relatively simple steps that can be taken in order to minimize the chances of laptop theft. We recommend following these tips for not just laptops but all devices that could possibly get stolen from you!

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