Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Recently my friend introduced me to Tamodo Network, one of the newest Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Network that popped up in 2020. Tamodo is based on Singapore and has partnered with a lot of top tiers e-commerce websites and other companies from all categories, including Travel, Tech, Gambling, Apps and Softwares, and more. For example, AliExpress, PureVPN, NordVPN, Shutterstock, Lenovo, Thai Airways, Hyatt, and more.

Although their domain was registered more than 2 Years ago, they came into limelight only after starting their business a few weeks earlier. It is a relatively new network and does not have a lot of reviews around. Hence, I decided to give it a try and review the system for you.

Want to know more about Tamodo Affiliate Network and its features? Want to know whether Tamodo is legit or not? You have come to the right place. We will find it out in just a moment.

Features of Tamodo Affiliate Network:

Here are the highlights of Tamodo CPA Networks:

  • Earn 10-90% Affiliate Commission: Tamodo passes on up to 90% of the Affiliate Commission to you so that you can earn more.
  • Cookie Duration up to 360 Days: It provides one of the highest cookie duration periods of 360 days. This means that you will still get paid if anyone clicks your link today and buys it after many months.
  • Affiliate Solution for Both Big and Small Businesses: Tamodo does not differentiate between affiliates and provides similar opportunities for all members, be it small or large.
  • Referral Commission up to 7 Levels of Sub-Affiliates: With the Tamodo Refer and Earn system, you can earn up to 7 Tiers of your sub-Affiliate Network.

How to join Tamodo Affiliate Network?

Joining Tamodo Affiliate Network is easy.

Click Here to Join Tamodo. You will find the Tamodo Website. Click on Sign Up Free.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

The signup form will load.

Enter your Email ID. First and Last Name and choose your Country. Finally, clear the captcha, check the Terms and Conditions option, and click on Signup. Remember, your email id will become your username on the Tamodo network.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers


Now you need to verify your email. Check your mailbox for the following email.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Click that link given in the email to set your password. Then you can finally login to the Dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for Tamodo Affiliate Program.

Finding Campaigns on Tamodo:

You can find new campaigns on Tamodo from the DashboardCampaigns section.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Under each campaign, your commission will be listed. For example, the first in the list above is PureVPN, which is giving 13.3% commission for each sale. You can check whether the campaign is active or not. And, if you scroll towards the right side, another column will reveal, which will give you the cookie lifetime.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Based on these parameters, you can search for the campaign you want to promote and check the available banners against each campaign by clicking on Show Banners button. For example, in the case of PureVPN, they have five flags listed.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

You will find the available banners. Select the one you like and click on Get Banner Code to get the Html code for placing the banner on your website.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

In case you don’t want to use the given banners, you can create your own Dynamic Product page link by clicking on Dynamic Link.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Tamodo Deeplinks Generator:

Apart from the given banners, you can also use Deeplinks to generate affiliate links to any landing page from the listed advertisers. Suppose you want to create a link to an AliExpress product, you can use this deep link generator to generate a link to that target page.

You can find the Deeplinks Generator under Tamodo Dashboard > Deeplink Generator.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

That’s all you need to know about finding and setting up campaigns with Tamodo.

Access your Commissions and Daily Report:

  • You can access your Tamodo commissions from Dashboard > Commissions. This will list your commissions per sale.
  • You can access your Tamodo Daily Report from Dashboard > Daily Report. This will list your total sales per day.
  • You will access your Tamodo Smart Report from Dashboard > Smart Report. This page gives you a detailed infographic regarding your recent link impressions, clicks, and commissions.

Tamodo Refer and Earn up to 7 Levels:

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Apart from the third party campaigns, Tamodo also runs its affiliate program where you can refer your friends and earn 0.25$ per referral. Apart from this, you will also receive a fixed amount of what your referred friend makes. Not only that, but you will also make for each new member, your referred friend brings under his or her network. This affiliate and the sub-affiliate tree grow up to seven tiers. This will give you a decent passive income while you promote your offers side by side.

Join Tamodo Network

You can access your list of Referred Affiliates and their sub-affiliates from Dashboard > Subaffiliates List and Dashboard > Tree of Subaffiliates.

How to get Payouts from Tamodo?

You need a minimum 10$ to get paid from the Tamodo Affiliate network. You can take payments using PayPal. For those who are interested, Tamodo also pays in Bitcoins. Their fees are automated and will get released after 30 days after you reach your minimum threshold. All you need to do is update your payment method.

Click on Dashboard > Payment Details. Choose your desired payment method and your minimum payment threshold. Click on Save.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

You are done. You will get automated payouts from Tamodo.

Tamodo Support:

Tamodo has a Support Website with all information regarding their business, how it works, and also has a lot of common queries answered related to both merchants and affiliates. Additionally, you can also open a support ticket in case your problem isn’t listed over there. Rules for members are also listed over there, which every member needs to adhere to.

Click to visit Tamodo Support.

Our Verdict: Is Tamodo Scam or Legit?

Tamodo is a relatively new affiliate network that does not have enough online presence. Naturally, one question can come to your mind, whether it is trusted or not. Well, we will try to provide our honest insights about Tamodo and tell whether they are trusted or fake.

The first way of understanding whether Tamodo is Real or not, is to find out if anyone has received payments via this platform. And after some digging up, I did find some proof of payments.

Tamodo Payment Proof #1:

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Source: YouTube.

Tamodo Payment Proof #2:

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Source: BeerMoneyForum.

Tamodo Indirect Payment Proof #3:

This is an indirect proof of payment I got when I was browsing the Tamodo’s official YouTube Video and reading the comments below. One member asked that when he will get fees, where Tamodo replied that the payments would be released within 30 days. It is important to note that he mentioned that all his friends already got paid from the network. So, this can be taken as a token of approval that Tamodo paid some members.

Tamodo Affiliate Network Review: Earn up to 7 Tiers

Source: YouTube.

So far, these are the only proofs I could accumulate. But apart from these, here are some more points you should take a note about.

But these are mainly neutral stats and does not guarantee whether Tamodo is a legit or scam site. And there are enough reasons to doubt the website as well.

  • Tamodo didn’t list the partners they are working with on their homepage. You only find them after you sign up. I didn’t see those names mentioned anywhere in their social media handles too. They didn’t even make banners listing the companies, which is quite weird.
  • Tamodo hasn’t taken my Address, my Company Details, or my Tax Information. Generally, a company keeps its customer data.
  • Although I haven’t found any direct negative reviews about Tamodo anywhere, I haven’t found any active, positive reviews as well. All positives were from people referring to Tamodo by sharing their affiliate links. You cannot truly judge whether a network is legit from the affiliate link alone.

Lastly, I have only started using the network. In the upcoming days, I will try to earn from here and request a payout. Once I get paid directly from them, I will update it over here for you all. For now, why not try it out and see. As they are not charging us upfront, it won’t hurt to try them out.

Join Tamodo Network

Last Words:

Well, that’s all about Tamodo Affiliate Network. I hope I was able to clear all your doubts regarding Tamodo, and you should now be able to sign up and check out their campaigns. Let me know as soon as you get paid from Tamodo; I will update it here too. Even if you don’t get paid after 30 days of requesting payments, let me know that also, I will try to reach out to Tamodo if possible.

Thanks for reading. If you are a regular reader over here and love to read our posts, then do share them with your friends. Use the social share buttons. I will be back soon with another exciting update. Keep reading HiTricks.

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