How to get Neowise Money Instant Loan Card?

Neowise Technologies, which is a newly launched credit-based digital banking platform, has recently cooperated with Kalandri Capital Pvt. Ltd to launch a new platform to get credit and build your credit score easily. Neowise Technologies is co-founded by Rohit Ramachandran and Siddarth Padmanabhan, both have done an excellent job in the financial services industry in India.

Neowise Technologies, a credit and payment startup, that primarily caters to young people (mainly self-employed and freelancers) has constructed a promising product on three essential pillars – paperless account opening, flawless transaction processing, and simple credit options. Neowise also provides an early access card through which you can make your seamless payments anywhere online or can also swipe the card offline at your favorite local merchants!!!

Unlike other credit cards, this credit card is also a lifetime free card i.e., there will be no annual charges on the card provided by Neowise. But they charge a very low rate of interest on the credit amount and a small processing charge also, nothing else. Along with this, they also provide the finest financial management tools and some amazing features within the app designed for this platform.

To provide credit to its users, they work with other banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to do all the dull paperwork so that you don’t have to bother about this thing. They can provide you a credit limit of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20,000 which you can pay back anytime up to 12 months.

Digital lending continuous to grow tremendously in India due to the technological development and expansion of financial and transactional data which have permitted Fintech companies to generate distinctive lending models. Neowise intends to first target those users or individuals who’ve currently started their professional career for whom access to credit is a type of hurdle or barrier because of the low Credit Score.

Why You Should Use NeoWise?

A good Credit Score is an essential requirement to be able to obtain credit or loans from different banks and other NBFCs services. Siddarth Padmanabhan, the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Neowise Technologies, also said, “By using the Neowise Money Card, the consumer or user will be capable to load funds easily and you can also utilize the card across all types of channels like (POS, E-commerce, ATM, etc.)” In addition to this, they’ll be provided with various card control settings and other information around transactions to enhance your financial experience and you can do this all in a Smartphone application which will be designed specifically for this purpose.

The Neowise Money Card will be launch very soon in September 2021. You can obtain great financial insights with their advanced financial tools and the easy repayment period. Join the waitlist quickly to obtain the early access service of Neowise Money along with a lifetime-free Neowise Credit Card to the first 1000 sign-up.

Features of Neowise Money Credit Card:

  • The credit card has no annual charges and it is a lifetime-free Credit Card.
    To obtain this Credit Card, you don’t have to bother about your Credit Score. If your CIBIL Score or Credit Score is very low, then also you can apply for the Credit Card.
    The Credit Card can be easily approved in a couple of minutes.
    You don’t require lengthy document verification to approve your credit. With the help of a PAN Card, or other general documents, you can easily verify your account and the credit limit will instantly approve in your account.

How to join the Waitlist for this Credit Card?

  • Go to the official website of Neowise Money
  • On the homepage of the main website, click on the Join the Waitlist option.
  • neowise signupNow, there will be a box where you’ve to enter your E-mail address. 
  • After entering the e-mail, click on the Join the Waitlist button.
  • After clicking on it you will see a popup saying “Thanks! We have received your details. You will receive an email from us soon.”
  • Now, if you’re the lucky one, then you’ll receive a confirmation mail from Neowise Money very soon.

So, through these steps, you can easily register yourself for the Waitlist. As the Credit Card will launch in September 2021, only a few lucky people are eligible to use the Early Access features of Neowise Money Credit Card. You can also check your Financial Account Insights on the Neowise Money website by providing your name, e-mail address, Bank Name, and Bank Statement (at least 6 months).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There any Charge To Use The NeoWise Card?

The Neowise card will be free to use for life. However, you may need to give some interest on the amount you borrow along with a small processing fee. Rest there are no annual or joining charges.

How Much Limit I Will Get in Neowise Card?

Neowise is currently offering a limit between ₹1000 to ₹20,000. This is the maximum limit that one can get on Neowise. However, in the future, they may increase the credit limit for their users. We’ll update regarding this in near future if we got any update.

What Documents Are Required To Get The Neowise Card?

You need to provide your last six-month bank statement and some basic personal documents to complete the online KYC. After KYC approval you will get a credit limit based on your credit history.


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