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UPDATE: As of NOW, Paisa Hosting 2015 (which I described in this post) is closed.

Hello Everyone. Welcome to HiTricks: Learn Earn Gain…It is Fun! Today we will discuss how to get free web hosting and build your dream site without any hosting cost making you free from spending large amounts of money for hosting purposes. Thanks to Paisa Swipe, a mobile lock screen content discovery network, you can now avail of free web hosting. You can get free access to Cpanel and set up wordpress, or open a moodle and do anything you want. We will show you everything step by step, as promised.

Before proceeding any further, let me introduce you to Paisa Swipe at first. Those who don’t know about Paisa Swipe, it is an android lock screen social network. You can meet new people, chat with them, create groups, and share your favorite pictures with other’s lock screens. It also enables bloggers to share their blogs with their community through the lock screen.

Paisa Swipe aims to unite a better India where people can earn online not from given free money but from their big efforts. This time they are starting a big project aiming to make everyone a self-independent person. This mainly comprises of training and tutorials where they will teach how to run various kinds of websites and earn from it. It’s all starting with their free web hosting plan for Indians.

Indians always dream of having a website that has a profit of its own. To make it easier, Paisa Swipe is aiming to strip off the hosting costs to run the website. They are providing free hosting for Indians.

What’s the benefit of getting Free Web Hosting?

Well, it costs a lot of money to buy it. We often choose the free blogging alternative Blogger, from Google. But the added benefit of hosting is that you can not only run a blog but can also run anything you want. Do you want an e-commerce website? Do you want a health hub? Do you want a classifieds website? It’s all can be done through web hosting. Web hosting maximizes the power of getting web-space and utilizing it in as many ways as you want.

Is it free only for a year? Do I have to pay from next year onwards?

We talked with them a week ago. According to that info, you need not pay for hosting even in your second year. The hosting is free for you, forever.

Get Free Website Hosting from Paisa Swipe

It all starts with free hosting. But you get a lot of more stuff along with this. Firstly, you can run your blog inside the paisa swipe network and gain traffic from paisa swipe. Secondly, you will get access to rich lessons provided by Paisa Swipe Team which will include some wonderful training. Thirdly, you will be joining a community of thousands of other paisa swipe users. Our big Paisa Swipe Community, called ” Paisa Swipe Users Union ” is live both on Paisa Swipe and on Facebook.

How to get Free Web Hosting from Paisa Swipe?

To get free hosting, first buy a domain name of your own. Then send an email to mentioning your domain url and stating that you want to start a blog and avail free hosting. You will soon get your Cpanel logins via email. Remember, the Paisa Swipe team is checking each email manually, so it may take some time to get your Cpanel login details. Be patient, and wait till you get your logins.

I already have a custom domain for my blog. Can I use that?

Yes. You always can. But, there are some preliminary steps to unlink the domain from the blogger at first then approaching Paisa Swipe for hosting.

What is Cpanel login?

Cpanel is the base of your website. There you can manage your website and add or remove features. You can create custom emails for your domain, make subdomains, install wordpress, and much more. You own it, and you decide it. 🙂

That’s all. Here we attach the blog post from Jian Tam, the co-founder of Paisa Swipe, who is the man behind all these masterplans. He is a living inspiration to all of us, and hope you all will enjoy working with Paisa Swipe. We will keep you updating with further approaches to Paisa Swipe.

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So, that’s how to avail free web hosting from Paisa Swipe to start your blogging session. Thanks for reading. Keep visiting HiTricks. Please share our article if you like.

This is the end of session 4 of our How to Blog sessions. Continue to session 5: How to set up your wordpress blog? or start from session 1: How to Blog?

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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    How I can Get this Hosting, Is It available for Forever ??

    • Its for newbies who does not have the money to start their own blog and opt for blogspot. I am just helping them to start on wordpress for free. It appears that you already own a site. You are not eligible for this brother. Thanks for understanding.

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  6. I hosted my site on their servers but now my friends can’t find my site! It’s only visible to me.
    P.S : It is a wordpress site.

  7. What are the hosting configuration we get .. like bandwidth and all ?

    • 1gb Disk Space that you can increase anytime by sending an email, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited emails, unlimited subdomains, unlimited mailing lists…everything you need 🙂

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