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Welcome to HiTricks. Today we will show you some useful steps to decorate your wordpress blog. Well, after you purchase your own domain and avail free hosting from Paisa Swipe, and then set up wordpress with free hosting, all you need to do is some initial optimizations and fine decorations of your blog. Remember, your blog is like your new home and you need to show it off to others, so why miss a chance to plan it on your own? Also remember that you are privilaged to be on wordpress, wordpress supports too many customizations that blogger unfortunately doesn’t. So, utilize the privilage.

1. Choose your wordpress theme: 

WordPress is seo optimized in general. What is seo? Seo means search engine optimizations, the modifications we do to our website to gain traffic from search engines. This ensures a continuous flow of traffic to our site irrespective of social shares. We will discuss about SEO later in details. Now let’s move on to themes.

Unlike blogger, a great advantage of wordpress is that it has got its own theme market, where thousands of free themes are available. Apart from these, there are many premium themes available via third party websites. One of the greatest characteristics of wordpress themes is that it is user-friendly and attractive. You need not do much modifications when you change themes or set a new one, it will automatically adjust your wordpress and modify its look.

To set up a theme, go to your Appearance > Themes section. On the next page, click on Add New. This is the place you can search and find numerous themes, from various categories. There is also a list of Featured, Popular, and Latest themes to sort from.

Take time to choose your theme. Remember, this may be a one time process but it’s very very important. There is also demo preview secion to make you see how your website will look. When you choose any them, click on Details and Preview and you can find its details. Click Install to install the theme. Finally click on Activate to activate it. Remember, you can keep many themes installed for testing purpose. You can activate only one of them at a time which will be live.

Come on, experiment with your site, till its young and has less traffic, and see what suits it best. We will also occasionally come up with attractive and professional free or paid themes, but, not now.

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2. Install WordPress Plugins:

Seriously, wordpress is made for blogging. Even newbies can blog like a pro with wordpress. The wordpress plugins is a good example for the same. It is like custom addons to help you with your wordpress. Each of them has different features and it depends upon the user’s taste what plugins he require. However, it is recommended NOT TO INSTALL TOO MAY PLUGINS. This may reduce the speed of the website.

To install Plugins, Click on Plugins > Add New. Here you can also see some Featured, Popular, and Recommended plugins. However, you can also search for plugins whichever you like.

Now, you need to install some useful plugins to help your blog rank in seo and optimize it better. We will discuss it on your next post.

3. Install Widgets:

This thing is also available in blogger abd those who have used blogger platform earlier can find this widget section a bit easier. However, wordpress widgets are more customizable and there are many places to display widgets. This display areas are dependent on the theme you are choosing.

To configure widgets, go to Appearance Widgets and you can see your available widgets. It is quite similar to the ‘Layout’ section of Blogger. Some common widgets like categories, cloud tags, custom menu, recent posts, recent comments, rss, search, text etc are available. Use them accordngly. We will discuss few important widgets that you should implement on your blog to make it look professional.

Same formula applies here, that is, don’t install too many widgets, it will make your blog clumsy. People love to read clean blogs.

4. Add your blog Description and Meta Tags:

Your blog should look professional in the first look. Don’t miss the chance to show off your blog. Think of a tagline that suits your blog, not more than a few words and within 80 characters. Like we used “Learn Earn Gain…Its Fun! HiTricks brings you the best of what you love” Show off your creativity and make a good tagline.

Go to Settings General and type the site title you wish to appear. Below that. there is the tagline area. Type an interesting one there.

That tagline is also known as meta tag. Though search engines don’t consider meta tags as a ranking factor, this is an important factor to attract your users. How? Well, when you search for any site on google, it shows 2 lines from each web page search results, that is the meta tag, it helps us to make a priliminary idea about the website.

For example, when we search google verified tricks it shows us the website, and notice their meta tag, “Facebook tricks,free calls,free mobile recharge,android ,facebook,google,youtube,free 10 rs recharge” This attracts us to visit their website. This is the importance of setting meta tags. Note that google doesn’t care about meta tags in its ranking factor. Its for human attractions only.

Meta Tag

Verified Tricks Website Meta Tag Example



These are the ways to decorate your blog and represent it to the world efficiently. Come on, show off your skills so that visitors coming to your blog may become your permanent guest!

Thanks for reading the article. Do share it if you like it. Keep visiting.

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