OnePlus 2 Launch in 3D with OnePlus VR App

Hurrah! Finally the day has come. You can now enjoy the OnePlus 2 Mega Launch in 3D sitting from your home. Feel like you are there itself. OnePlus 2 is going to be launched on 27th July at 7pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), or 28th July at 7.30am IST (Indian Standard Time). Explore the magical features of OnePlus two from the inauguration. This is going to be fun!

OnePlus 2 was announced a few months ago, and is to be released on 27th July, 2015. The hype for this device was on from too many days because of the earlier flagship killer version, OnePlus One. We have waited too many days and it is indeed worth the wait. Good things come to those who wait. It’s time to watch OnePlus Launch in 3D.

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How to enjoy the OnePlus Launch?

All you need is to download OnePlus VR App from Google Play. You are all set for the mega launch. Those who have OnePlus Cardboard or any other version of the Google Cardboard can watch it in 3D. If you don’t have the OnePlus Cardboard, don’t worry, you can enjoy it in 2d too like regular video, though a cardboard is recommended.

How to get OnePlus Cardboard?

OnePlus launched its own cardboard a month ago. It gave away 1000 pieces for free from their website. Later on, just 2 weeks ago, it was available in Amazon Website for just Rs99. It also had limited stocks and was out of stock in just few hours. For now, you cannot grab a OnePlus Cardboard, but stay tuned for more updates, soon it will be available on Amazon.

Here’s the link to purchase OnePlus Cardboard from Amazon, which is OUT OF STOCK currently.

How to Buy OnePlus 2?

Currently, OnePlus 2 can only be purchased through invites. You need to get an invite to buy the OnePlus 2 from Amazon Website. To grab an invite, click here.

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