Mac vs Windows for College

iOS and Mac OS work pretty solid as a part of the Apple ecosystem and it signifies a unique product that is known all over the world. Sometimes technologies that Apple uses for its products seem extraterrestrial.

What about Windows? When we say it, we mean Microsoft and an operating system that takes the world’s leading position.

Giants like Asus, HP, Dell have used it for a long time and are not going to stop. PC with Windows is cheaper compared to Mac and much more diverse. Colors, extra slots, and sure prices. It is only a small list of options that PC on Windows proposes you to select. We mean now that there is no right or wrong answer to what to choose.

Different tasks need different solutions, so you can’t decide what is better only according to the operating system’s name or your friends’ advice. If you are a college student or just going to become a student, you need a laptop. Let’s find out together which one is better for you.

Mac or Windows? Time to Ask Some Questions:

The list of questions you need to ask yourself before buying. Give one point to Mac or Windows PC according to your choice from every question and add the points.

What is my budget for this device?

If you are ready to spend more than 1.000$, you can buy both quality PCs. If you have less than Mac can be your next purchase, you must choose between laptops with Windows. And don’t worry, its quality will be good or even very good.  

What tasks will I use it for?

Are you going to write texts, science works, or play games? The complexity of the tasks defines the necessity of your computer features. Designers and gamers need a powerful video card. Sound production requires specialties connected with an audio card. If you are going to work online in clouds, you need fewer resources on the PC. If you plan to install the programs on your computer, you need a lot of inside resources. Find out which of the PC and OS combined the most important features for you. 

Will I write code on it?

For what apps/websites/browsers? If you are going to be a programmer and want to use your PC, you must understand that testing and debugging are better to do on the OS you are writing for. It is a strange decision to write apps for iOS on Windows and the opposite. 

Will my PC support all the apps I need?

You know that applications for iOS and Windows are not similar. Two different teams work on the same apps, but for different OS’s so they look and work differently. If you need special apps for architecture or designing, you must find out what PC is better for your request. This answer may matter the most.

What PC do the specialists of my sphere prefer?

It is not a simple investigation but try to do it. We don’t mean students. We mean professionals. Ask your mentor’s advice or try to research the information. Probably, they already discovered the answer to this question.

Sometimes statistics or balanced decisions are far away from your feelings. In this case, we want to remind you of some facts you maybe didn’t know or forgot.

Myths about Using iOS and Windows:

The key myth is this — your college results, your educational advancement depends on which computer, which operating system you choose. It is as far from the truth as it can be – everything depends on your discipline, on choosing the right specialty, and also circumstances. If circumstances are against you, and the deadline is close, and academic assignments are not finished, don’t look for a new PC, feel free to address a professional writing service, such as, and pay someone for writing your essays, and you will receive a quality written paper on time at an affordable cost. This service covers all kinds of students writing requests and more. Receiving a paper written by professional academic writers, you can use it as a free sample for the upcoming tasks. A good investment, we believe.

However, let’s get back to other myths.

Apple follows their slogan “Think different.”

This great slogan was actually some years ago, but not now. Almost half of the digital people have one device from Apple, so this feature doesn’t make you different. Moreover, it makes you similar because of the perfect but pure and simple design of all Apple products.  

iOS always works faster.

If we try to work on the same hardware but different software, we will not see a big difference. If we compare the apps that were written for iOS and then rewrote for Windows, we will probably feel it, but this statement works on both sides. Each of these two platforms works well if the hardware was expensive enough.

Every cheaper PC is worse than its more expensive.

If you compare 300$ with 800$ PC, you will feel the difference. But when we talk about close prices like 700$ and 800$, you can’t be sure that an expensive one is better for your needs. First of all, check its parameters and answer yourself which of them are important for your tasks.

As you see, the decision is not so simple, but at the same time, it is not the decision of your life. You can change it when you want and try some new device. Ask your friend to give the PC to you for several days and compare the feelings. Don’t forget that technologies change every day, so we don’t know what product the companies represent us in a few years, which will become the market leaders and which will become bankrupt. Remember that your PC is an extension of your hands and your mind, so choose according to this perception.

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Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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