Flyout Review: Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on Blog

UPDATE 26th July 2021: Since it has been over a year now that Flyout has removed my blog from their network, I felt it’s time people know the truth behind Flyout’s cheap business policy and customer support. They DO NOT CARE about their users and only CARE ABOUT THEIR PROFITS. Check out my Flyout Review on Quora to find out what went wrong with them and us (yes, not me alone, a lot of people from the Indian blogging communities faced similar consequences) and how it unfolded.

UPDATE 13th July 2020: Flyout removed my blog from their network on 10th July 2020. Business-wise, everything was going smoothly, and our collaborations were running fine. I have also received payments from them for the month of June.

Those who came here to read about the Flyout Review below is my ‘unedited’ original post, although I would highly recommend checking out my Flyout Review on Quora which is linked above, to get the actual dirty picture. In short, don’t go with them!

One of the perks of blogging is the additional income from Sponsored Posts opportunities over and above your regular AdSense or Affiliate incomes. As a blogger, I always keep looking for partnerships with other companies and organizations, affiliate networks, and other promotional offers.

Recently, I came across a CPA Affiliate Network named Tamodo, which pays up to seven tiers of referrals. They have partnered with companies like AliExpress, Thai Airways, NordVPN, PureVPN, and more. You can surely give them a try. Check out our Tamodo Review to know more.

Today I am going to talk about Flyout Review. Flyout is a platform where bloggers can list their blog for accepting sponsored posts, and advertisers can go through the list to get relevant blogs with whom they can partner.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Flyout Working Model:

So, how does Flyout work? What’s the way of earning?

Well, Flyout is a part of, which is a platform for brands and agencies. Flyout is for bloggers who want to earn money by accepting sponsored posts from those brands and agencies. When you sign up at Flyout, the brands get to see your blog listed on their platform.

You as a blogger can signup at Flyout and list your blog over there. You can link your Google Analytics to provide an honest outlook of your blog traffic. It also helps to list the blog in their traffic-wise sorting for advertisers. You also get to choose your own price per post.

If an advertiser finds your blog good enough and worthy of publishing a sponsored post, then the brand can order a sponsored post from their Rankz Dashboard. The brand needs to submit the sponsored article, relevant images, and pay the required amount that you set, for ordering the article.

You get the payments instantly on your Flyout Account. Now you have 3 days to publish the sponsored post to your blog. You can either do it manually, or you can preset automatic publishing to your blog. Doing the latter will guarantee you get more posts, but that might also affect your quality of posting since it will miss your personal optimizations.

After publishing the post, you need to provide the URL of the published post on your order dashboard. That’s all. You will get your payments for the month of next month between the 10-15th.

So that’s the working model of Check below to know how to link your blog.

So, as I said above, provides a platform for bloggers. Here, you can list your blog for sponsored post opportunities from potential partners. You can join Flyout if you have a minimum of 100 original, high-quality articles, and you get at least 10k visitors to your blog per month. Your blog can be from any domain (excluding niches like apk download, or Facebook/WhatsApp status, etc.), and your traffic could be from any region.

Linking your Blog with Flyout is easy. Visit Flyout from the link above and sign up using Google, Facebook, or your Email ID.

NOTE: Please note that Flyout was earlier a part of, and at the time of signup, I needed to register at Rankz. Hence the screenshots below represent Rankz. As of now, Flyout is a separate platform and in your case, the registration will be for Flyout only. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

After you sign up and verify your email, you will get inside their Dashboard. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

Click on the Websites Menu, and then from the right window, click on Add Website Button. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

You will find 3 Tabs over there: Check Eligibility, Verification, Blog Details. Enter your domain over there. Click Check Eligibility. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

On the next page, you need to verify your domain by either uploading an HTML file in your home directory, or updating an Html Meta Tag to your header, or via your DNS record. It is similar to adding your website to Google. Click on Verify when you are done. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

Finally, you need to enter your Blog details. You need to choose your Blog Category and Sub-Category, Enter your Contact Number, and the price you will charge per post. You also need to specify whether you accept Gambling Links on your blog. Although Gambling Ads pays more, placing Gambling Links goes against AdSense Policies and a lot of other advertising networks. So, be cautious about it. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

On the bottom of this page, you will find an Instant Publishing Option. This is an option for the advertisers to directly publish their content to your blog without your prior approval. This is optional for you. Go for this option only if you are confident about accepting all kinds of sponsored post opportunities.

This works by maintaining a live connection with your blog via WordPress JSON API. If you choose yes, you need to install the OAuth plugin (Download link is provided on that page itself) and install it on your blog. Next, you need to add an Author to your blog with the username, email, and password given over there.

Again, this is an optional step, and you can skip this step too. Click I’m not Interested if you don’t want it. Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

Finally, click on Submit Website. You are done. Now your blog will be under review. You will be notified via email when they approve your blog.

Here’s the email I got from them: Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

Once your blog is approved, it will be added to your Dashboard. You can check how many times your blog was viewed by advertisers from there itself. Check the Impressions tab.

Congratulations! You have successfully listed yourself on the Flyout platform. You will get notified if you get any offers. Payment Proof:

Okay so now the part you were waiting for: My Payment Proof.

I joined Flyout back in January 2020, and so far got payments for the month of January and February in the following months, that is, mid-Feb and mid-March respectively.

You can see your Payout History from the Payouts section in the left menu panel.

Here’s my proof of Payments from

Flyout: Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

Here’s my Bank Statement for the payment of January 2020. I earned 60$ in January, and they paid it in February. Flyout was listed as Pressly a part of the platform at that time. That’s the reason I got the statement in the name of Pressly.

Flyout: Earn Money from Sponsored Posts on your Blog

I also got payments for the month of February in March 2020, at the time of updating this post. I can confirm that this platform is trusted and you will get paid for sure. Referral Program:

While you wait for Sponsored Posts, here’s another way for you to earn some extra bucks by spreading your word regarding The Referral Program will give you an incentive for every new blogger or business you bring to their platform. Currently, they are offering a 15$ per approved website you can carry. This offer will be live for a limited period only. So, join Flyout and start earning today.

Last Words:

There was a platform Blogmint a few years ago that offered similar opportunities for Indian bloggers. I earned 100$ from there initially when I was first starting with my blog. They had a pool of advertisers who paid for sponsored posts as well as social media posts. But then it got shut down.

That’s all about Flyout Review. Thank You for reading. If you have any further queries, let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out. If you love reading our posts, then do us a favor by sharing this post with your friends. Use the social share buttons.

I will be back soon with another exciting update. Keep following HiTricks.

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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    • Hello Niraj, Thanks for commenting. Well, they have banned us too, so I cannot really give any tips that might help you out. In my opinion, better focus on growing your blog and you can get better deals yourself. 🙂

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    • Don’t be so eager to earn money. It will take time for advertiser to know about your blog. Don’t expect to be rich overnight by publishing article on your blog.

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