Can SMS Marketing Help Your Business?

As a business owner, you’re not alone if you had been skeptical about SMS marketing. Two of the reasons some businesses take SMS for granted are that it’s too intrusive, and it’s an outdated marketing technique. But, the truth is, SMS marketing still works and might be advantageous for many businesses out there.

So, can SMS marketing help your business? The answer is simple, and it’s a big YES. In fact, SMS marketing can be an efficient, effective, and powerful way of communicating with your customers. This is the reason businesses should invest in enterprise SMS messaging software.

Below are some of the ways SMS marketing can help your business.

Enables Wider Reach

The wider customer reach is probably one of the best benefits that SMS marketing can provide to your business. With the number of smartphone users, there’s no doubt that SMS marketing is a perfect choice of communication for all businesses.

Receiving SMS doesn’t require Internet connectivity. Your business can use this opportunity to reach customers with just a few clicks or taps, giving you the advantage to reach a broader audience and to grow your brand in no time.


Second, SMS marketing can be a cost-effective option. Many SMS service providers allow bulk SMS options via their platform or SMS API, which enables any business to reach customers in just a few steps. In comparison to some forms of marketing such as magazines, mobile ads, television ads, or billboards, SMS marketing is budget-friendly.

Better Conversion Rate

Although there are a variety of instant messaging apps you can use for your business, the advantages of SMS marketing are much better. More people who receive SMS could take action on the offers and promotions, which can increase your conversion rates.

Works With Different Types Of Marketing

Fourth, SMS marketing doesn’t need to be a part of advertising on its own. You may use it alongside the other ways you market your business. It may be an easy and quick way for customers to connect to your messages.

You can even use SMS marketing to get more customers from social media. For instance, you can send discount offers via SMS to your customers, and they can enjoy it if they follow or like your page on various social media platforms.

Improves Your Customer Engagement

Sixth, SMS doesn’t only provide you the option to engage with your customers more. It may also provide your customers with some means to engage with you. This is because SMS marketing also makes your customers feel that your business is easy to reach and is more accessible. It also makes your business part of your customers’ lives rather than being just a store where they can get products or services. 

So, if you want to feel close to your customers, take advantage of the power of SMS marketing, and see the difference in your customer engagement rate.

Delivers Your Message Fast

There’s no waiting time in terms of sending SMS. Once you hit the send button, you can be sure that your customers will get your message straight away. The advantages of SMS marketing are evident as this type of advertising needs little preparation time. There are no materials to gather or print-outs to wait for. Besides, there are no people to contact or designs to complete.

The only thing you should do is to come up with your message and send that immediately to your customers. Because you know that text messages are more likely opened compared with emails, you can guarantee that your customers will read your important offers or news as soon as possible.

Customizable And Flexible

In terms of benefits, SMS marketing is very versatile. You can mix and match text messages to suit the various purposes of your business. 

You may also give temporary discounts, announce sales, promote new products, reward loyal customers, share news, and so on with SMS. Thus, it’s no doubt a good tool to have for all businesses out there.

High Response Rate

When compared with Amazon or Facebook advertising statistics, SMS marketing campaigns are more productive. This is because most customers respond to such text messages. When sent discount coupons, they’ll only have to access the promotion online. So, if you want your customers to respond to your messages, use SMS marketing.


Finally, SMS marketing is a simple and convenient form of marketing. It’s here to stay, and its impact is getting stronger. This is why any business, whether big or small, can take advantage of SMS marketing at various levels in their campaign to drive a better return on investment. Just make sure to follow the best practices for SMS marketing like providing an easy opt-out option for your customers to get results.

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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