How to start a wordpress blog with free hosting?

Welcome to HiTricks. Here we will show you the step by step guide to set up wordpress blog on your website. We have already shown you how to avail free hosting from Paisa Swipe in our last session. If you have missed it, please go through it and claim your cpanel logins. We hope you all have got your cpanel logins. Let’s begin our tutorial.

First things first, keep in mind the following while operating:
1. Your site may show Google 404 Not Found error even after 48 hours of doing everything up. Don’t get panicked. Its not abnormal.
2. Don’t play around with your cpanel or wordpress codes. This can break your site completely.
3. Try to follow tutorials while doing any experiments.
4. You are responsible for anything done wrong while setting the website up. However, the entire process is very easy if you follow it step by step.
5. In case you are afraid to do so, you can ask me for assisting you personally and setting it up for you, though I never expect that. This personal assistance is chargable, because it takes quite a few hours to do so and needs patience. Contact me on Facebook if you need help.

Set up your wordpress blog:

Have less time? Have more internet data? Then we recommend you to watch this video instead, where we described everything step by step with screen recordings to assist you.

We have already mentioned the prerequisites for starting a blog. See it here: This tutorial is performed with Google Chrome PC Browser, all the relevant terms used are available while doing with google chrome.

1. Open your domain service provider from where you purchased the domain. (For example, BigRock) Login to your domain. Click on nameservers option.

2. The nameservers of BigRock will be written there, like: dns1(.)bigrock(.)com etc. Remove those nameservers and add these two, one in each line:
ns1(.)strykerdigital(.)com and ns2(.)strykerdigital(.)com You are all set. (Without Braces)

3. Your cpanel login url will be: www.[domainname].com/cpanel
Visit it from your browser. You may see a Google 404 page error, but don’t worry. Wait for some time. It takes upto 48 hours to propagate servers from bigrock to that of paisa swipe. If it’s taking too long, open it with any vpn that points to USA location. You may be able to load the website.

4. You may now get an error: Your connection is not private. Don’t worry, this is too normal. If you did not purchase the privacy protection for your domain, that is, if the site is http instead of https, this error will show. This is common. Usually blogs don’t need a privacy protected domain. Generally e-commerce websites and social networks uses privacy protection, like, facebook, google, twitter, flipkart, amazon etc to show they are trusted enough to do transactions.

5. Click on Advanced, and then proceed to your domain. You will finally see the cpanel login area.

6. Input your login credentials there that you have got from Paisa Swipe via email. If you do not know how to get it, read our post:

7. Before going any further, let’s create an email account of your own domain at first. Like admin@[domainname].com etc. Cool? Ya?

8. Click on ‘Email Accounts‘ under the ‘Mail‘ tab. You will enter in the ‘Email Accounts‘ page. Choose a front-name of your email, like, admin@[domainname].com etc. Choose a password. This is needed for setting up your mailbox using any email client. We will discuss about setting up this mailbox later on, for now just create an account.

9. Now let’s set up WordPress blog. Click on ‘Fantistico De Luxe‘ under the ‘Software and Services‘ area.

10. Click on ‘WordPress‘ under the blog section of the next page.

11. Then, on the next page after that, click on ‘New Installation

12. On the next page after that, write up the following details as follows:
Install on Domain: Don’t change anything.
Install in directory: Keep it Blank.
Admin Username: Choose any username for logging into your wordpress account.
Password: Choose a strong Password.
Admin Nickname: Choose any nickname. This can be anything, it doesn’t matter. This will show up when you login to wordpress.
Admin Email: Choose the email you created just now.
Site Name: Don’t change anything.
Description: Keep it blank.

Click on ‘Install WordPress‘.

13. On the next page after that, click on ‘Finish Installation‘.

14. Congrats! Your wordpress account is live. Welcome to the best blogging platform in the world. WordPress is made for blogging.

15. By default, your wordpress dashboard url will be: http://[domainname].com/wp-admin/ Visit that from your browser and login with your newly created username and password while installing wordpress. Then login to your wordpress dashboard.

16. You’re almost done. Now you just need to update wordpress and its themes to its latest version and you are done. It will prompt a message to update your blog. Just click there to update it.

That’s all. You are now on wordpress blog with Paisa Swipe Free web hosting.

On our next session we will discuss:
1. Have a blogger account? Step by step guide to migrate from blogger to wordpress.
2. Tools and plugins to assist your blog.

This was the complete tutorial to set up wordpress blog on your free hosting from paisa swipe. Thanks for Reading. Do share if you like it. Keep visiting.

This is the end of session 5 of our How to Blog sessions. Continue to session 6: How to migrate from blogger to wordpress? or start from session 1: How to Blog?

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