India vs Ireland Mauka Mauka Ad

After the wonderful win of India against West Indies on the ICC Cricket World Cup  2015 today on 6th March, Star Sports has released its next series of the popular Mauka Mauka Advertisement. It is promoting the schedule of India vs Ireland match which will be played on Tuesday, 10th March 2015 at 6am. Watch it now. We won’t give it back.

The ad was released right after India won the match against West Indies. Watch it Now:

Before this ad, star sports released three mauka mauka ads, one for each match India had to play. All of them were popular and energized India with a new refreshment.

The first match India played in this tournament was against Pakistan. The mauka mauka ad series started from that very match. The first mauka mauka advertisement is the following:

Right after that match, star sports released the next advertisement for the match played between India and South Africa. That advertisement too delighted us equally.

Next to that, India played a match against UAE. The next mauka mauka advertisement of the icc cricket world cup was based on promotion of that match. It was popularly called “Mauke Pe Chauka”.

Finally, the India vs West Indies Ad was released by star sports, which is also entertaining. Watch it here:

These are the official mauka mauka ads released by star sports for the icc cricket world cup 2015. Hope you have enjoyed it well. Now don’t think much, share the fun! Click on the share buttons to share. Keep visiting HiTricks….we bring the best of what you love! Thanks.

We won’t give it back!

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